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In just 4 weeks, you can be TEFL certified and teaching English abroad. With the Accredited & Internationally Recognized TEFL Worldwide certificate, it’s easy to get a TEFL job allowing you to teach and travel worldwide! 

At TEFL Worldwide, you’ll receive plenty of course support and on-going job guidance from the moment you apply, until well after the course. During the TEFL course, you will gain hands-on experience teaching real students in classrooms while being observed by qualified trainers, which is a crucial requirement when applying to English teaching jobs worldwide.

Join our large TEFL Worldwide Alumni Community in Prague and abroad! We hope to see you on one of our upcoming TEFL courses. View Course Dates.

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TEFL Worldwide Prague is not a TEFL reseller or agency, but an actual TEFL school offering the on-site TEFL course here in Prague. It’s best to book directly via our website. 

TEFL Worldwide Offers the Internationally Recognized and Accredited TEFL Certificate Course on a Monthly Basis

A TEFL certificate is the basic requirement needed for teaching English abroad. With the TEFL Worldwide Prague certificate, you can teach English in Prague and worldwide. TEFL Worldwide is an American owned school offering the 125-hour, 4-week TEFL certificate course in the heart of Europe… Prague! Our TEFL course is Officially Accredited and Externally Moderated by IATQuO (The International Accreditation of TESOL Qualifying Organisations) and Accredited by the Czech Ministry of Education.

Established in 2003, TEFL Worldwide now has over 3,000 graduates who have taught in over 60 countries! Thanks to the highly reputable TEFL course, truly qualified trainers, support and job guidance, TEFL Worldwide graduates have hundreds of TEFL jobs to choose from. Language school employers worldwide are interested in hiring TEFL Worldwide graduates year-round because of the school’s training and reputation. Therefore, you can take the TEFL course at any time during the year and start teaching English abroad shortly after the course. The TEFL course is offered on a monthly basis.

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Teaching English Abroad

Teaching English abroad is the easiest way to live and work in another country while experiencing new cultures and learning a new language. It also makes it easy to travel to more countries. The demand for English teachers worldwide is continually increasing, as English is the leading lingua franca around the globe. Therefore, TEFL jobs are plentiful as people are eager to learn and perfect their English skills.

From Chile to China, Thailand to Spain, Morocco to Japan “oh the places you’ll go!” Many of our TEFL graduates have visited more than 20 countries in a year while teaching English! English teaching opportunities await you all over the world. Get started teaching English abroad in no time!

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  • Highest Rated TEFL Program

  • American Owned for over 15 years!

  • Support Every Step of the Way

  • Large Alumni community

  • No Previous Teaching Experience or Second Language Required

  • No Degree? No Problem!

  • Non-Native English Speakers can teach abroad too!

  • Teach whenever and wherever you’d like

  • Family like environment

TEFL Worldwide Prague is a leading TEFL course provider with top ratings by our graduates and language school employers worldwide. We provide: 

  • Highest Rated TEFL Program

  • The Accredited and Internationally Recognized TEFL Certificate

  • 4-week on-site 125 hour TEFL certificate courses.

  • Hands on teaching practice with real students

  • A TEFL advisor and supportive staff to help you step by step before, during and after the course

  • Lifetime job assistance worldwide – TEFL jobs available year-round!

  • Truly qualified TEFL trainers who are professionals in the TEFL industry

  • Affordable student housing near the school

  • Extensive alumni community & network

  • TEFL job offers during the course

  • Visa and Trade License information

  • Survival Czech lessons

  • An on-site language school

  • Job opportunities at TEFL Worldwide for our graduates

  • Transportation from the airport and a greeter to meet you

  • Optional Young Learners certificate course

  • Orientation tour and end of course graduation party


Collage of TEFL Graduate Students

Graduate Success Stories

To date we have more than 3,000 graduates who have taught in over 60 countries. Our TEFL graduates are working 1-2 weeks after graduation, many times sooner. Read about their experience teaching English abroad! Read more…

TEFL students in front of historic clock in Prague

Who Can Enroll

Are you at least 18 and fluent in English? Then you can enroll! There isn’t an upper age limit. Non-native speakers and those without a degree can also teach abroad! Previous teaching experience or a second language is not required. Read more…

Lifetime Job Guidance

TEFL Worldwide provides lifetime job guidance worldwide! Our graduates are in high demand worldwide due to our solid reputation with high quality training by qualified TEFL trainers. We have thousands of contacts for English language schools worldwide. The staff at TEFL Worldwide is dedicated to finding current job openings for our English teachers all around the globe. You can be teaching English abroad shortly after the course. Read more…

TEFL Job Opportunities are Available Worldwide

To date TEFL Worldwide has 3,000 graduates who have gone on to teach in 60+ countries! Get started Teaching English Abroad!



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Our graduates are working within 1-2 weeks after graduation, many times sooner!
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TEFL Testimonials

Indira Madrid
Indira Madrid
12:20 07 Aug 18
I have nothing but positive things to say about this school. The school was a small portion of my life in Prague but it was defnitely a significant part of it. It's an intense month but one well worth it. They help guide you from beginning to end and even assist you with any questions you may have, after you have left. The people are wonderful and great at what they do. An experience I'll never more
Donna Liu
Donna Liu
07:56 04 Aug 18
This TEFL program is excellent on so many levels. I am a native English speaker, and yet discovered so much about the language by learning how to explain its mysteries to others. I also learned a tremendous amount about the teaching process itself, and how to gauge and engage the students. The course was intense but very cleverly designed to convey a lot of information in such a short time. I also enjoyed the opportunities to student-teach all levels. Thanks to the great trainers who taught us with such insight, great patience, good humor, and tireless more
Brianna Craviotto
Brianna Craviotto
13:29 03 Aug 18
I attended the TEFL Worldwide Prague program this July and was exceedingly pleased with all aspects of the program. Because I was a teacher back in the states, I expected this program to be a easy way to get my TEFL certification. While it was manageable, this program was a fair amount of work. That being said, all of that work felt applicable and appropriate to the goal of preparing someone to become an English teacher abroad. I also found that the lessons were super helpful to improve my teaching practice! All of the trainers and staff were remarkably knowledgeable and helpful. They also have continued to assist me in my job hunt in Southeast Asia even after the program was finished! I am happy to say I got my first offer today, exactly a week to the day I finished the program.If you're on the edge, take the jump. You won't regret it.Thanks TEFL Worldwide Prague, I am so grateful for you guys!!!read more
Jack Dowling
Jack Dowling
09:33 17 Jul 18
I really learnt a lot and made some friends for life by doing this course. I went from having never taught to planning and delivering lessons within the space of a few days. Everyone at TEFL Worldwide Prague is so so helpful before, during and after the course and they genuinely want you to do well. There is a lot of work but you can easily get your head down and get this done to leave some free time at the weekends. This course certainly opens a lot of doors. Thank you!read more
Chris Koelling
Chris Koelling
13:05 26 Jun 18
Highly worth while! I went from never having taught anyone anything in my life to a fully certified TEFL teacher with the help of these amazing instructors. It was evident that they truly want us to succeed, they really care about the teacher trainees. I had an absolutely stellar time in Prague with a wonderful group of young teachers, making several lifeline friend along the way. A challenging course but I feel that it really prepared me for getting a job abroad. Thank you TEFL Worldwide Prague!read more
April Martinez
April Martinez
02:37 31 May 18
Worthwhile investment. Supportive faculty & staff before, during, and after the course. This course actually prepares you for a teaching career. I'm rather frugal and once considered taking an online TEFL course - glad I didn't. The classes are informative, and hands on experience IS A MUST. Btw, this is one of the more affordable on site courses, and you get a lot of bang for your buck. Very challenging (come prepared with an open mind). [extras - I took the April/May 2018 course; no prior teaching experience]read more
Cristy Castro
Cristy Castro
09:53 28 May 18
I took the TEFL course in April/May 2018 and graduated a week ago. Choosing this course was the best decision ever! The four weeks course was intense but incredibly worth it. The trainers are excellent and the method is absolutely effective during the whole program. Being part of TEFL Worldwide Prague was the best experience ever! I just wish I could stay longer and learn more! 🙂 . I totally recommend it for more
Runa Ahlstrom
Runa Ahlstrom
15:45 26 May 18
I completed my TEFL certification in May. While the course is very intensive, the amount of work is not unreasonable and the experience gained far outweighs the demands of the course. The teachers are all so helpful and give really valuable advice on both the course content and working as an English teacher in general. And the front office staff are wonderful, their help really eases the transition into life in Prague. I had a really great experience studying at TEFL more
Siti Syahirah
Siti Syahirah
15:14 19 May 18
You can find a lot of TEFL schools in Prague but this is the one I am recommending. There's more than one reason for that. Firstly, Kenny is the most cheerful, outgoing, attentive, funny and passionate trainer you can get. He has a lot of experiences from Asia to Europe which makes him the best person to seek guidance and advice from. I am currently teaching myself but I miss Kenny's classes everyday!Cheryl is the most cheerful and outgoing person you will meet. She has a lot of energy and extremely helpful. When they promise you guidance and assistance, they tend to give more than what you expect. My transition and move to Prague has been so much easier, thanks to Cheryl. Dana and Veronika are the ones who I can randomly chat about everything after a long day in class and even get suggestions on Prague lifestyle. They are really a wonderful person to come across every morning. Lastly, I am lucky that the batch bonded well and the course brought the best out of us.I am recommending this school mainly because the teaching methods are fun, different and enjoyable. All the lessons were helpful and today, it has made me a better teacher who wants to improve further. If you are looking for a mix of fun, serious and being certified, this is where you should be signing up for! It will be four weeks of a roller coaster ride which ends with an awesome party!read more
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TEFL Worldwide is regarded as one of the most reputable TEFL training centers worldwide and is among the most highly rated. We are dedicated to providing a high quality TEFL course and to helping our graduates find TEFL jobs teaching English worldwide. As a result, our graduates can come back to us at any time for job assistance. Many of our graduates have taught in 4 or more countries and are still in contact with us for TEFL job assistance years after graduating! The TEFL trainers, staff and alumni are here to make sure you have a rewarding and positive experience. You’ll make friends for a lifetime and be able to travel to see them all over the world. Begin your adventure Teaching English Abroad with TEFL Worldwide Prague!