Introducing a new job placement program for a major language school in Prague, Czech Republic (300+ teachers).  Set up a call with us and find out more.

full time job guarantee in Prague

Start teaching right after graduation

Our TEFL course is partnered with SPEVACEK, a major private language school in Prague. All graduates with Pass 1 or Pass 2 scores (altogether 80% of all our graduates) will receive a full time job offer teaching English with SPEVACEK language school. 

Currently, 75% of all full time teachers at SPEVACEK language school (320+ full and part time teachers) are TEFL Worldwide Prague graduates. 

This job guarantee applies to all successfull graduates regardless of their age, nationality or experience.

Get certified. Get employed.
Get your Tuition Returned.

Start teaching full time for us after you complete your course and get 50% of your course fee returned after 2 months, and 50% after 6 months.

Applies to graduates who:
  1. start a full time teaching position with our school  within two weeks after graduation and,
  2. keep a full time schedule with us for 6 months.
Time limited offer!

For successful graduates from May, July, August, September and November 2024 courses.

"What I like most about life in Prague is the work-life balance and that you can walk everywhere"

Full time teaching job at our school

Good pay

You get an hourly salary which is regularly reviewed and increased. 

Guaranteed Schedule

You are expected to teach a minimum of 20 hours/week, but you can choose to teach more.

Variety of Courses

Teach children, teenagers or adults; general or business English; groups or individuals.

Teaching development

Our academic staff is here to help you on your way of becoming the best teacher possible. 

The Basics of Teaching English Job with Us

Our TEFL course shares premises with one of the biggest language schools in Prague. Our graduates are encouraged to stay on and start teaching here after the course.

The school year in the Czech Republic is divided into two semesters and begins in September. Because of the high demand for English teachers, our school hires on a monthly basis all year round. This is why we run a TEFL course every month.

You can choose from different types of courses: children, teenagers or adults; general or business English; groups or individuals.  Our Director of Studies will discuss your teaching preferences with you. Some teachers excel at teaching children while others prefer to teach adults in companies. At full time schedule you are expected to teach 20 hours/week. You can choose to teach more once you get comfortable with your starting schedule.

Most teachers choose to work on a self-employed basis, giving them maximum flexibility in the hours and types of courses they teach. 

Academic Support for Our Newly Qualified Teachers

We are here to help you do your new job

New teachers are assigned a mentor – an experienced teacher to help you navigate first two months of your teaching. You can always ask them for help regarding academic or administrative issues or just chat with them.

Senior teachers run several workshops a month focused on various topics – teaching young learners, preparing students for exams, error correction, etc. You are welcome to join them.

Our Director of Studies, her academic assistant and our Academic Director as well as our back office staff and course coordinators are happy to help you – you can meet them at our premises in the center of Prague or online. 

Also, you can always rely on our TEFL community at the school – at the moment we have 69 TEFL Worldwide Prague graduates teaching for us.

Highlights of Living in Prague

Affordable Living

Compared to US cities and other European capitals the cost of living is relatively low

Safe Place

The Czech Republic consistently ranks as one of the safest countries in the world

Public Transport

Prague has one of the best, cheapest, cleanest and safest systems in the world

Heart of Europe

Being in the centre of Europe, the Czech Republic is a great base to explore the rest of Europe.

Affordable City

The cost of living is reasonable in Prague compared with US cities and other European capitals

The cost of living will vary depending on the kind of lifestyle you want to live and other factors such as what part of Prague you would like to live in. However, it is possible to live quite comfortable on a teacher’s salary. You can expect to earn between 300 and 450 CZK per teaching hour. A typical teaching week is 20 – 22 hours, but you can teach more. So expect 30,000 to 39,000 CZK/month. Below are some average costs and approximate conversions to Euros and US Dollars.

Meal for 2 people, Mid-range restaurant6502429
Beer in a pub350.951.58
Milk 190.720.86
Coffee in a cafe  5222.30
Loaf of bread240.901
Local cheese 1kg2087.909.40
Monthly transport ticket5502024.80
Rent/month center, 1 bedroom13500513610
Rent/month outskirts, 1 bedroom10000380450
Basic Utilities4500170200
Home internet per month4501720
Museum Entrance2007.509
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Frequently Asked Questions

During the course plan to bring about 7,5000 to 15,000 CZK for food, a one month transportation pass, and entertainment. It all depends on your lifestyle. In addition, you will need to pay for the student housing which starts at 9,500 CZK.

Prague is relatively cheap compared to western European cities. There are many shops near our school, where you can buy your groceries. In addition there are many cafes, bars and restaurants in the  area. Sightseeing in Prague and travelling around the Czech Republic is very affordable.

If you plan to stay and teach in Prague then we recommend that you bring 50,000 CZK to 80,000 CZK (depending on your spending habits and choice of apartment) to get started for the first 2 months in addition to the money you bring for the month of the course. This includes spending money for two months after the course, rent for about two months, a security deposit, realtors fee, food and entertainment.

You will need a Trade License and Visa to work in the Czech Republic; this allows you to work for several schools as a freelancer. The costs to do this is about 12,000 CZK.

Yes, we recommend that you set up a local bank account once you arrive in the country that you plan on teaching in. Employers will most likely be making direct debits into you account with your salary. This is usually a pretty straightforward process. 

If you plan to travel a lot or transfer money between currencies then TransferWise and Revolut are good options to look into.

Mo (USA), TEFL graduate