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Alumni Stories – Amberstar

Why Prague?

I wanted to live in the heart of Europe with easy access to visit a lot of cultural and historical sites and Prague was a great city choice. TEFL Worldwide was already in Prague with great reviews so I took a chance and signed up and I wasn’t disappointed. I wasn’t satisfied with my life living in a small town back in Vermont so I sold all my belongings and bought a plane ticket and went. I wasn’t scared at all because I trusted myself, in fact, I felt liberated.

How was the course?

The course beat my expectations and it helped me refresh my English knowledge. I took this course seriously because I wanted to set up a new life in Prague.The first few months were the toughest because I had to build up my reputation online as a teacher. I adapted quickly to what my students wanted and within six months I had a full client base. Being an English teacher in Europe is rewarding, I have made many lasting relationships and I get a sense of pride when I see my clients succeed. Coming from Vermont, Prague is completely different. I am never bored with all the culture, museums, and history here. I am currently writing a novel where half of the story takes place in 1944 Prague, a very intense time for the Czechs. I love Prague for the life it offers me. I am always looking to learn new things.

What are you doing now?

Nowadays, I still have clients that are with me online. If I am not helping them prepare for a job abroad or writing a speech, I am writing my novel or volunteering with the veteran community. With my clients comes invitations of them hosting me in other countries. I enjoy this part of my job the most. My advice to anyone who wants to take the course and work here in Europe is to trust yourself completely and go for it. It isn’t an easy course but it helped give me the life that I really enjoy.

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