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Get Paid to Teach English Abroad!
In just 4-weeks you can be TEFL certified and teaching in Prague or Worldwide.
North Americans – You can teach in many parts of Europe!
With the Accredited TEFL Worldwide certificate, it’s easy to get a job after the course.
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TEFL Worldwide Prague is a leading TEFL course provider with top ratings by our graduates as well as language school employers worldwide.

TEFL Worldwide Prague Provides:

  • The Accredited and Internationally Recognized TEFL Certificate 

  • 4-week On-Site 120 Hour TEFL Certificate Courses

  • Hands on Teaching Practice Observed by Qualified Trainers

  • An Advisor and our Supportive Staff to Help You Step by Step before, during and after the course

  • Lifetime Job Assistance Worldwide – Jobs Available Year-Round!

  • Truly Qualified Trainers who are Professionals in the EFL Industry (A quality course must have qualified trainers)

  • Affordable Student Housing Near the School

  • Extensive Alumni Community & Network

  • Job Offers During the Course

  • Visa and Trade License Information

  • Survival Czech Lessons

  • Orientation Tour and End of Course Graduation Party

  • An Onsite Language School

  • Job Opportunities at TEFL Worldwide for Our Graduates

  • Transportation from the Airport and a Greeter to Meet You

  • Young Learners Certificate Course

  • TEFL Worldwide is Owned and Managed by Americans (we are committed to our students, a high quality course and excellent customer service)

Internationally Recognized and Accredited TEFL Certificate

TEFL Worldwide Prague is an American owned school offering the 120-hour, intense yet rewarding 4-week Internationally Recognized TEFL certificate course in the heart of Europe… Prague! The TEFL course is Officially Accredited and Externally Moderated by IATQuO (The International Accreditation of TESOL Qualifying Organisations) and Accredited by the Czech Ministry of Education.

With the TEFL Worldwide certificate you can truly teach English worldwide. To date, TEFL Worldwide has 3,000 TEFL graduates who have taught in over 60 countries. Thanks to the highly reputable TEFL course, support and job guidance, TEFL Worldwide graduates have hundreds of jobs to choose from.  Language school employers worldwide are interested in hiring TEFL Worldwide  graduates.

What is TEFL?

Who Can Enroll?
All ages from 18 – 60+ are welcome! The average age is 22-26 but on every TEFL course we have several people from 26-60.

Lifetime TEFL Job Guidance Worldwide

The TEFL Worldwide course certifies you to teach English as a foreign language worldwide. Our graduates are working shortly after the TEFL course, usually within 1-2 weeks. Many times, they have job offers during the course! We offer lifetime job guidance in Prague and Worldwide, as well as support before, during and long after the course. We have thousands of contacts for language schools worldwide. Our staff is dedicated to finding current job openings for our English teachers all around the globe. You’ll have plenty of jobs to apply to and can be teaching abroad in no time! In addition, language schools contact us on a regular basis with their job openings. TEFL Worldwide graduates are in high demand worldwide due to the solid, high quality training, by truly qualified trainers. (This is not the case for many courses, so do your research.)

Americans, yes, you can teach in many European countries and get the necessary working permit and visa to do so!

Read more about the TEFL Job Guidance. 

Job Opportunities Available World-wide

To date TEFL Worldwide has 3,000 graduates who have gone on to teach in 60+ countries! Get started Teaching English Abroad! 



Costa Rica


Czech Republic




Saudi Arabia
Slovak Republic
South Korea


and more!
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Jobs available worldwide!

Our graduates are working within 1-2 weeks after graduation, many times sooner!
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Nicholas Daniels
Nicholas Daniels
09:16 08 Feb 18
I was living in Hawaii and, believe it or not, incredibly unhappy with my life. I was stuck on a big rock and ready to try something new. I had already been promoted as far as I could in my current job and I needed a fresh start, clean slate and new challenge. That's why I came to TEFL Worldwide Prague in August 2015. It was one of the most challenging yet rewarding things I had done. It's only 4 weeks long, 20 days, and after that time you're fully trained and ready to stand on your own two feet. You'll find a teaching job almost immediately because TEFL Worldwide holds a job fair at the end of the course. And if you're proactive in your search, you can find a job immediately in almost any country you want. I've known people to teach in Spain, France, Switzerland, Germany, Poland, Czech Republic, China, Japan, South Korea, Taiwan, Turkey, etc. The possibilities are endless. This course was very high-quality, well-organized and simply superb. They offer alumni support long after you graduate. It's also accredited by IatQuo. So if you're considering it, I highly recommend you give TEFL Worldwide a try! You won't regret it!read more
Erin Oppenheim
Erin Oppenheim
09:51 07 Feb 18
This TEFL program is not for the faint of heart, and that's what makes it so fantastic. Right out of the gate you are in the classroom (week 1!) applying what you're learning during instruction in context.I thought it was crazy, too, but ultimately that is what separates this program from a lot of 1-2 month TEFL courses. You get maximum teaching practice and really get to find your stride and teaching personality. Kenny and Adrienne are dream team instructors. They've got so much experience between them, they're always there to help with lesson planning and assignments, and ultimately they're just great friends and mentors to have as new ESL teachers. Really, everyone at TEFL Worldwide Prague is amazing and provide great support for whatever you might need. Not only do you make fast friends with everyone in your program, but there are tons of alumni teaching and living in Prague to give you top notch food recommendations, and drink a beer with you after a long day of lessons. Prague is a beautiful city, easy to get around, and filled to the brim with great beer and tons of stuff to fill the weekend (when you're not lesson planning or studying grammar!). It's extremely affordable, and if you're looking for a central location in Europe that makes it easy to travel (before or after you've completed the course), there's no better place to be.read more
Aina Shafeii
Aina Shafeii
09:14 02 Jan 18
Best decision you'll ever make! The course is intensive, that's for sure. Prepare to learn and teach but also enjoy every moment as you'll get to meet some of the best trainers/friends 🙂 I thoroughly enjoyed getting my TEFL certification here as they focused on giving you personal feedback so that you can reflect and improve after each lesson. They prepare you for jobs, visas, provide assistance with literally ANYTHING you need help with. The staff will help you translate, search for places you need help finding - they're the best! Definitely worth 4 weeks of sleepless nights 🙂read more
Sonya Goodman
Sonya Goodman
23:00 28 Dec 17
The course was intense but incredibly worth it. I acquired skills that are definitely going to help me in my teaching. It was a great experience and the people were phenomenal.read more
Sam schwartz
Sam schwartz
09:05 28 Dec 17
well paced and manageable for a 1- month intensive course. It is a lot of work, but if you stay on top of your assignments you will find yourself ready for weeks 3 and 4 when it comes. The trainers are excellent and the method is fool proof. This is the course to take.read more
mckenzie iverson
mckenzie iverson
20:16 14 Dec 17
Definitely worthwhile! Prepares you to teach, that's a given, but you also meet awesome people! Not only your classmates, but the staff at TEFL worldwide Prague as well. They are supportive even after you graduate.read more
Joceline Lopez
Joceline Lopez
03:22 08 Dec 17
This program is NOT easy- if you want easy do an online program- or just photoshop your name onto a TEFL certificate. If you want to acquire life long skills that will help you both inside and out of the classroom then TAKE THIS PROGRAM! 🙂 There will be all nighters, tears, and plenty of tests and papers. Enrolling and arriving to the Czech Republic is super easy - TEFL World Wide will basically hold your hand during the entire process- if you’ve never traveled alone before- they arrange a taxi to pick you up from the airport and even arrange an apartment near the program for you if you’d like. Although being a TEFL teacher didn’t work out for me, I was able to use this experience while substitute teaching back in California (it was more beneficial than all my 6 years prior as a preschool teacher). I attended this program September 2016 and I had the best, most passionate instructors in the world- Kenny and Adrienne. I have no idea how much they make but Cheryl if you’re reading this they deserve a raise! 😂read more
Matan Fox
Matan Fox
12:49 08 Oct 17
I took the TEFL course on July 3rd and graduated on July 28th-Those were VERY intense four weeks, with multiple tasks varying in difficulty and always engaging. We learned by observing our teacher colleagues, giving feedback, reviewing demo lessons given by our trainers and always taking notes, working together with our partners or in groups.Even though the course was very challenging at times, and I had virtually no free time to do anything else, I felt it made grow as a teacher; I came to course with a teaching background, so I felt a little bit prepared. However, by teaching and obtaining different teaching methods I’ve come to realize just how many tools the TEFL Worldwide Prague gave me.The atmosphere at the course was super friendly, everyone was open for questions and willing to help when needed, I couldn’t have asked for a more supportive environment. We, as future teachers, grew and got better; I feel that the level of difficulty in the course made us bond together. I will never forget the great time I had at TEFL Worldwide Prague and would definitely recommend every new teacher to take this course if he plans to teach English for ESL learners!read more
Mister Mckee
Mister Mckee
13:10 22 Aug 17
My initial decision to come to Prague for the TEFL was based primarily on the fact that founder and director Cheryl graduated from the same great university as me: Loyola in Chicago. What I subsequently discovered was an excellent combination of theory (in the morning) and practice (in the afternoon) not only for beginning teachers of ALL AGES with no previous experience, but a good way to update and assimilate current best practices for a seasoned veteran (35 years and counting!) like me.Kenny and Adrienne complemented each other's teaching and modeling styles eminently and provided thought-provoking and challenging strategies designed to reach multiple learning styles and age groups.Their understanding and past experiences in "the market" grounded the program in reality and prepared us for what to expect upon graduation.Needless to say, the location in Prague also provided a wonderful classroom experience, as well as contact with the lovely and diverse students enrolled in the English classes we taught. The support staff was there to respond to the simplest of needs and requests on a moment's notice. The lodging at the Hotel Pivovar was clean and comfortable, and the breakfast buffet is not to be missed as a great way to prepare for the demands of a rigorous and thoroughly stimulating four weeks. Having worked in public education in the USA as well as ESL in Asia, I only wish some of the training sessions I have had to endure in the past were only half as good as what I was fortunate enough to discover with TEFL Worldwide Prague.Gratefully,Craig B. McKee, B.A., M.A., D.E.A.read more
John Epskamp
John Epskamp
16:18 21 Aug 17
You will hear some people say that you don't really need to do a TEFL course if you want to teach English abroad. Well to those people I say rubbish. If you are interested in helping your students be the best they can be, and want to be an effective teacher then take this course at TEFL Worldwide. Even if you are a university trained teacher, take this course. You learn things that only a full on course by great TEFL teachers can teach you. Even if, like me you've never really taught before, this course will give you the confidence to succeed. It is intensive, it's not easy, but if you really want it then you will be successful. The teachers are terrific, and will do everything they can to get you through. You will learn a lot, and it will make you a better teacher. You will have an advantage on those that don't take the course. Most of the better TEFL schools where I am, Prague, require you to have a TEFL certificate. This course is well worth the money .read more
Phillip Grambsch
Phillip Grambsch
12:34 26 May 17
I took the TEFL course in March/April 2017 of 2017. Like almost everyone in our class, I had no previous teaching experience and was pretty nervous about the whole thing going into it. Let me start off by saying that I know what you're thinking while you go over these reviews. I too thought to myself, "There has to be a catch" and "These seem too good to be true" but after taking the course I can honestly say they are 100% justified.Kenny and Adrienne are awesome instructors and are extremely generous with their time and knowledge and are very dedicated to seeing their students succeed. They provide a great balance of wisdom, advice, encouragement, support, and constructive criticism that both push and allow the students to become the best teachers they can possibly be.As others have noted, the course itself is pretty intensive and very difficult (you start teaching on the 2nd day), but as crazy as it may seem at the time, everything is very well organized, and has the clear and stated purpose of preparing you for any and all scenarios you may encounter once you get out on your own.The admin. staff is also awesome helping out with stuff like housing arrangements, showing us around the nearby mall, fixing the coffee maker, answering visa questions, and, if you're lucky, saving you a few hours by helping you find a topic for your grammar presentation.In short, if you're thinking about taking a TEFL course in Prague (or anywhere for that matter), I cannot recommend this program enough.read more
Matt Goldberg
Matt Goldberg
13:18 20 May 17
I took this course in March of 2017. I found it while searching for places in Europe where I could get TEFL certified and chose it because it had the best reviews of any I found. After completing the course 4 weeks later, all I can say is that this program deserves all the praise it gets.The instructors are awesome in every way. They provide plenty of praise and encouragement, which was important to me because I had never taught before and was a little nervous about it. But they also provided a lot constructive criticism, which helped me improve after every lesson. By the end of the course, I felt so much more comfortable and confident in my teaching than I did during my first lesson on the 2nd day of the course. They have also been extremely helpful after the course, with writing references and providing advice about teaching positions both in Prague and around the world. The Admin staff are great too at helping with housing, visa stuff, jobs etc…The course is intensive as most others have noted. But it’s totally worth it. I would recommend it to anyone looking for a TEFL certification.read more
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Mission Statement: TEFL Worldwide is regarded as one of the most reputable TEFL training centers worldwide. We are dedicated to providing high quality training and to helping our graduates find jobs teaching English worldwide. Graduates can come back to us at anytime for job assistance. Many of our TEFL graduates have taught in 4 or more countries and are still in contact with us for job assistance years after graduating! All of us at TEFL Worldwide are looking forward to making this a positive and rewarding experience for you! You’ll make friends for a lifetime and be able to travel to see them all over the world. The TEFL  trainers, staff and alumni are here to make sure you have an amazing time and a positive experience here in Prague.