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TEFL certification is the basic requirement needed for teaching English abroad. TEFL Worldwide Prague is the leading TEFL course provider worldwide, offering more than just a TEFL course. With TEFL Worldwide, you will earn the Accredited 130-hour TEFL certificate in the heart of Europe – Prague! You’ll receive continued job guidance worldwide and support before, during and long after the course.

Most important, you will have plenty of hands on teaching practice with real students. This is crucial in order to be prepared for job interviews with language schools. Reputable employers require that you have plenty of observed teaching practice during your TEFL Course. This is something that online courses can not offer.

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Teaching English is the easiest way to live and work abroad. The demand for English teachers worldwide is increasing at an exponential rate, as English is the leading language around the globe. Therefore, once you are TEFL certified, you’ll have hundreds of TEFL jobs to choose from worldwide.

From Chile to China, Thailand to Spain, Morocco to Japan “oh the places you’ll go!” Many of our TEFL graduates have visited more than 20 countries in a year. Get started teaching English abroad in no time with the leading TEFL certification from TEFL Worldwide! Join our thriving alumni community in Prague and abroad!

Course Dates 

Thinking of doing an online TEFL Course? Think again! Any quality TEFL course takes place ON-SITE, is at least 100 hours and has at least 6 hours of observed teaching practice. The quality of the TEFL Course will be reflected in the types of jobs that you’ll be offered. 

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TEFL Worldwide Prague Offers an Internationally Recognized and Accredited
TEFL Course

Established in 2003, TEFL Worldwide now has over 3,500 graduates who have taught in over 60 countries. Thanks to the highly reputable TEFL course and experienced trainers, TEFL Worldwide graduates have hundreds of TEFL jobs to choose from. Language school employers worldwide are interested in hiring TEFL Worldwide graduates year-round because of the school’s training and professional reputation. Because of this, you can take the TEFL course at any time during the year and start teaching English abroad shortly after the course. The TEFL course is offered on a monthly basis.

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  • Highest Rated TEFL Certification Program

  • Central location

  • Extensive Alumni community in Prague & abroad

  • No Degree? No Problem!

  • Non-Native English Speakers can teach abroad too

  • Teach whenever and wherever you’d like

TEFL Worldwide Prague is a leading TEFL course provider with top ratings by our graduates and language school employers worldwide. We provide: 

  • Accredited and Internationally Recognized TEFL Certificate

  • 4-week on-site 130 hour TEFL certificate courses.

  • Hands on teaching practice with real students

  • A TEFL advisor and supportive staff to help you every step of the way before, during and after the course

  • Lifetime job assistance worldwide – TEFL jobs available year-round!

  • Job guidance session

  • Truly qualified TEFL trainers who are professionals in the TEFL industry

  • TEFL job offers during the course

  • Visa and trade license information session

  • Survival Czech lessons

  • Family like environment – friends for life

  • An on-site language school

  • Job opportunities at TEFL Worldwide for our graduates

  • Transportation from the airport

  • Young Learners certificate course

  • Alumni Community and Events

  • Weekend trip and end of course graduation party

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We have thousands of contacts for English language schools worldwide. The staff at TEFL Worldwide Prague is dedicated to finding current job openings for our English teachers all around the globe. Read more…

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To date TEFL Worldwide has 3,500 graduates who have gone on to teach in 60+ countries! Get started Teaching English Abroad!



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TEFL Testimonials

Lana Phan
Lana Phan
12:57 11 Jan 21
I graduated in December 2020. I learnt a lot and it was truly a worthwhile experience. The instructors here are wonderful and knowledgeable. They were very helpful and they were always there for me when I struggled with something. I recommend this course to anyone who is interested in teaching.read more
Joe Moran
Joe Moran
18:50 12 Nov 20
This is course was amazing and super helpful!!Over the 4 week period I learnt so much, it is a lot of work but the amount of support that is available is comprised of a group of extremely skilled and understanding trainers.Doing the course entirely online had its difficulties but they did everything they could to ensure that the course ran as smoothly as possible.I would highly recommend this course to anyone who would like to become an English teacher or just to improve upon the skills they already have.read more
Mariona VT
Mariona VT
14:56 26 Oct 20
Taking my TEFL course in TEFL Worldwide Prague has been by far the best decision of my life.The trainers, the lessons, and the teaching practices give you all the tools you need to run a great lesson, where both students and teachers enjoy the process of learning. The intensive learning begins on the first day and in the teaching practices, you can put some of the theory and techniques into a real practical context. When they say it is an intense course, they are not lying. You really need to work hard every day before, during, and after the lessons. But trust me when I say that those 4 weeks are more than worth it. During that time you will be able to learn how to plan lessons effectively, you will have the opportunity to feel like a student who is starting a new language thanks to the unknown language module, you will be working on how the English language works and you will be guided through the different methodologies and skills by incredible trainers.For me, coming to Prague and choosing this school was the best investment I have ever made. Once I had finished my course, I started working right away in this wonderful city, like most of my TEFL colleagues. So, if you want to change your life by becoming an English teacher, be trained by excellent professionals from various backgrounds, and have total guidance before, during, and after the course, TEFL Worldwide is your place. Don’t think twice. You will not regret it.read more
Klara Stejskalova
Klara Stejskalova
10:01 14 Sep 20
Absolutely would recommend ! This course has changed my life in July 2020.The only thing I knew before I signed up to do TEFL, was that I wanted to move to Prague and learn how to teach English. TEFL Worldwide gave me so much more. I'm not going to lie, I underestimated the amount of work that goes into this course. It is quite challenging ! But don't worry, you're never left without support. Be it from the trainers or your peers. TEFL Worldwide create an amazingly comfortable and supportive environment, to which you want to come back every day, despite the hard work! At the weekends, you get to explore the beautiful city that is Prague with your fellow "TEFLers" and sometimes even the trainers, who are so charismatic and friendly. At the moment, my peers and I are all starting our teaching careers in Prague and are continuously supported on our journeys by TEFL Worldwide. I'm delighted that I've made the choice to do this course. TEFL in Prague? Definitely TEFL Worldwide!read more
Tereza Rambousková
Tereza Rambousková
07:14 03 Sep 20
I would highly recommend this Live TEFL course. A diversity of well-experienced teachers makes sure that you will have no more doubts and uncertainties in your teaching lessons. Despite its severity, you will feel comfortable in a friendly, well-equipped place where you can find buddies and mentors who will help you not just to pass the course, but also in your future career.read more
Vincent Spiezio
Vincent Spiezio
13:25 22 Aug 20
Great experience. Very knowledgeable teachers and hands-on learning. If I ever got amnesia, I'd definitely take this course over again.read more
franklin wilson
franklin wilson
12:03 28 Apr 20
TEFL Worldwide Prague is an excellent TEFL training provider. It prepared me extremely well for when I went to China. The teacher trainers and staff are extremely helpful and extremely experienced. They will make you the best teacher you can be. The course focusses on teaching technique, learning theories and English language awareness. The lessons you teach, you are teaching to adults which is a good way to start. Even years after completion, they always help you find work and provide references. They cannot help you enough. If you want to live in Prague like I did for 6 months, it is a great way of opening the door to great experiences of a lifetime, both there and globally. I met many friends for life and I will never forget the invaluable experience. Best decision I ever made and I would recommend it to anyoneread more
23:58 15 Mar 20
This place changed my life. Their TEFL certification course involves comprehensive instruction and hands-on teaching practice. After completing the course, a world of opportunities opened up for me, and I've been teaching and traveling ever since.read more
Veronique Beyls
Veronique Beyls
11:39 14 Feb 20
The training at TEFL Worldwide Prague was very intensive. But if you are prepared to give it 100%, you'll be rewarded with confidence and a general feeling of being ready to teach English to anyone. You get a lot of practical experience, teaching 2 lessons every week, giving you a chance to implement what you've learned and improve with every lesson. The trainers are there to answer your questions and support you with lesson planning, so you grow more confident every day. There is great support from everyone on the team. You get fully submerged in the teaching culture. It's an amazing experience.read more
Emad Ramsey
Emad Ramsey
16:59 12 Feb 20
I got my TEFL there, never a bad moment for the whole 4 weeks. Trainers are top notch, administrators will go out of their way to help, give advise about housing and job opportunities and any other subject you need to know in Prague. It was a five stars experience.read more
Catherine Leniczek
Catherine Leniczek
22:46 23 Dec 19
TEFL Worldwide Prague was one of the most intense and gratifying programs I’ve ever done! They prepare you for real life and don’t fluff it up for you. After the 4 week course I felt prepared for any teaching job. The staff know what they’re doing and are so good about helping you through the process. I now teach in Singapore and am able to travel Asia during breaks. Thank you Worlwide Prague for giving me this freedom!read more
12:01 25 Sep 19
Great place to get TEFL certified. I went in 2004! Very useful.read more
Hailey Anjelica
Hailey Anjelica
14:18 18 Sep 19
I completed the TEFL course in August 2019 and had an excellent experience throughout the entirety of the course. Prior to the course, Chelisa and Cheryl were in frequent contact with me to provide all the information I needed about the course and to answer any questions I had. Since my course was a bigger group, we were taught by two different trainers, Kenny and Jazmin. They were both excellent instructors. Input sessions covered a variety of subjects related to teaching English, and all of the sessions were very well prepared and informative. Even though trainees are thrown into teaching from the very first week of the course, I felt prepared to teach my first lesson. The course is very intense, but if you manage your time effectively it’s no problem completing all of the assignments. Feedback on teaching practice was accurate, helpful, and very constructive. Even when being more critical of a trainee, the feedback definitely felt like it was given to help us, not to make us feel bad. There was always a trainer available to help during office hours if we needed assistance with lesson planning or other information related to the course. There was a large focus on grammar, both in increasing our own awareness of it as well as learning how to teach it. Cheryl has been fantastic with providing job guidance and interview preparation, and since the program has such a good reputation in Prague it has been easy to find a job here within a few weeks of graduation. I’m not currently looking to teach children but I took the Young Learner’s Workshop in case I want to in the future, and that was a valuable aspect of the course as well. The office staff were always very kind and helpful. Overall, I had a wonderful experience at TEFL Worldwide and would wholeheartedly recommend it to anyone looking to teach English abroad.read more
Naomi Reeh
Naomi Reeh
16:00 03 Jul 19
My experience at TEFL Worldwide Prague was full of learning and hands-on teaching experience! I studied Elementary Education at University, and I graduated from TEFL Worldwide Prague in October 2015. Kenny and Adrienne were great teachers! They have many years of teaching experience, and so much knowledge about teaching English. They were always supportive and there to answer any questions about teaching and life. Everyone at TEFL Worldwide Prague is very supportive and helpful. In the course, we had so much teaching experience! We taught all levels of English language learners. This experience has helped me to grow more as a teacher, and has prepared me to be an effective English teacher. I am very happy with my experience!read more
Milan Cvetanovic
Milan Cvetanovic
23:38 30 May 19
"Drilling alongside modeling, seeking low TTT with an abundance of CCQ, to finambulate or to elope, that is the question"Confused? Puzzled? Curious?The title pretty much describes the intense everyday routine we had during the 4 weeks of course, if you wish to crack the code, you must live through the challenges of the 20 workdays.The pre-course correspondence was more than sufficient, you must be a fast applicant in order to claim your accommodation within the distance of 20 steps from the school.The course program is well structured, grammar is in the focus of the lectures. If you were exposed to dry and confusing grammar lessons during your education, you will be more than pleased to experience the vibrant, fresh, playful and creative methodology Kenny and Jazmin, the two trainers, are using. Spite the fact I have a teacher degree and 8 years of teaching/lecturing experience, I've learned more useful methods, approaches and tricks during these 4 weeks than during my college years and tenure.Never had such great teachers like Kenny and Jazmin before, their expertise, approach, dedication, enthusiasm, wit and positive energy was essential in acquiring the tricks of the trade and crowning the course with a certificate.Along the lectures we attended, we held 7 lessons to the students of the school, with prepared lesson plans. The feedback from the trainers was more than helpful, the analysis we received after every lesson was in depth and made us to strive more to eradicate any flaws already at our next lesson.Two grammar presentations were among our tasks, as well the need analysis of a potential one-on-one student that was assigned to us. This latter was the most complex task, it was practically a full screening of the student's background, the student's speaking, reading, listening and writing skills. The strengths and weaknesses were taken under the magnifying glass. Consequently, we had to assign the student into the A1-C2 grid upon her/his skills.Everybody who survives the intensity of the last week of the course is rightfully awarded with the certificate.The language awareness exam is the pinnacle of the course, there should be no problem passing it, if you paid attention at the lectures and took useful notes. Cheryl, the founder and managing director of TEFL Worldwide Prague, will be kind to answer all your burning questions before the start of the course and she will provide you support during and after the completion of the course. Dana and the administrative team were very effective with the essential correspondence in the pre-course period and during the course itself.And something that one cannot omit in such a review - Prague is one of the (if not THE) most beautiful cities I've visited, you will have a rich offer of activities and events.I recommend TEFL Worldwide Prague as an outstanding choice if you are considering taking a TEFL course - enroll now, you won't regret it!read more
purevbaatar otgonbaatar
purevbaatar otgonbaatar
00:00 30 May 19
The TEFL is one of the best school I studied at and it’s also one of my best choices so far.I‘ve learned many good things and techniques at this course.Our teachers Kenny and Jazmin are very experienced and knowledgeable, friendly and helpful in all the ways. I also want to say thanks to Cheryl, Dana and Veronika for their help and support.As a non-native speaker, I thought it will be hard studying with all of those native speakers. However, it was a big challenge for me and now, I can only say that I am really happy that I chose TEFL World Wide Prague!The teachers taught me all main techniques how to become a good teacher. If you pass this English course, so it’s just up to you what you will do…after the course, you have all important experiences and knowledge about teaching English abroad. I would definitely recommend TEFL course to all future students.read more
Jim Davison
Jim Davison
10:17 24 Apr 19
World Class Program and if you want to work hard, have fun, make lifelong friends, be guaranteed a job when finished AND stay in Prague for month , then this place is for you!read more
Martin Bílek
Martin Bílek
15:10 20 Dec 18
I'm so glad I've chosen this TEFL course. I must admit that it wasn't a bed of roses - but very rewarding in the end. As a mechanical engineer - I reckon I'm ready to teach English now. Which I couldn't say before this course at all 🙂 Our lectors were very skilled and helpful in many ways - answering questions, giving feedbacks after our lessons, and so on. Office staff was very nice too and tried to help us whenever we needed. I really appreciated we had chance to teach individual lesson as well as we could attend workshop focused on teaching kids. Last but not least I've made so many amazing friends during this course 🙂 To sum it up - if you are on the horns of dilema to do something like this - JUST DO IT!!! I'm pretty sure you won't regret. Cheers, Martin 🙂read more
Indira Madrid
Indira Madrid
12:20 07 Aug 18
I have nothing but positive things to say about this school. The school was a small portion of my life in Prague but it was defnitely a significant part of it. It's an intense month but one well worth it. They help guide you from beginning to end and even assist you with any questions you may have, after you have left. The people are wonderful and great at what they do. An experience I'll never forget.read more
Donna Liu
Donna Liu
07:56 04 Aug 18
This TEFL program is excellent on so many levels. I am a native English speaker, and yet discovered so much about the language by learning how to explain its mysteries to others. I also learned a tremendous amount about the teaching process itself, and how to gauge and engage the students. The course was intense but very cleverly designed to convey a lot of information in such a short time. I also enjoyed the opportunities to student-teach all levels. Thanks to the great trainers who taught us with such insight, great patience, good humor, and tireless help.read more
Brianna Craviotto
Brianna Craviotto
13:29 03 Aug 18
I attended the TEFL Worldwide Prague program this July and was exceedingly pleased with all aspects of the program. Because I was a teacher back in the states, I expected this program to be a easy way to get my TEFL certification. While it was manageable, this program was a fair amount of work. That being said, all of that work felt applicable and appropriate to the goal of preparing someone to become an English teacher abroad. I also found that the lessons were super helpful to improve my teaching practice! All of the trainers and staff were remarkably knowledgeable and helpful. They also have continued to assist me in my job hunt in Southeast Asia even after the program was finished! I am happy to say I got my first offer today, exactly a week to the day I finished the program.If you're on the edge, take the jump. You won't regret it.Thanks TEFL Worldwide Prague, I am so grateful for you guys!!!read more
Jack Dowling
Jack Dowling
09:33 17 Jul 18
I really learnt a lot and made some friends for life by doing this course. I went from having never taught to planning and delivering lessons within the space of a few days. Everyone at TEFL Worldwide Prague is so so helpful before, during and after the course and they genuinely want you to do well. There is a lot of work but you can easily get your head down and get this done to leave some free time at the weekends. This course certainly opens a lot of doors. Thank you!read more
Chris Koelling
Chris Koelling
13:05 26 Jun 18
Highly worth while! I went from never having taught anyone anything in my life to a fully certified TEFL teacher with the help of these amazing instructors. It was evident that they truly want us to succeed, they really care about the teacher trainees. I had an absolutely stellar time in Prague with a wonderful group of young teachers, making several lifeline friend along the way. A challenging course but I feel that it really prepared me for getting a job abroad. Thank you TEFL Worldwide Prague!read more
Cristy Castro
Cristy Castro
09:53 28 May 18
I took the TEFL course in April/May 2018 and graduated a week ago. Choosing this course was the best decision ever! The four weeks course was intense but incredibly worth it. The trainers are excellent and the method is absolutely effective during the whole program. Being part of TEFL Worldwide Prague was the best experience ever! I just wish I could stay longer and learn more! 🙂 . I totally recommend it for anyone.read more
Runa Ahlstrom
Runa Ahlstrom
15:45 26 May 18
I completed my TEFL certification in May. While the course is very intensive, the amount of work is not unreasonable and the experience gained far outweighs the demands of the course. The teachers are all so helpful and give really valuable advice on both the course content and working as an English teacher in general. And the front office staff are wonderful, their help really eases the transition into life in Prague. I had a really great experience studying at TEFL Worldwide.read more
Joceline Lopez
Joceline Lopez
03:22 08 Dec 17
This program is NOT easy- if you want easy do an online program- or just photoshop your name onto a TEFL certificate. If you want to acquire life long skills that will help you both inside and out of the classroom then TAKE THIS PROGRAM! 🙂 There will be all nighters, tears, and plenty of tests and papers. Enrolling and arriving to the Czech Republic is super easy - TEFL World Wide will basically hold your hand during the entire process- if you’ve never traveled alone before- they arrange a taxi to pick you up from the airport and even arrange an apartment near the program for you if you’d like. Although being a TEFL teacher didn’t work out for me, I was able to use this experience while substitute teaching back in California (it was more beneficial than all my 6 years prior as a preschool teacher). I attended this program September 2016 and I had the best, most passionate instructors in the world- Kenny and Adrienne. I have no idea how much they make but Cheryl if you’re reading this they deserve a raise! ?read more

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