Teaching English Abroad

Start Teaching English Abroad! 

Earning your TEFL certificate through TEFL Worldwide will open up many doors for teaching English abroad. 

Study TEFL in the heart of Europe, experience the world and discover new cultures with the TEFL Worldwide TEFL Certificate. In just 4 weeks, you can become qualified to teach English as a foreign language.

Teaching English abroad is truly the easiest way to live and work abroad in another country while experiencing new cultures, traveling, learning a new language and helping people learn the most important language in the world.

As the demand for English teachers worldwide is continuously increasing, English language schools are hiring TEFL certified English teachers on a year-round basis. TEFL Worldwide Prague offers the TEFL Course year-round because there are plenty of jobs teaching English available all throughout the year. You can truly start teaching at anytime!

Did you know that a second language or previous teaching experience is NOT required, in order to teach English abroad? This is due to the fact that the TEFL Worldwide TEFL Course will provide you with all the skills and tools needed for teaching English. You will truly be prepared to start teaching right after the course. Without having to speak another language, you will even be able to teach complete beginners of the English language!


  • TEFL Worldwide has over 3,000 TEFL graduates who have worked in over 60 countries! On average, our TEFL graduates are teaching English within a week after graduation, sooner for those staying in the Czech Republic. It’s common to have TEFL job offers during the course.
  • We are in touch with English language schools around the world, who are interested in hiring TEFL Worldwide graduates.
  • Positions for teaching English abroad exist in private language schools, companies, primary schools, high schools and colleges. In addition, you can be teaching English to private students on the side or online, to supplement your income. If you wish to teach English to children, it is possible to work in an elementary school or private preschool.
  • TEFL Worldwide provides ongoing TEFL job assistance worldwide and support for graduates of the our TEFL course. You can contact us anytime after graduation, even years later. Many of our TEFL graduates have taught in 4 or more countries!

To learn more about the benefit of TEFL courses and becoming TEFL certified visit: https://teflworldwideprague.com/tefl-courses/why-get-tefl-certificate/

“I can’t tell you how much the coursework changed my life and made me feel more confident in teaching and working internationally. After a brief stint in Prague, I taught in Vietnam for the past year, and have recently signed a contract to teach English at an International School in Warsaw. The value of my time with you all in Prague couldn’t be overstated.”

Scott Benzenberg - Taught in Prague, Poland and Vietnam

What Kind of Positions are There for Teaching English?  

Upon successful completion of the TEFL Worldwide TEFL Course, you will be certified to teach English as a foreign language worldwide. There is a very high demand for TEFL certified teachers worldwide, so you’ll be able to start teaching English abroad right after the course.

English Language Schools

There are many different teaching options to choose from. Positions vary from school to school. Most jobs are through private English language schools or agencies. At a language school, you can be teaching English to all ages and all levels. Courses can run all throughout the day.

English for Specific Purposes

Many language schools offer the opportunity to teach English for Specific Purposes (ESP). ESP includes courses like Business English, Medical English, Aviation English, Legal English or English for Young Learners. If you have previous experience in a certain industry, you can always specialize in teaching English to people working in that area.

Many language schools worldwide have contracts with large multinational companies to teach Business English to their employees. Many of our graduates go on to teach in places like Coca Cola, Citibank, IBM, DHL, and many others!

English for Young Learners

Parents nowadays are keen to start their children off early with the English language, as it’s much easier to learn when one is young, there are more and more opportunities available to teach English at preschools, kindergartens, primary, secondary and high schools. If you enjoy working with kids, you’ll find these options extremely rewarding. TEFL Worldwide also offers a Young Learners’ Worskshop, in addition to the standard Young Learners’ session that we give during the course. This is an excellent way to prepare yourself more for teaching children.

Private Students

In addition to teaching at English language schools, many of our TEFL graduates are teaching English privately on the side. This is a fantastic way to supplement your income. A great way to build up your private clientele is to get to know the locals wherever you are working. They will spread the word to family and friends in no time! You can make business cards and flyers and post them around in popular cafes, companies, stores and schools. In addition, there may be local websites and Facebook groups where you can post an ad offering your services teaching English.

Online Teaching

Another excellent way to supplement your income is by teaching English online! There’s a huge demand for teaching English online to children and adults all over the world. The pay for online teaching can be above average and you can do it from the comfort of your home. Several TEFL Worldwide graduates are doing this from all over the world and are earning a very good income, especially those that live in countries with a lower cost of living.

Last, depending on your experience and credentials, it’s possible to teach English in colleges and universities.

Earning a TEFL Certificate through TEFL Worldwide and teaching English abroad is the first step to an exciting and rewarding adventure overseas. Read more about TEFL job options here. For a complete overview of everything offered on the TEFL Worldwide TEFL Course visit www.teflworldwideprague.com. 

Teaching english abroad in Peru Machu Picchu

The demand for English teachers worldwide is increasing. Jobs are available year-round so you can be teaching right after graduation.

Teaching English abroad in Germany

Training in Prague (the heart of Europe) makes it easy to travel all of Europe.

Teaching English abroad in beautiful countries

TEFL Worldwide provides lifetime job guidance. Our graduates are teaching and travelling all over the globe!

Where Can you Teach English Abroad? 

In general, the demand for English teaching is on the increase, so there are opportunities to teach English all around the world. Earning a TEFL Certificate through TEFL Worldwide and teaching English abroad is the first step to an exciting and rewarding adventure abroad!

Central & Eastern Europe

You can easily find exciting English teaching positions all throughout Central/Eastern Europe. The demand for English teachers here is always increasing so you can be assured that you’ll find a job in this region. The cost of living in this part of Europe is lower, so it’s easier to get started here.

Western Europe

Western Europe is a popular destination to work. We have numerous contacts for private English language schools throughout this region, so you can choose from many exciting destinations such as France, Italy, Spain, Germany, and Portugal. It can be more difficult for non-EU citizens to get working papers in Western Europe, apart for Germany where it is possible for non-EU citizens to get a visa and job. This hasn’t stopped many non-EU TEFL certified teachers from going to these countries to teach though. Many teachers enroll in a course where they can get a student visa. With a student visa, one is allowed to work 20 hours a week. This is considered full time teaching, and therefore enough to cover the cost of living. This is typical for France, Italy and Spain check with their embassies about getting a student visa. You would most likely need to arrange the student visa before leaving your home country.


Asia has the highest demand for TEFL Certified English teachers. It’s quite easy to get a job there, especially in China, Vietnam, Thailand, Cambodia, Taiwan, Japan, Korea, Malaysia, and Indonesia. The salaries in Japan, Taiwan, Vietnam, Korea, and parts of China are much higher than average English teaching salaries, allowing you to save quite a bit. Many teachers flock to these countries in order to pay off student loans and credit card bills. Indonesia, Thailand, Cambodia and Malaysia are very attractive regions for English teachers because of the exotic beaches and cities. The pay will allow you to live a comfortable lifestyle, but you will not be able to save so much.

The Middle East

Like Korea and Taiwan, a teacher can save a significant amount of money here, but some employers, primarily in Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates, prefer that you have 2 years of teaching experience and sometimes a Master’s degree. It does vary from country to country though so we encourage you to apply to all jobs and see what feedback you get from the employer. Many of our graduates have found jobs throughout the Middle East, some without any previous teaching experience or a Master’s degree.

South America

There is a high demand for English teachers all throughout this region. Most employers here  prefer that you are in the country for the interview. Once you are there, you’ll have plenty of jobs to choose from.

Job Guidance

Where would you like to teach English? Just let us know and we’ll provide you with contacts of employers and language schools worldwide. We’ll be here to assist you with this process and will provide you with all of the necessary information. Besides offering a professional and top quality TEFL training course we aim to find our graduates exciting teaching positions worldwide.

“I really appreciate what TEFL Worldwide Prague stands for and what you are doing to help people fulfill their dreams of living and teaching abroad and to fully prepare them for teaching English as a foreign language. Thank you again for accepting me onto the TEFL course and for all that you and your team taught me in that one short month.”

Caroline Cullum - Taught in Costa Rica

Two graduates teaching English abroad

Graduate students teaching English abroad

TEFL Graduate student teaching English abroad