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Teaching English in Prague

TEFL Worldwide Prague was established in 2003, and to date has graduated more than 3,000 graduates who have gone on to teach in 60+ countries. As we are based in Prague, it’s quite easy to stay on in Prague after the TEFL Course. Jobs are plentiful with over 300 language schools in the Czech Republic, 100 of them being in Prague alone!

There are literally hundreds of English language teachers living in the city of Prague, enjoying life as a local. There’s never a dull moment in this vibrant city as there’s something for everyone. In Prague you can find some of the best cafes, architecture, classical music, art, opera, ballet, restaurants, concerts, live bands, beer gardens, boat tours, board game cafes, vineyards and wine bars, cooking classes, hiking groups, jazz clubs, shopping and more. Located in the heart of Europe, it’s easy and affordable to travel to other countries over a weekend!

High Demand for English Teachers in Prague

Because of the high demand for English language teachers here in Prague, English language schools are hiring on a monthly basis year-round. Teachers come and go and language schools acquire new business all throughout the year, therefore they are in constant need of English teachers. Teachers staying in Prague can easily line up a job before the course is even finished. In general, graduates are working 1-2 weeks after graduation, many times sooner.

English language schools here have hired hundreds of TEFL Worldwide graduates and are always in touch with us wanting to hire more. Many of the top language schools often comment how they prefer hiring TEFL Worldwide graduates, because of how well prepared they are after the TEFL course. The TEFL Worldwide Prague Course is the top rated and recommended.

Alumni Community and Support

Teaching English in Prague has many benefits. As stated above, it’s easy to get settled. Because you’ll already be here in Prague for the course, you’ll become friends with your classmates, our past TEFL graduates and our staff. We are here to help and know the ins and outs about everything in Prague. There’s always something going on with our amazing alumni community. Graduates are getting together at the beer garden, cafes, restaurants, for concerts, walks, hikes, sports, and of course for traveling!

Many of our graduates come out on the first orientation night and again to the graduation, so it’s easy to meet up with our alumni. We have Alumni events throughout the year, bringing more people together for great times. You’ll never feel alone with TEFL Worldwide.

Low Cost of Living & High Quality of Life

The cost of living is quite low in the Czech Republic, as opposed to its Western counterparts. In addition, the Czech Republic and Prague have been rated as one of the top in many categories!

  • The quality of life here in the Czech Republic is one of the highest rated worldwide! It’s ranked amongst the world’s top 15, to be exact!
  • Prague has been rated as one of the most greenest cities!
  • Prague has one of the best public transportation systems worldwide! (cheap, efficient, safe and very clean)!
  • Prague has been ranked as one of the world’s top vegan friendly countries!
  • The Czech Republic ranks within the top 10 worldwide for:
    • Safest countries worldwide!
    • Most developed nations according to a new UN sustainable development report!
  • The Czech Republic ranks among the world’s best countries to raise a family, trailing only Finland and Austria!
  • Last, but not least, the Czech Republic ranked as the 3rd best country in the world to work as an expat! You can get started right here with TEFL Worldwide Prague! Apply today for one of our upcoming TEFL courses and start teaching English in Prague! 

It’s a good life!

Prague TEFL Job Workshop

If you wish to work in the Czech Republic, there is a TEFL Job Workshop at the end of the course. During the TEFL Job Workshop, Prague English language schools offer brief presentations about their school. They provide information including details of teaching hours, the syllabus, teaching resources, salary, and other related benefits. This gives you the chance to ask questions in advance, arrange interviews with a few schools, and meet potential employers face-to-face. Positions are available in different parts of the Czech Republic. You can work in the larger cities or in some of the smaller towns. Working outside of Prague is a benefit, as you can engage yourself in the culture more and learn the language much faster, if you are interested.

Housing Assistance

In addition to the TEFL course and TEFL job guidance, we provide housing assistance for those planning on staying in Prague. We can put you in touch with numerous real estate agents and point you in the right direction on where to find available housing. This includes website links for housing and Prague Facebook groups. We also post current offers for apartments and rooms for rent.


With a full time schedule, you can expect to make about 19,000kc/month to 21,000kc/month after tax. That will cover your living expenses and give you extra money for entertainment and light travel. Again, you’ll have enough time to pick up some extra private teaching hours or jobs teaching online and boost your earnings to 21,000 Kc +. We know teachers making 40,000 Kc. A lot of it depends on you and how ambitious and organized you are. You can live a comfortable lifestyle on a full-time teaching salary. The living expenses in Prague are significantly lower than North America and Western Europe. Should you decide to stay here after the course, you can find a private room in a furnished and shared apartment for around 9000 Kc to 12500 Kc/month. The majority of teachers in Prague choose to share an apartment while teaching in order to cut back on their living expenses. Should you choose to rent a private studio or one bedroom flat you can find something for around 10,500 Kc to 15,000 Kc, depending on your preferences, location, size, furnishings, etc.

Prague is an excellent city to take your Prague TEFL course and to begin your TEFL jobs search. Teach English in Prague with TEFL Worldwide.