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Teach Abroad

A TEFL Worldwide certificate will open up doors for teaching English abroad.

Teaching English abroad is truly the easiest way to live and work in another country while experiencing new cultures, traveling, learning a new language and helping people learn the most important language in the world.

As the demand for English teachers worldwide is continuously increasing, English language schools are hiring TEFL certified teachers on a year-round basis. 

A second language or previous teaching experience is NOT required, in order to teach English abroad. The TEFL Worldwide course will provide you with all the skills and tools needed for teaching English. 

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Benefits of Teaching English Abroad

Make a Difference

Witness the difference as you see your students' English improve

Experience a New Culture

Immerse yourself in a new country and culture, not just as a tourist

Boost Your Resume

 Stand out and develop transferable skills for life

Become a New Person

Stepping outside of your comfort zone will help you grow

Types of English Courses

You will have many options open to you after finishing the course

Young Learners

Typically age 5 - 12. Teaching young learners can be fun and rewarding, but needs a lot of energy. Find out about our Young Learners extension course here.


These courses can sometimes be challenging, but can also be very rewarding. You will need to keep the lessons fun and entertaining to maintain students' focus.


This is where you teach English to business clients, usually in their own office. Typically small groups or one-on-one. It can be general English or ESP (see below).

Post Secondary

These courses are usually for students who have finished high school but need to improve their English before going to university. Typically intensive 1-year study.

English for Specific Purposes

Or ESP for short, includes courses such as Business English, Medical English and Legal English. If you have experience in a certain field, you can specialize in this type of course.


Many teachers teach private individual lessons in addition to working for a language school. These courses allow you to really focus on the individual needs of the student.

Online Teaching

This option is increasing in popularity. It is often more convenient for teachers and students. It eliminates the need to travel and can fit around other commitments.

Summer Camps

Many language schools organise summer camps, combining learning English with other activities. They can be for local or international students. Usually accommodation is provided.

Top Countries for Teaching English Abroad

With a TEFL certificate from TEFL Worldwide, you can teach all over the world. Here are 8 top countries in which to teach according to multiple sources.


With over a billion citizens, you can see why there is a high demand for English teachers. Although the salaries aren't the highest, the cost of living is low in many cities and often accommodation is included as a benefit. Therefore, it's still possible to live quite comfortably and still have money left for travel.

South Korea

South Korea has been seen as one of the top countries to teach English for some time now. With high and growing demand, high salaries and often good benefits, it's easy to see why. Downsides can be a negative work-life balance and the capital Seoul doesn't have the cheapest cost of living.


Japan has some of the highest salaries for English teachers, but the cost of living is also a lot higher than other countries. You will need a BA degree as well as a TEFL certificate to teach here. With beautiful nature, bustling cities and a unique culture, Japan is a great place to live and teach English.


With a great work-life balance, you will often be working a lot less than the typical 9-5. Vietnam is known for its friendly and relaxed culture as well as beautiful countryside and beaches. Salaries here may seem low, but so is the cost of living, meaning you'll still be able to save some money for travel.


One of the most popular places to teach English in Europe, this sunny country offers a good work-life balance and laid-back living. The country's cities are rich with history and culture. Although the salaries are not the highest, you will have enough to get by and time to enjoy the cities and beaches.


With its medieval cities, alpine villages, sandy beaches and world famous wine, France has something for everyone. Although it can sometimes be easier to find English teaching work for British or Irish citizens, work is still available to citizens of other English-speaking countries.

Czech Republic

Of course the Czech Republic has to be on the list. Although we are a little biased, the Czech Republic features on a lot of lists of "best places to teach". To find out more about living and teaching in Prague and the Czech Republic, head over to the Live and Teach in Prague page.


Boasting Caribbean coastlines, stunning landscapes and top-notch coffee, Columbia is an up-and-coming destination for EFL teachers. Having put its dark past behind it, with safety concerns diminished and an increase in demand for English teachers, Columbia has begun to appear on many lists of top countries to teach.

TEFL Salaries in Prague and Elsewhere

Teaching salaries vary depending on factors such as experience, location, type of course and qualifications. Reputable schools require an accredited TEFL certificate.

Salary in Prague

You can expect to earn between 300 and 450 CZK per teaching hour. A typical teaching week is 20 - 22 hours, but you can teach more. So expect 24,000 to 35,000 CZK/month (average salary in Prague is 30,000 CZK). 

Elsewhere in the world

Teaching salaries vary from country to country, but typically, teachers can earn enough to live comfortably and save some money for travel. Some higher paying countries are: The U.A.E, Japan, Saudi Arabia, Taiwan and South Korea.


Online teaching allows you to teach anywhere in the world from anywhere in the world. You can earn between 15 and 30 USD/hour depending on the platform you use.

Non-native Speaker?

Can non-native English speakers teach abroad?

Absolutely! Click here to find out more.

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Alumni Stories

Read about some of our graduates’ experiences of teaching after the course; where did they go on to teach? What was it like? How did their first lessons go?

“I can’t tell you how much the coursework changed my life and made me feel more confident in teaching and working internationally. After a brief stint in Prague, I taught in Vietnam for the past year, and have recently signed a contract to teach English at an International School in Warsaw. ”

TEFL Job Opportunities are Available Worldwide

To date TEFL Worldwide has over 3500 graduates who have gone on to teach in 60+ countries. Get Started teaching English Abroad!

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Frequently Asked Questions

The demand for English teachers remains high in Prague. Most of our graduates start working within 1-2 weeks post-graduation. However, at times our trainees even receive job offers during the course.

Yes, that’s what we are here for. If you put the effort in and pass the course you’ll have hundreds of jobs to choose from. Our graduates are teaching within 1-2 weeks after graduation, many times sooner. It’s quite common for students to have job offers during the course.

We are part of a language school so many graduates get job offers from us straight after the course.

We provide job guidance during and well after the course so we are here to help you secure a suitable job.

No. As TEFL teachers, our goal is to immerse the students with English and teach them only using English. So knowing the students first language is not necessary.

Mo (USA), TEFL graduate