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TEFL Course Reviews

Read reviews and messages from some of our graduates.

“After two+ years of teaching and traveling in Korea and Southeast Asia, I finally returned to my home in the Midwest, USA at Christmas time 2011. I knew my stay would be short-lived, but I had no idea how short it would turn out to be. I had planned to stay for 6 months until summer, and then hop over to Europe to volunteer and travel in Spain. But after only 3 weeks in Indiana, I knew that I wouldn’t make it until summer.

I had studied Criminal Justice at Indiana University and after graduation in 2008 found little opportunities on the work market for my field. I knew that whatever job I worked I wanted to be able to travel either with the job, or have the time to do it on the side. After working multiple dead-end restaurant jobs to make ends meet I received a good tip from a friend of mine. He had just signed up to teach English in Asia and thought it seemed like something that I would be interested in. I was skeptical at first because I knew little about teaching and even less about living in Asia. But after much deliberation I was convinced to send in my CV and see what would happen. Sure enough, the recruiter contacted me the next day with a job in the same city at the same school as my friend. I thought, why not, it’s only a year and it’s a new experience. It turned out to be one of the best decisions I ever made and it opened my eyes to teaching English abroad as a career, or in the least as a means to travel the world and make some good money along the way.

I taught English for 2 years in South Korea, but the whole time wanted to get a TEFL certificate to understand more about the how and why of English teaching. I started researching the subject online and quickly found TEFL Worldwide Prague. Based on previous knowledge and experience, I knew that Prague would be a fine city to study, live and work. I booked the plane ticket immediately and didn’t look back.

I felt that while teaching in South Korea I really developed some useful skills in teaching English. I had a great rapport with the students, both young and old, and I always had good feedback from my peers and supervisors. I really enjoyed the work, but I knew that I could grow in my development as a teacher. I wanted to know more about the English language and study some more methods about how to teach specific areas of the language. This is what I was hoping to attain by taking the course at TEFL Worldwide Prague and I wasn’t let down at all. The two instructors at the school were very well-educated, experienced and professional. They were accepting of other people’s views and experiences in teaching, but also were able to pass on their own perspectives to aid in the trainee’s development. They taught us as students for half of the class so we could see the exact routine they would go through in an English classroom, then talked to us as peers in the second half of the class to break down exactly what they did and why. After taking part in their classes I become a much more well-rounded teacher and understand more about the methodology of teaching English.

To go along with the excellent instructors, TEFL Worldwide Prague employed a very helpful and competent staff of supporters. There were people there to help with creating a CV, finding and applying for job opportunities, finding a flat in Prague and assisting with the visa process in the Czech Republic. They were always friendly and willing to help with anything one of the students needed. Through their end-of-course job fair I was able to find a job teaching at an English kindergarten in Prague.

So for the past two years I have been teaching English to young learners here in Prague. It’s a tough, but fun job and I have really developed a new patience for dealing with beginning English speakers, and beginning language speakers in general. Through hard work and commitment I climbed quickly to the position of classroom coordinator and eventually coordinator of the entire school. The job is fairly-paid, stimulating, rewarding and exciting, however quite a bit challenging—all aspects I look for in a job.

As much as I like the job, I like more the things that the job has allowed me to do. I am a ‘work to live’ kind-of-guy, not the other way around. While living here in Central Europe I have had a great opportunity to travel, play sports and experience the exciting world around me. I have been on numerous hiking, camping, rafting and canoeing trips in the Czech Republic, Poland and Slovakia. My travels have taken me to the Netherlands, Serbia, Spain and even to India. I have been a player, captain and committee member for a Gaelic Football club. Through this club, I have been to Warsaw, Bratislava, Munich and Vienna to compete in international tournaments where we have been champions and losers, but having a great time no matter the outcome. This club has also introduced me to the closest friends that I have here in Prague and has really defined my entire experience here. So outside of work, I have really taken advantage of the opportunities that present themselves living in a vibrant, exciting city in the heart of Central Europe.

But as the old adage says, “All good things must come to an end,” my time here in Prague has also run out. Although my leaving will be bittersweet, I do it with hopes to move on to something new and even more exciting. At the moment I am applying for a volunteer position teaching English on a ship. The ship leaves from Japan and over three-month’s time circumnavigates the globe, stopping in port cities through Southeast Asia, around the coast of Africa and South America and then returns to Japan. The theme of the boat is to promote peace, sustainable development and global cooperation throughout the world. This is a great opportunity for me to fulfill my thirst for travel, my love of teaching and my desire to learn more about the people and the world around me all at the same time. This voyage could provide ample new experiences and opportunities to me that could change and shape the person that I am and the person that I could come to be. I cannot pass up something as fulfilling as this!

So if you are sitting on the fence about whether or not to abandon your home and venture into the unknown world of teaching English abroad, just as I was over five years ago, I say just take the first step. You never knew where it will lead you, who you will meet and what you will experience. But take my testimonial as an example of all the possibilities that are waiting for you just outside of your front door. The world is yours and your life is what you make of it. You only have one life to live, so better to take your chances and have no regrets about chasing after what could be the best thing you ever do.”

Eric Davis,

“I gave up everything to travel from the UK to Prague and train at TEFL Worldwide – my career in accounts, my flat, and my many possessions. This had to work for me. Luckily I couldn’t have been happier with my choice of school. The course was tough and quite stressful at times, but the trainers were fantastic, my peers were great, and the experience generally awesome. My satisfaction on completion was through the roof and it gave me a massive boost in confidence. I had intended to stay on in Prague but quickly realised the pay was not sufficient to send money home for my future. I had to quickly rethink my plans and can now happily report that I’m flying out to South Korea next week to start my new teaching career. Flight and accommodation are free which give me a fantastic opportunity to save for my future.”

David James

“I am a travel blogger which means I research EVERYTHING.  I spend a lot of time comparing, trying to find fault, and exploring other options and competition.  If I am making a life changing choice that also will cost me some hard earned cash, you can BET that I won’t go into anything lightly.

I just finished the TEFL course and it was a lot more challenging than I had envisioned but in a good way.  I feel prepared now to teach around the world.  Adrienne and Kenny are amazing teachers and I feel lucky to have had them.  They push you in all the right ways and motivate you to become better.  After speaking with Adrienne I realized she’s a Georgetown University graduate and Kenny is not just an amazing teacher but a pleasure to get advice from and learn some of his teaching techniques.  You won’t go wrong with this school.  I was hesitant with all the positive reviews and would have liked at least one negative one, but there isn’t anything bad I can say except that it’s CHALLENGING but you WILL BE PREPARED to teach.”

Elaine Mendoza

“I am currently teaching primary-level English in central Thailand, but I’ll never forget my experience in the Czech Republic. I decided to visit Prague after hearing from my friend how he was enjoying life as a teacher over there. He recommended TEFL Worldwide, and I’m glad that I made the choice to enroll. The course was very intense, particularly from its near-daily teaching schedule, but I felt it was worth all the hard work. I was still able to enjoy everything Prague has to offer, from the food, to the architecture, to the exciting night life on the weekends. Once the course was finished, I definitely had more confidence applying to teach English in other countries, and my current job even offered me a bonus to my salary for being TEFL certified! Still, if I find myself wanting to teach elsewhere in the future, I would be very hesitant not to return to Prague. I hope this helps.” 

Paul Hartman

“TEFL Worldwide Prague was an amazing experience that I wish I had acted on sooner in my life, and on some days I even wish I could wipe the memory of it from my mind so I could live through the class fresh all over again. The course was intense, but doable, and more importantly rewarding. Everyone in the program was focused on one goal, and that goal was helping you to succeed and impart the skills necessary for you to succeed even after you leave the class. The classmates you meet are people who you can call friend for life and even people who aren’t your classmate but were in a previous course will be there to support you! This school is one I would recommend to anyone who has an interest in teaching or just traveling the world. The whole shebang easily ranks number one on the list of things you could never regret doing and will probably become as important as that first breath you took when you came into the world. And on some weird metaphorical level, I’d say after this course is when you can truly say you are alive.”

Roderick Mitchell

“After graduation, I allowed myself to get talked out of my dream to move and live abroad for one year. In that following year, I learned there had to be more to a post-grad life than working temporary and retail jobs. I initially moved to Prague, got my TEFL Certificate through a wonderful month at TEFL Worldwide Prague, and spent the year with my fellow TEFL Worldwide grads. It was amazing. Hungry for more, I moved to South Korea and spent 5 of the 6 past years teaching English in private kindergartens and more recently, the Seoul Public School System. Living abroad has taught me more about the world and myself than I ever dreamed possible. Now I’m at the beginning of a year long round the world trip that I would never have imagined doing had it not been for my initial year in Prague. The best part of the trip is visiting friends in different countries all around the world (most of whom I met through teaching abroad)! Feel free to follow along in my adventure at!”

Elizabeth Groeschen

“This is definitely the best TEFL course in Prague. I had so much fun doing this and have made life long friends of my fellow trainee teachers. Not only was the course thoroughly enjoyable, it also did an fantastic job of preparing me to teach comfortably and confidently as soon as I graduated. When I signed up for a TEFL course, I never could have anticipated just how high the calibre of tuition would be. Every single day in the classes, I was entertained, enthralled and subsequently enthused to start actively developing my teaching skills thanks to the amazing instructors. The course was challenging but when I graduated, there was an instant community of expats that I became a part of in Prague which was a big advantage. Having had a wonderful time teaching there for a year, I am now on my way to South Korea and there has been job support and helpful connections provided along the way. Thank you TEFL Worldwide Prague!”

Elizabeth Cameron

“From my very first call to TEFL Worldwide Prague, I was met with great compassion and generosity by the founder and managing director, Cheryl Drábová. I had been enrolled in another course offered in town and when I arrived I discovered that the program was a scam and the school very disreputable. Cheryl was very understanding and with her help I was able to join, TWP, an institution with integrity and very high standards.

I feel now that I have a new understanding of the English language and have come away with the necessary skills to teach it anywhere in the world. Instructors, Kenny and Dan are two of the most knowledgeable mentors I’ve ever had. I was particularly fascinated with the way that they taught the classes, using themselves, the very techniques that we were to learn. At the same time creating a fun learning environment. I met some really unique and wonderful fellow classmates who helped make the whole experience anything but boring.

I’m very grateful for all that TWP has done for me.

Just as a warning, if I can give one piece of advice to foreigners looking to take a TEFL course here in Prague, it is to do a lot of research before you choose.”

Benjamin Dewar

“I made the huge decision to come to Prague in November 2013. I had traveled around Europe a few times and upon returning home all I would do was daydream about being back there. So I would save money and save all my vacation time just for another opportunity to travel. I finally just decided I was young, without kids, and in good health. When would there ever be a better time to move abroad. I came across TEFL Worldwide from a friend, and from the moment I began contacting them they responded quickly and helped with any question I had. It is such a big deal to sell everything, quit your job and leave everyone you know to move to a small country in central Europe to teach English. I couldn’t imagine doing it with out the help of TEFL Worldwide.

The course was a very intense four weeks as I had anticipated but so worth every second. The trainers Dan and Kenny are awesome and extremely knowledgeable. They were always there to help with lesson planning and grammar questions. I felt completely confident in my ability to go out and start teaching. I was really surprised with how well the course is designed, they teach you everything in just the perfect order so that it all makes sense. My favorite thing about the course is they put you through 3 basic Czech lessons to teach you what it feels like to be a student of a foreign language while also demonstrating how you can teach someone without knowing the students language. At the same time you learn a few useful phrases in Czech to use while living here.

There are so many jobs available upon completing the course, and TEFL Worldwide helps with this process too. They were constantly sending open positions, many of my classmates had interviews even during the final week of the course. I absolutely love Prague and couldn’t be more happy with my decision to come here!!!”

Halee Rogers

“This course has been one of the most intense and rewarding experiences in my life.I have learnt new things and new teaching techniques that I’m sure are going to be very useful in the near future.Our trainers offered us so much insight to teaching English as a foreign language and I think they really helped us throughout our entire course. We received so much useful information and the other people at school have been really wonderful and they offered us so much support.I am really happy that I attended this course. I have developed both professionally and personally and now I have the right tools to use along the way.

Warmest wishes to all of you.”


“I took this course with my fiancée, and I have to say I was very impressed with the quality of the course. From the start, we were challenged every day by the course instructors. While the course was exceptionally stressful as a result of this, I felt that I developed the skills needed to successfully teach English anywhere in the world. I had a wonderful (albeit stressful at time!) experience with TEFL Worldwide, and I’d absolutely recommend them to anyone looking to teach English abroad.”

Jeff Hamann

“TEFL Worldwide Prague is a first-class institution for anyone who wishes to obtain their TEFL certificate. TEFL Worldwide proved to be a truly fantastic experience and course. A good friend of mine had recommended them to me, and I firmly believe that a solid recommendation from someone you can trust goes a long way in the decision-making process before you embark on such a journey. In the end, I am glad to have trusted his judgement (he had also graduated from a previous group of students). Prague is a fantastic city in which to spend one month, coupled with a group of English-speaking people from around the globe, a challenging yet rewarding course, and a great set of instructors, it offers everything any TEFLer requires. I myself am off to Guangzhou in China, and I feel full of confidence due to the extremely competent instructors at TEFL worldwide Prague and the exciting atmosphere created during my month in Prague. A serious thumbs-up! Do not be afraid to contact them beforehand with any questions, I did the same thing, and all my questions were answered. They will also put you in touch with graduates such as myself, who can give you a first-hand account of their time there. I still speak to the coordinators at TEFL worldwide, their help does not stop once you graduate, you have their advice and contact-list for as long as you need to find your first post abroad as an English teacher. Get cracking, you will have an amazing 4 weeks!”


“Not to sound cliche, but TEFL Worldwide Prague changed my life. Before coming to Europe I was working as a wedding planner, and was searching for something different… an adventure. TEFL was the answer to my adventure. I did my research and decided I wanted to be in Prague. My friends cousin had done TEFL WorldwidePrague and had recommended it to us. Knowing that there were numerous TEFL programs in the area we did some research to make sure we picked the best school we possibly could. We did. The staff at the school were extremely helpful and caring. They went above and beyond to help us succeed in the course and were always there to lend a helping hand with our lesson plans.

The office staff at the school were also extremely friendly and helped us with everything, which was really important when trying to adjust in a foreign country.

I graduated from TEFL in February and I am now teaching at a preschool and also doing private lessons. I feel fully prepared each day to take on my jobs and I feel that I owe that to TEFL Worldwide Prague.”

Shaina Harris

“I chose TEFL Worldwide because their website was very information and helpful. In any case I still didn’t really know what to expect. However, before I had even landed in Prague I was given loads of information and support which made the move here easier and less nerve-wracking. Having transport from the airport organised for me and being met at the hotel by an ex-student was fantastic. As for the course itself, I cannot believe how much I learned over the four weeks! Dan and Kenny were great and enthusiastic to impart all their knowledge and experience upon us. They were around ten hours a day to help us out with any questions we had and were always so encouraging.

The course was tough, intense and challenging but if you prepare yourself for this it will be rewarding and fun. I highly recommend working hard to get the most out of the course. It was one of the best learning experiences I’ve ever had and although I was stressed, under pressure and exhausted, I thoroughly enjoyed it and was rewarded for all my hard work with a distinction! If teaching is something you’re interested in then do the course, you won’t regret it.”

Mairi White

“I recently graduated from TEFL Worldwide Prague in the beginning of February 2013 and had an amazing experience. The instructors Kenny and Dan are extremely hands on and very involved with your training. At TEFL Worldwide you have an indepth 120 hours of training and about 10 hours of hands on practice teaching. Kenny, Dan and Andrea are there to provide constant assistance with your lesson planning and give you constructive feedback on the success of your lessons. The office staff at the school are also amazing.Justin was there to constantly answer any questions I had before the trip and anything pertaining to Prague. Renata was so helpful in helping us understand how to navigate the metro system or even translating information for us from Czech. All of the office staff was extremely willing to help in whatever ways possible. They made the school a fun and warm environment and made sure that any questions you had were answered. They were also very efficient in helping us find jobs. Although TEFL Worldwide does not provide job placement, they do an amazing job of providing job assistance. Renata was constantly sending out emails with new job listings, and Justin was always there to help review a CV or cover letter, which was extremely useful.

Aside from job assistance they also helped me and 3 other girls with housing assistance. Justin does an amazing job of staying in contact with past graduates and he was always informing us of flat vacancies, which is exactly how we got our current flat.TEFL Worldwide was an amazing experience and I think the staff at TEFL Worldwide Prague are the people to thank for that. I loved my experience there and the warm family environment that they provided and would recommend anyone interested in this once and a lifetime opportunity to seize it and apply. Your European adventure is waiting for you and it starts at TEFL Worldwide Prague!”

Stephanie Olan

“I have nothing but NICE things to say about the TEFL Worldwide Prague. It open the whole world for me and I’ve taught in Vietnam and Poland since. I’d recommend it to anybody who’d like to make friends for life, have a great adventure in this delightful city and get an exciting, gratifying job at the end of it anywhere in the world. Also amazing job assistance afterwards is sooooo worth mentioning! 🙂 The course – definitely well worth a shot!”

Anna Dabrowska 

“I did the TEFL course 2 months after graduating from college (July 2012). When I came to Prague I didn’t know anything about the city. I soon fell in love with everything I saw. The people are sullen and withdrawn upon first glance but after you crack their shell they are some of the most honest and genuine people I have ever had the pleasure of meeting. I chose the course at random, though with reason. If I look back I chose TEFL Worldwide because of the reviews and the job assistance. Both of which have been great. I think exhilarating is the best word to describe the course. It was hard work and I was often stressed, I was always enjoying the work I was doing. The bottom line is that this course keeps you motivated and excited about where a TEFL certificate can take you. Whether your doing the course for travel or just looking to try something new, you will leave the course ready to start your new life.”

Daniel Huyer

“My experience with TEFL Worldwide Prague was honestly everything I expected and more. I knew the course would be pretty intense and I would be teaching the second day of the course, so mentally I was pretty prepared, but the course was packed! There was no stone left unturned. The instructors knew their craft inside and out and were able to completely answer any and all questions asked when it came to teaching English as a second language. Although it was a lot of work, it clearly paid off because now I am working full time in Prague, living with some great friends that I met through the TEFL course and I really couldn’t be happier. This is ALL thanks to TEFL Worldwide Prague.

One of the truly best things about TEFL Worldwide Prague is the job placement. Yes, it does comes down to you as the individual when it comes to the interview and such in order to be hired for a position, but TEFL Worldwide Prague would feed me advertisements for jobs non-stop until I was able to find the perfect job. Now, I am teaching at a great elementary school and look forward to my job everyday. If you are looking for a serious but well worth it class, you should definitely look into TEFL Worldwide Prague.”

Aaron Mitrani

“TEFL Worldwide Prague truly exceeded all my expectations. Even though I graduated over a year ago, the staff still corresponds with me and sends me job information whenever I request. The classes were rigorous, yet rewarding, and I left feeling prepared to teach English anywhere. It is an intimate school setting and each student is given the utmost attention so as to prepare them for the ESL world. The staff was also very helpful in directing me towards jobs, and by the time I graduated I had already secured a job in China. I can’t say enough about the professional, efficient nature of the entire program. Anyone who chooses TEFL Worldwide Prague will not be disappointed.”

Martha Tate

“I recently completed the TEFL course at TEFL Worldwide Prague and couldn’t have had a better experience. I came into it with 2 years teaching experience and still learned so much about the profession. I was able to learn better, more efficient ways to teach English through the instructors’ expertise. Both instructors are very enthusiastic, good-natured people who are on top of their trade. The office staff were extremely helpful and professional before, during and after the program. I couldn’t think of a bad thing to say about the company if I tried and anyone who could clearly wasn’t there. Thank you TEFL Worldwide! Keep doing what you’re doing.”

Eric Davis

“My name is Erin Rush and I took the course March-April 2012. After looking at several places to get TEFL certified in Prague, I finally chose TEFL Worldwide and have never been happier with my decision. Kenny and Dan, the two teacher trainers, were better than than you could ever expect and really prepared me to teach anywhere in the world and in any environment. They were always more than happy to help with any questions or problems that came up with lesson planning and I am more than grateful to have learned from the two of them. The staff is just as accommodating. I dealt mostly with Cara and Renata. Both of which were absolutely kind and happy to help. Cara was extremely helpful with editing my resume to attract future employers and to give me any guidance in finding a job (and still continues to help even after the course). Renata was so kind and did her best to make everyone comfortable and to help with any other problems you had even outside of the classroom and teaching. All in all, the staff is great, and you are lucky to be taught by Kenny and Dan. The class is by no means an easy pass. You have to do the work and even prepare for sessions outside of class but it is well worth it. I had taught before in Thailand and every issue and problem I had teaching there where all answered literally in my first day of class at TEFL Worldwide. That goes to show how much you will learn over 4 weeks… My two friends and I took the class together and were put up at the Hotel Pivovar literally two steps from class. The people at the hotel were for the most part friendly and the place was nice– just don’t let them tell you there isn’t a washer!!! (it’s on the top floor– room D). The worst part was carrying our luggage to the top floor. But a small price to pay for the close location to school and to the metro. I highly recommend TEFL Worldwide to anyone considering a TEFL course.”

Erin Rush

I have recently completed the TEFL course at TEFL Worldwide Prague. It is an intense course – I learnt in one month more than I learnt at University when I studied to become a teacher. The most important thing I learnt is how to determine students to use the words they know in their own sentences. For those who are teaching English as a second language in their own country I am sure you understand how important this is and for the others, who want to become teachers, this is a must that you should be aware of.

I have heard so many times that grammar can be fun but it was something to trick students for 5-10 minutes. After the course, I consider that grammar can be definitely enjoyable. The teacher makes the difference! I feel rich as an English teacher and I feel this thanks to the excellent tutors I had the chance to know at TEFL Worldwide Prague, Dan and Kenny.

Why Prague? Because being in a country which language you don’t know will make you feel like a student; so, before planning your lessons remember how useful/vital were other things when you tried to understand a new language.Thank you very much TEFL Worldwide Prague.”

Carmen Lidia Nistor

“After completing the TEFL course at TEFL Worldwide I am extremely happy with my decision to take the course here. It was definitely not stress-free but it was fun, challenging and worth every penny.

I chose TEFL Worldwide because it was clear that their students kept in touch with the school and many were available to contact via email and Facebook. Being able to contact past students made the choice much easier.

The staff at the school is amazing. Everyone is incredibly friendly and helpful and will not hesitate to offer assistance (even beyond course-related issues). The teacher trainers are incredible – they obviously enjoy what they do and they do a great job.The accommodations are nice and are close to the school and are reasonably priced. The school’s location at Vysočanská is nice – not in a touristy area, but not off the beaten path. The metro/bus/tram station is so close that all of Prague is a short ride away.I highly recommend TEFL Worldwide to anyone planning on getting their TEFL certification – you wont regret it.”

Coleman Rooksby

“TEFL Worldwide is a pretty safe bet. It’s a very good program, and you will be ready to be a teacher at the end. The more I hear about other programs from other ex-pats here, the more I’m starting to think TEFL Worldwide is one of the better, if not best, training programs in Prague. It’s extremely well organized, and the classroom experience is helpful. It’s not a hard course, but at the same time, don’t expect to do a small amount of work, either. It’ll keep you busy for a good part of the four weeks, and there is definitely a standard of quality that the instructors hold you to. Be ready to take some criticism. It’s always constructive, so the best thing to do is probably take a positive outlook on it. If you resist the criticism, or get sensitive to it, you’re not going to get as much out of the program as you should. Overall, I highly recommend it. You will be teaching a lesson to actual students on the second day of the course, but don’t worry.You aren’t actually judged on it, it’s more of a trial by fire thing to get you used to being in front of a classroom as quickly as possible. It’s really not as bad as it might sound.

Job assistance is pretty solid. They keep binders of contact information for schools all around the world, and have a job fair on the last day of the course with some of the English schools in Prague.

They also email you periodically with new job offers in your locations of interest. They’re not going to find a job for you, but you aren’t going to be wandering around aimlessly, either. Most of the people in my program either already have jobs or are in the process of securing one, and we only finished a few weeks ago.”

Chance Kinney

“I graduated from the March-April 2012 course, and choosing TEFL Worldwide Prague was one of the best decisions I have ever made. I looked at many TEFL courses while making my decision, and every time I contacted TEFL Worldwide, I received prompt, detailed, and courteous feedback. The course was intensive and rewarding, and the staff and teacher trainers are well-qualified and very helpful. The location of the school is fantastic – a bit out of the city center, but not too far away from Old Town. The housing is inexpensive, clean, and located near the school. Both the housing and the school are located near the Vysocanska metro and bus stops, as well as a mall with a grocery store, pharmacy, and many other stores. If you are at all interested in getting your TEFL certification in Prague, choose TEFL Worldwide!!”

Margaret Katherine

“Please be advised that this letter serves as my sincere letter of recommendation on behalf of TEFL Worldwide Prague, Czech Republic. I have had the pleasure attending a school where advertising matches the actual experience! The Instructors are amazing in every way, and work very hard to ensure the development of their students. You more than get your monies worth at TEFL Worldwide Prague! The school itself is exactly what you hope for (and rarely) get in life. It is clean, well organized and has the tools you need to do your job as a student. The administrative staff is supportive without being intrusive. In addition to all of those wonderful features that are fundamental to any school of instruction; you will find that they have partnered with a nearby hotel to provide you a room & bed very near to the school. Imagine that! They are located in a nice Czech neighborhood; which is no more than 5 metro stops away from down town Prague!

Everything in terms of the school, staff, residence and such is easy! The academic challenge is one you won’t find anywhere else in Prague; because they are ethical without having to be prompted. They are unlike so many other schools who make so many claims which are simply not true! Trust me on this one because I experienced it first-hand! It is hard enough to make the decision to come abroad to do something completely unexpected; but, it does not have to be a nightmare. I ask that if you have any doubts, or questions, that you feel free to email me personally or call me. I am not (paid) to say this to you; and have no other motivation than to ensure that you don’t run into a (nightmare) like I did (after all of the best research possible, and I still ran into a bad group.)

My objective is to assure you that you really can learn to be a great English Language Teacher; without donating an arm & a leg!

Just come here & you will have all of the benefits of a genuine school built on integrity, and quality.

Victoria Baardsen, B.S., J.D., TEFL

“I truly believe I attended, the best TEFL school in Europe!!…TEFL WW was awesome…The one month TEFL course was incredible. After graduation, I was fully prepared to teach English as a second language…The program and the teachers were so great…It is an intense course and I learned an incredible amount in one month.

I am now teaching at DILKO English in Istanbul, Turkey..this English school is growing so fast…They have hundreds of students of all ages…Wow! What a fantastic experience…I get paid hourly and a free apartment….I love it!…and they are looking for more teachers!!…

With my TEFL certificate I can teach anywhere in the world….The entire world has opened up for me…I can go anywhere and get paid to teach..Thank you TEFL WW.”

Karen Brown, Istanbul

“After earning my BA in Culture and Religion and then finding less-than-satisfactory work in my native Seattle, I gave myself a deadline: either find great work by December or go teach English! I took the January course (I signed up rather last-minute but found Cheryl and the team to be very accommodating) and have now lived in Prague beyond my original goal of living abroad for 5 years. After a fantastically informative and eye-opening course, where I made a classroom full of new friends from around the world (whom I still keep in touch with or see regularly), and learned skills that I never knew I needed, I went to teach English in Italy as originally planned. I loved it, but soon found that I missed Prague and the TEFL Worldwide friends that I had made, so I moved back and taught everything from Preschool to Business English for 3 and a half years before transitioning to the full-time writing job that I have now. With the ability to teach private students on my business license (without any affiliation to a language school), I still use my TEFL certificate and especially the skills I learned from TEFL Worldwide, on a very part-time basis. After comparing notes with friends who took other courses, I can confidently say that TEFL Worldwide is the best in the business. For me, teaching English has been a very rewarding and valuable step in the process to living and working abroad, and one that was instrumental in allowing me the ability to plan my life on my terms, it was the key to gaining a business license that allows me to work as I want to and to stay and work legally in the Czech Republic, and a TEFL certificate and teaching skills to fall back on or use whenever I please. With no plans to move any time soon, my (Czech) husband and I love living in Prague and the international life that – for me – all started with a dream and TEFL course at TEFL Worldwide.”

Mary Beth Hlavsa 

“Hi Cara,

China is amazing!! 🙂

I have been here for two weeks now and am loving it. I fell into such a great school with a tonne of perks and the most generous caring boss in the world so I am more than happy here.

I am teaching little kiddies from about 4 – 10 years old the school is a chain school with its own curriculum and lesson plans so it is super easy!The city I live in is not touristy by any means so I am one of about three westerners in the city….it is very funny as the staring and giggling and attempts at “hello” will never die down! But it is a great experience.

I miss Prague though! Some great friends and memories were formed there!!”

Helen Jones

“Hello Cheryl and Everyone,

I am just writing you to let you know where the heck I am in this world. Wow, I can’t believe that it has been about a year and half since I attended your program. My first year teaching was in Turkey at a language school. What an amazing experience! Turkey is one of the most beautiful countries in the world and I am so thankful that I had the opportunity to live and work in such a beautiful country. The hospitality of the Turkish people is unparalleled. Of course, it wasn’t without many challenges. But living there and teaching was one of the greatest and challenging things I have ever done. I must tell you that the skills and lessons taught by TEFL Worldwide really helped me in my first year of teaching. And, still today, some lessons I learned helps me in my classroom – thank so much to you all!!!

So, where am I now? I am now teaching in Indonesia, the island of Java. I have been here for over a month and still acclimatizing to my new surroundings and new school. I am teaching 5th and 6th graders in a Catholic School about 45 minutes outside of Jakarta. I have found that I like teaching in a regular school than in a language school but I guess this is just my personal preference.The school is/has been very supportive and continually ensures my safety and comfortableness. The children in Indonesia are very different than the children in Turkey but like all children, very sweet. And, not only am I teaching in English but I am teaching a regular curriculum to my kids – science, social studies, math, history, the environment and of course English. Its like I am a teacher in the United States. Overall, I am very excited to be here and ready for another life adventure…

So, please let me know if you have any students who are interested in teaching in this area or interested in Turkey. I would be more than willing to share my experiences with them and help them in any way that I can…”

Michelle Babcock

“I attended TEFL Worldwide Prague in September and I absolutely loved it!

I applied to the school almost impulsively. I had planned to go overseas to teach English and had been applying to schools in China, before I even decided to take a TEFL certificate. I had been told I did not need a TEFL certificate to get a job teaching, but the more I applied to schools the more I thought it might be a good idea. I at first thought I would just go to a TEFL course in Toronto and I almost did, but then I found TEFL Worldwide Prague online.

I applied and heard back within a week and I was off to Prague a month later. I was really apprehensive about my trip out to Prague. It was my first trip outside of North America and my third flight ever. But the TEFL team made it really easy to get used to life in Prague. The assistance they give on arrival is great and the housing they provide is comfortable and quite close to the school (some of the rooms are in the same complex).The course itself is challenging, but very rewarding. The instructors are extremely helpful and the sample lessons and methodology classes are great. I had no teaching experience before the course and very little public speaking experience. I was really intimidated, but the nerves quickly dissipated the more I was in the classroom, and they started me in the classroom almost right away. The experience they give you with lesson planning and teaching is invaluable.

The office staff is very helpful as well. When I was searching for jobs they were extremely helpful. I decided to stay in Prague after the course and if it were not for TEFL’s job listings I would have been hard-pressed to find a job here.

I am so glad I took this course; I had no clue where next to go with my life and this course helped point me in a direction I can walk for a time. I am grateful and I am sure that anyone else who chooses this course will be to.”

Jonathan McKie

“Hi Cheryl,

Thanks for sending us the latest message. It’s a pleasure to continue involvement with TEFL Worldwide.

I’m currently living very close to Chicago and I remember those storms we had a few weeks back. It seems like we had a storm almost every day for several weeks. That is the first time in my life I’d seen such severe storms so often.

I’m glad to hear things are running smoothly at TEFL Worldwide Prague. I can’t tell you how much the coursework changed my life and made me feel more confident in teaching and working internationally. After a brief stint in Prague, I taught in Vietnam for the past year, and have recently signed a contract to teach middle school English at an International School in Warsaw. The value of my time with you all in Prague couldn’t be overstated. Not only has it opened up an entirely new career, I was able to meet a group a fantastic people. Many of my classmates from the course continue to be some of my closest friends, this is something I just couldn’t have imagined prior to starting last January.

I have worked with many people who have received a TEFL or similar certificate from other programs, and none of them seem to have the same positive reaction. I honestly don’t mean to sound like an advertisement, but as I look back, I can say this is one of the most beneficial things I’ve ever done. I can’t say enough about the staff from top to bottom. Just before I signed my latest contract, (more than a year after completing TEFL) the office staff gave me tremendous help with job placement.

I often think happily about my time spent with you. Please give my warmest regards to everyone.”

Scott Benzenberg

“Hi Cheryl,

How’s everything going? I have now completed my first full year of teaching in Japan. It’s very different teaching here than in Prague and has taken some getting used to, but overall I enjoy working at this school very much. I teach at a”Kaiwa”, or a language school that centers around conversation. I have some students as young as 2 and others as old as 80. So there’s quite a variety, and I’m the only full time teacher there. In the past year we’ve gained over 40 students which brings us up to around 115.

I want to thank you and TEFL worldwide for all that you taught me. The instructors were right about everything. From “eliciting” to “modeling” to “CCQing”, they knew exactly how to prepare us. The concepts and techniques that I learned at TEFL have been invaluable here; and without them, I would never have been able to manage this job. A great deal of the success I’ve had recently, I owe primarily to my course at TEFL Worldwide. So, thank you again.

I hope all is going well in Prague.”


“Dear TEFL Team Prague,

How are all of you?

I am doing quite fine these days. It’s been six months since I took part in the TEFL program and meanwhile, I’m back in my old routine again. My Bachelor’s degree is still two terms away and life on Campus hasn’t changed too much since I returned from Prague. However, my outlook on the future and how everything will develop for me after I graduate has changed significantly. The time at TEFL gave me a spin into a direction that I’m very proud of.

The classes in Prague and the things I learned there have been a revelation to me. Firstly, my former classmates were great people. We all grew really close together during that month and it makes me very happy that we still keep contact with each other. It is fun to receive e-mails from all over the world: Turkey, Jacarta, Chile or the Czech Republic of course, to name a few. Secondly, the knowledge that I could gather at TEFL is helping me so much right now. My sense for the nuances of English grammar significantly increased and helped me to write some fine papers and, ultimately, the classes helped me to find a career that I am very interested in.. Knowing that this is the right profession for me feels absolutely fantastic.

The offer for job assistance to graduates is also something I am looking forward to. It feels great to know that I can rely on TEFL within the next year and then, hopefully teach English somewhere in the world, just like my former classmates.

I hope to see some of you again in the future!”


“Dear Terry, Trish & Cheryl

I want to write to you to thank you and to let you know that choosing to study for my long-awaited TEFL qualification at TEFL Worldwide Prague is one of the best decisions I’ve ever made. I knew the course was going to be intense and it certainly lived up to its reputation. It was an incredible experience, not least for the pleasure of being taught by the very best. Teaching people to teach is surely a difficult task but the ease with which the instructors did this was awe-inspiring. The way the course is run is so diverse and so cleverly constructed that by the end of the month I realized just how much I had been exposed to in the form of teaching styles, content, and creativity and it amazed me. The course was so much more exciting than I imagined it would be in the face of so much work and that was all down to the way it was presented and the fun injected into the lessons. I am so grateful that I was lucky enough to be taught by these instructors and if I become half as good as them I will still be an excellent teacher! Before I chose where I would do my training I researched a number of schools in a number of countries and I chose TEFL Worldwide Prague specifically on its reputation. I wanted to be trained by the best and I know I have been. This certificate is a ticket to the world and I am so excited about the opportunities it provides. I would like to thank every single one of your team for all the incredible support before, during, and after the course. The fact that you provide lifetime support is a fantastic addition to all you offer. I will always cherish my time at your school, and although it was one of the most intense study periods I have ever undertaken, every second of the hard work was worth it. Thank you all and I will definitely stay in touch. I’m very proud to be a graduate of your school.”

Toni Jenkins

“I laughed at myself when I first thought of teaching English abroad. It’s interesting how great leaps in life start with self amusement and doubt. Once I started getting the opinions of others, researching and playing with literal logistics it became clearer. Let’s go for it! TEFL world wide was recommended through a friend who was already signed up for the course. I have to admit, I didn’t know much about what I was in for even as I arrived in Prague. I made the decision based on what I read on the internet which is enough to make the most anal retentive paranoid.

From the moment I confirmed my spot in the course I was taken care of. No more than half a day went by with out a question being answered or detailed instructions being given out. The TEFL WW staff made me feel like I had a mission to accomplish from the word “go”!

When arriving in Prague, everything was laid out for me. All the who’s, what’s, wheres and whys were spelled out with ultimate precision. For someone who comes from a background in organizing the meticulous lives of musicians, I was immediately impressed.

As the course started I realized this was intense. I was staring up a mountain I’ve never seen or even knew existed. TEFL WW had started to give me the tools I needed to conquer it, one at a time.

Teaching English as a foreign language is a carefully designed art, this was obvious in the first week. Like any artistic skill, once trained properly you can accomplish your tasks with ease and enjoyment. This was no different. Since our actual teaching began on day TWO, there was no room for subtlety or a grace period. Some may say it’s learning the hard way, but one must do so to yield maximum results!

It wasn’t until after I graduated that I noticed the true merit of TEFL ww. Once I was free from the rigorous schedule of a TEFL student, I was able to meet others that have made the same choice I had. It was then I noticed the horror that was possible by making the wrong choice in a TEFL school.

Their involvement with flat/job/visa hunting is unmatched. If it weren’t for the girls in the office, most of us would be undeniably lost. The attention to detail, knowhow and expertise literally cannot be found at any other TEFL school. Again, it wasn’t until I heard about what was happening to other teachers until I fully realized this.

I was able to secure a job a mere seven days after graduation. I’ve been teaching business English here in Prague ever since and I love it. I’m looking forward to a summer in NYC, who knows where my TEFL certificate will take me next!

Feel free to contact me with any questions!”

Bill Meis

“Dear TEFL Worldwide crew,

It’s been two years now since my course with TEFL Worldwide and all I can say is THANK YOU for giving me the initial push into the best two years of my life. Since that amazing month of inspiring lessons, life-long friendships and a whole lot of grammar, I have worked and traveled all over the world! TEFL Worldwide gave me the ticket to teach English in Prague, Spain, South Korea and Peru! I remember a moment I had high up in the Andes in Peru while trying to teach a lesson to eight year olds who had to work in the streets to make money for their families. We had zero electricity, zero resources, and zero English to communicate. I remember looking at those kids watching my every move and hanging on to every word I was saying. I thought, man, how did I get here? How did I get this incredible chance to make such a difference for these kids? The answer was TEFL Worldwide. I may not have known I would be going so many places with my TEFL certificate in hand back in October, but taking your course was the first step to opening a world of doors for me. After two years, I have finally returned to my home in Georgia. My email and facebook wall are full of messages from around the world from people who have changed my life. I feel truly blessed to have had the experiences I did in every country and with every person I met along the way. I can’t thank you enough! I hope everyone is doing well and when I return to Praha I will be sure to stop by and say hello! Děkuji!”

Ginny Blair

“I randomly decided to move to Prague and teach English after a bad night at my waitressing job. I googled “tefl prague,” clicked on the first site that came up, and applied immediately. That website happened to be TEFL Worldwide Prague. After skimming over the website and with very little forethought, I paid for the course and moved to Prague. I have been living and working in Prague ever since, and started working for TEFL Worldwid. Speaking as an alum and not an employee, I am really glad I chose TEFL Worldwide. The school has a great reputation in Prague and is highly respected. With their job guidance assistance, I was able to easily find a job and start working within a week after the course ended. The course itself was one of the most amazing months of my life…I learned more from the teachers in that time than I learned from one single professor throughout college. I honestly cannot say enough about him and his teaching abilities. TEFL Worldwide has been like my second family since day one of the course, and that’s one of the reason I decided to start working here. If I didn’t stand behind the school 100% I wouldn’t be here. I have seen many people come through the course and don’t think any of them have been disappointed. I’m going to do my best to thoroughly answer your questions, so prepare yourself for a very long email! Also, if you would like to talk on the phone I would be more than happy to call you.

As I am not familiar with the other language schools in Prague I can’t really tell you what sets us apart from them…but I can tell you why you should choose TEFL WorldwideJ (Their informative website has a great section entitled “Why TEFL Worldwide?” with all of the statistical information so I won’t waste time and give the same answers. Instead I’ll give provide my personal opinions.)

~First and most importantly, as I mentioned above, the lead trainer is simply amazing. He conducted the classes in a very interactive, fun way, and I never felt like I “had to sit through another class.” They flew by and were so much fun, there was a lot of interacting with your peers, learning grammar through games, learning how to effectively teach others through those games, and many other interesting methods of learning. The education was simply first rate, and was above and beyond anything I could’ve expected. I’ve never worked so hard in one month in my life, but it was worth it and showed how hard I can push myself when I put my mind to it.

~Next up, the level of support. The office staff, myself included, is here from you from day 1 to help you with whatever you might need. From an airport pick up, to welcome tours and dinners, to job and housing guidance, to random personal questions…we’re here for you! By the time I finished the course the school really felt like family, and I was sad to be done with it. I had some unfortunate circumstances that nearly led to me going home a few times my first year here, and definitely give TEFL some credit for the fact that I am still here. They were there for me when I needed it and gave me the support to pull through and overcome the obstacles thrown my way.

~The job guidance is really good and really helpful. (And I’m not just saying that to make myself look goodJ) I research jobs everyday and post them for students to see. We keep databases of all the language schools we are aware of worldwide, and regularly email them to see if they’re hiring. These lists are also available to you. I provide one-to-one job guidance sessions, and also do research specific to your interests to help you find a job where you want to go. Also, this worldwide assistance is lifetime. At any time after graduation you can contact me about jobs and I’ll give you all the information I have. I’m also available to talk to anytime about anything when I’m in the office. We also have a job fair the last week of the class and have local language schools come in to give presentations and set up interviews.

~The school is well respected in Prague due to the high level of education, and the knowledge and abilities of our graduates when they enter the work world. When I was applying for jobs I had numerous employers mention TEFL Worldwide in a very positive light. One school actually said they only hire TEFL Worldwide grads. I have a number of friends who work for that school and all have been very happy with it. Though it is not trinity/CELTA certified, the course meets all the standard requirement and thus is considered an equivalent. The course is 120 hours, has 8-10 teaching hours, and has very well qualified teachers.

~We are here for you, (the students,) and only the students. We don’t have any other certifications, we don’t run a private language school, and we focus only on you. The staff wants you to do well, and we will do everything in our power to help you succeed. The teachers routinely go out of their way to help students who are struggling. I often help students and give them random tips on lesson plans, job interviews, etc when I pass through the classrooms.

~To sum it up, I could not have been more happy with my experience and wouldn’t change a thing if I could re-do it all, knowing what I do now. The expat world isn’t that large in Prague, so a lot of the English teachers are friends with each other. The TEFL Worldwide bunch seems to be the most happy with their experiences. I truly feel lucky to have ended up here, and am honored to be an employee for this school. I back it up 100% and honestly have nothing bad to say about them.”

Renee Tremble

“Hi Cheryl,

Dropping you a line to let you know where in the world I am. Well at the beginning of January I moved to Taiwan to teach for Shane English School. I am based in Taipei teaching at Kindergarten. So far so good. The company is excellent and takes care of its teachers every step of the way. We have a welfare officer who takes care of our Visas and any personal issues. I was also given an intensive training week as well as observing many classes. Wages are good and the cost of living is low. Taiwan is a mecca for English teachers so there is a great social scene too. It is also a perfect opportunity to learn Manderin. It is mainly young learners here, so for those wanting to teach adults Taiwan is maybe not the right choice. I will send some pics soon. Shane School also has a great support system for its teachers and there is further opportunity for teacher development and promotion.

As regards to the TEFL programme, I found it to be an amazing learning experience. It had been many years for me since I was in a classroom situation and throughout college and university I had avoided courses which involved exams and dissertations so I was very scared of what to expect. The whole experience was amazing and the trainers were so right when they said the first day ‘ you will get out of this course what you put into it’. I feel much more confident with my teaching having completed the TEFL course and my notes are now my bible. Please let me know if you have any students who are interested in teaching in Asia as I applied through many websites and dealt with many schools in China, South Korea and Japan, I would be more than willing to share my experiences with them.

Thanks so much for getting in touch, it has been a joy to share my experience.”

Lisa Herbertson

“Hello to TEFL Worldwide team,

Choosing where to train in the skills of TEFL was a difficult decision. Do you opt for a course close to home (many of them claiming to equip you within a week!) or do you explore one of Europe’s great cities whilst studying?

I chose the latter and was delighted with the outcome. The process from sending our application to arriving in our accommodation was very clear, efficient and all of our questions were answered. The team are great.

As for the course, I found out quickly that to become a successful teacher, a one month course is absolutely necessary to become confident enough and competent enough in the art of TEFL. Whilst intensive, the design of the course allows plenty of time to explore Prague and the neighbouring area during your spare time.

The tuition is friendly, honest and conducted to high professional standards. You develop techniques in creative lesson planning, delivering grammar lessons and are eased into the hands-on teaching practice. It’s hard work, but truly worth it.

After the course I travelled to China and worked in Hebei province. The reputation of this course allowed me to find work quickly and experience the delights of this rapidly changing country.

My sojourn could have continued to other countries in the east, however I enrolled on the British Post Graduate Certificate in Education, and currently teach Humanities in a High School in Newcastle, England. The experience from TEFL Worldwide and the subsequent job in China helped greatly in gaining a further professional teaching qualification.

I still use my TEFL skills teaching in Summer Schools in the UK. I cannot recommend TEFL Worldwide Prague enough; the experience they offer is thoroughly rewarding and creates many opportunities.”

Garry Milburn

“Dear Cheryl,

I am currently in San Jose, Costa Rica teaching part time at a school that prepares missionaries for their mission work. Future missionaries attend Instituto de Lengua Espanola to learn Spanish before being sent out on their missions. While they are attending, their children must attend school as well – at Sojourn Academy. That is where I am currently teaching part time until January. In January, I will begin teaching full time junior high and high school science and an EFL class at Sojourn. My plan is to teach there until June, and then I am considering following some of my missionary friends to Lima, Peru to help with there mission and to find EFL teaching jobs.

Thank you so much for the wonderful opportunity to attend TEFL:) When people ask me about my experience there, I always explain that the course was well worth the money and time. The classes and material covered as well as the teaching practice left me feeling confident going out into the teaching world. I was really impressed with the concept of learning used there – eliciting answers from the students, making learning fun, encouraging team work, filling in the information gaps, and step by step comprehensive learning. The teachers and staff were very helpful and encouraging as well. In fact, Jennifer Fry still sends me possible job opportunities, and you are still in contact with me. Terry and Pete have offered to be references for me, and Hana has helped me out on some things as well.

I really appreciate what TEFL Worldwide Prague stands for and what you are doing to help people fulfil their dreams of living and teaching abroad and to fully prepare them for teaching English as a foreign language. Thank you again for accepting me into the course and for all that you and your team taught me in that one short month. I wish you and TEFL the best, and please stay in touch. Tell everyone at TEFL “hello”.”

Caroline Cullum 

“Dear Pete, Terry and Cheryl,

So I’ve finally figured it out, TESOL has become my life! Im currently doing masters at a top program in Philly, (Upenn) in TESOL, and I absolutely love it. I’m completely enjoying the program, and I feel Im quite well prepared for it, thanks to you guys.

I loved the TEFL course I took with you – it was about three years ago but the way you taught us how to TEACH has certainly stuck. In fact, professors often comment on my straightforward teaching style – techniques that I probably would never have implemented if it hadn’t been for you, have now become second nature for me. The TEFL course has without a doubt been a defining experience in my life. I still carry around my (now) tattered folder containing your handouts, my notes and the sheets of feedback! In fact, that folder remains the main point of referral for me when I find myself in a teaching bind! And by the way, one of the courses I took last semester on actual teaching (more practical than theory based) seemed to me a repeat of a lot of what I learnt with you back in 2005, so I am forever grateful to you for preparing me so well.

I hope to go into educational linguistics after I complete my masters, as well as teacher training. What I’m most interested however is phonological acquisition/phonology teaching, so I guess a couple of years from now, my focus will be pretty narrowed down.

Thanks for keeping in touch, and of course, even after Pete leaves, I hope to stay in touch with all of you 🙂

All the best to you three!”


“Life after TEFL….

As you know the TEFL course helps find you jobs. Not only did they help find my job, but I had a job before the course even finished. It has been over 2 years now since my course and my life has completely changed. I taught in a language school in CZ to get some experience and then I moved to Berlin, Germany. I worked at a summer camp and was offered a new position to hire and train the staff. It was a great opportunity and I took it. Camping was a strength of mine and so with my new qualifications in teaching English as a foreign language the camping director and I came up with some ideas of our own. Now I am a partner with an incredible language camp in Germany, Im making great money and supporting my family.

There are so many ideas that came from the course in Prague, and now our camp is expanding and there are new and exciting opportunities. We may actually be starting a branch of the camp for International Students around the world in the Czech Republic next year. If you are looking for a summer job and an incredible experience please get in touch. But first be sure to complete to TEFL certificate, I promise you will not regret it!”

Michael Corman

“Dear Terry,

How are you? How is this month’s course going? How is your family doing? I hope that you are enjoying your students this month and that all is well with your family:)

Well, I just wanted to thank you again for teaching me so much in only one month. You really made the course interesting and challenging as well. I feel very confident going out and searching for jobs with this training under my belt.

I left Prague the Wednesday after the course to come back to Costa Rica. I am working part time at the school where I was teaching before. I am using my extra time to find a job either here or back in Europe for the January time frame. I have an interview at Intercultura Language School in San Jose tomorrow.

Well, take care. If I make it back to Prague, I’ll come by and see you guys. Please tell everyone at TEFL that I said “hello”. Please stay in touch! “

Caroline Cullum

“Hi Cheryl,

I am currently teaching in Prague at a school that outsources its teachers to businesses (mainly Unilever, Autocont, and Sitronics). I am really liking it thus far. I have been working here since about mid-april and I’m having what some people would refer to as a blast. This week is the last week of the semester, and I fully intend to come back and teach for this company in the fall because I will be heading back to the US in about two weeks for the summer.

I absolutely loved the TEFL program. The trainers are really awesome guys. I truly enjoyed the staff. They were incredible to say the least. The teacher trainers know what they are doing. They know how to prepare successful teachers, and they also know when to tell unmotivated ones that maybe teaching isn’t the right profession for them.

Upon arrival and still to this day Hana befriended me and has been an influence in my continued stay in the Czech Republic. She also helped me with a mail issues I had prior to the course starting.

I’d like to stop by, but just in case I don’t find the time before I leave for summer, give my regards to the staff.”

Paul Camarata

“Hi Alicia, Cheryl, Pete, Terry, and staff,

I know it has been a long time (I graduated with the June 2007 class), however, I would like to write about my crazy, hectic, but awesome experience in the Czech Republic. I taught at the 3 week Sunrise Camp following the TEFL course, and then found myself teaching conversation, practical language, and writing at the Technical University of Liberec! Your TEFL course prepared me more than I can imagine, as I now have and deal with over 100 students at the university level!

Liberec is a beautiful small city of 100,000 people. People here are quite nice, most things are cheaper than in Prague, and Prague is only 1 hour away by bus. There are ample opportunities to ski and snowboard right next to the living area.

To TEFL Worldwide, thanks again for the wonderful course, as it has prepared me for a job I never dreamed I would be able to do!

Timothy Lessler

“Since completing the TEFL Worldwide course I have been working for my local authority in Central Scotland delivering ESOL lessons to the ever-growing immigrant population. In general the students here range between the ‘absolute beginner’ and ‘intermediate’ categories with the bulk of them falling into ‘beginner and elementary’.The majority of them tend to come from Eastern European countries, but there are also a number from places as diverse as Pakistan and Cuba.

Most of my teaching takes place in local authority premises around the county, but I also teach students in their homes as part of the Working For Families initiative. I also have some private students.

The most interesting place I teach however is in the local prison where classes comprise long-term prisoners only. Lessons are not forced upon inmates who do not have English as their first language, meaning those who attend are very keen indeed. I cannot give them enough extra work it seems. The days (and particularly the weekends when the prison education department is closed) are long. Once again there are a variety of nationalities present: from Chinese to French to Vietnamese to Iranian, each presenting different challenges. Absentees are infrequent as you might imagine! Nobody has ever escaped from the prison (or from my classes) so when a student is not in attendance it is because they have either done something else that’s bad (and been confined to their cell as punishment), or their sentence has ended and they’ve been deported! Incidentally imprisonment and deportation are, in my view, the only valid excuses there can ever be for absenteeism in any class, whether in a correctional institution or not! (It’s a tough line I know but the students will respect you for it). That, of course, was wrong. I will accept sudden death too.

So, what of TEFL Worldwide Prague and the course itself? Well, What struck me immediately upon completion of each week was how carefully structured the whole thing is. The saying ‘A place for everything and everything in its place’ is very apt indeed. Each lesson builds upon the next with the teaching afternoons and supplementary projects augmenting everything. I thoroughly enjoyed the course. I found it very challenging, but it was challenging in an invigorating way. I was forced to use my loaf a lot more than I had been used to!

For me the opportunity to put into practice straight away what I have just learned theoretically is always preferable, and TEFL Worldwide Prague uses this consolidation method well. I can say without doubt that I left the college each night with two things: a full brain and a sense of achievement.”

Alan Macfarlane

“Hello Terry!

So, I started to teach in Apollo, the language school on Hanoi, 4 months ago. I pretty much found my feet and feel really at ease with the adult (mainly corporate and general English) classes.

Nowadays I teach only 13 hours a week which gives me plenty of time to search through the very extensive library of books for different classroom activities and games. I also love incorporating songs and films into my lessons.

My students are lovely and I really enjoy teaching them. We have a lot of fun together. I really try hard to make my lessons dynamic and interesting and I hope I am doing a good job. Some of my classes already had tests and it was so satisfying for me to see them do well!

The picture that I sent you is from last Saturday. One of my corporate classes invited me for a day out with them far outside Hanoi. It was a brilliant day that finished with Karaoke (which I am absolutely crazy about)!

Apart from teaching for Apollo, I also give 1-2-1 lessons and teach Fashion in The Hanoi Fashion College. So, all in all, I do teach about 20 hours per week. I have only 1 day off, Sunday, and work usually in the evenings on weekdays, which is perfect for me, as I am so not a morning person!

I still have time to do Yoga, play tennis and hang out in bars, though…. Life is GOOD!

The weather now is really gorgeous, the best season- it is sunny, warm and breezy – lovely!

Vietnamese people are very friendly, warm and just so keen to learn and speak English! They require a lot of pronunciation practice, though, as MOST of the English sounds don’t exist in their language. They are all very nice about their bad pronunciation and laugh at their own mistakes. Having said that, I have taken up the Vietnamese lessons and I am really full of understanding for my students, as my Vietnamese is so hard and I rarely ever make myself understood to the Vietnamese!

I consider myself really lucky to have started my teaching experience in Apollo, as the help I have been given along the way and all the organization in general ,and people have been amazing.

The access to the teaching resources like books, photocopying, laminating etc is unlimited, which I love, as it stimulates my creativity. CD players, TVs, DVD players and OH projectors are available at all times. I really enjoy my work here! (No, they didn’t pay me to write this, I really feel this way!!!)

Hope to hear from you soon.”


“Hello to all TEFLers,

I am currently in Dresden, Germany and working for Inlingua. I have been here about a month and a half and really like it. The city is unbelievably gorgeous and the perfect size for me (around 500,000). I love my job at Inlingua and have a lot of work, so life is never boring. I teach classes in businesses and in the two schools that Inlingua has. Most of the classes are Business English, but I like it.

I really think that the classes in Prague prepared me well for my job here in Dresden. I would recommend TEFL Worldwide Prague to anyone who wants to teach English abroad.”

Ryan Harrington 

“Hello to TEFL Worldwide. How are all of you? I am currently back in Japan, I was here before for 2 years teaching, and I will begin working next Tuesday. I got a job working 24 hours a week at an International College. I could never have gotten this job without taking the TEFL course because I was given a grammar quiz first thing in my interview. I would never in a million years have known the answers to those questions without this course. I am so happy to be back here and looking forward to enjoying all the free time that this job is going to give me. I am starting Japanese lessons tomorrow so I hope that won’t be too stressful. Other than that, not much else is new here.

The TEFL course was great in everyway. It was so amazing how well everyone in my class got along and how much everyone bonded. Also, the help from the trainers during classroom observations was really helpful. They are also hilarious which helps to pass the time when talking about grammar. ha! “


“Hello Terry! I’m sure you’ve forgotten all about me and our humble group but I thought I would drop you a note to tell you I haven’t forgotten about you! I wanted to let you know that I got a job at the same school that your friend Regina worked for) and thus far it has been quite an experience! I teach mostly Turkish and Vietnamese children in the 7th and 5th grades. I also teach the owner of the school and three of his Turkish friends…they’re a riot.

I wanted to thank you for one of the most incredible experiences I have ever had in my entire life. I don’t think I could have chosen a better program. Your hard work surely paid off (as I’m sure it does every month) because all of us left the program truly changed and equipped skills that have enabled us to walk into a classroom with confidence. I enjoyed every minute of your course. Even when I was feeling sick you were there to sympathize and assure me I would be fine. I really appreciate your kindness.

I know you’re a busy man, but I wanted to let you know I would love to stay in contact while I’m still living here in Prague. I hope the November course is going well and that you like them (not as much as us of course). Thank you again for such an incredible month. I look forward to staying in touch!”

Ginny Blair

“I just wanted to let you know that the TEFL course totally changed my life! It was one of the greatest investments I ever made! The teachers are incredible and fun, Prague is rich in history and culture, and lets not forget the best beer in the world! The staff at TEFL Worldwide are extremely helpful with job placement, finding apartments etc. I am currently teaching in a town outside of Prague in the Czech Paradise. I got the job before finishing the course! They provide average salaries, housing, insurance, and working visas. I can’t imagine being anywhere else right now! Jess and I also got summer camp jobs in Austria, so that is great too! We will be in touch! Thanks again for everything.”

Michael Allan Corman

“Hi to everyone at TEFL Worldwide!

I’m teaching in Greece and am absolutely loving it! I’m teaching at a school in Larissa, central Greece. The children are 8-16 and for the most part they’re great! The hours are good and my employer provides my accommodation. Greece itself is fantastic, the people are so friendly and the food is amazing! I’m in a good location to visit other places in Greece too.

The course was great, the trainers were so friendly and helpful and I met some amazing people. All my questions, both before I arrived in Prague and during the course, were answered in a quick and personal way. The job guidance was also excellent. All in all the course really made me feel confident and prepared to teach.

Thanks for your help and keep up the good work!!”

Claire Bucknal

“Terry & Gang,

Just wanted to drop you a line to say hey. Kudos first.

Thanks for everything you did for us in the classroom mate. I cannot begin to express the profound way in which your course changed my life. The mere fact that I survived the course with an initial knowledge base of absolute zero speaks volumes to your ability to teach, and my own ability to persevere in the presence of an unfamiliar environment. I left Prague feeling nearly invincible, that is that no achievement was too far out of reach if you really want it. Speaking on more general terms, I will also never forget my Prague experience thanks to you (Pete too).

I will say, however, that one thing I’ll never forget is the comment you made after the conclusion of the course.The comment about what makes a good coach or motivator.More specifically the part about instilling in the student the belief that they can succeed (whether or not YOU believe they actually can). Simply brilliant stuff mate!! Oh yeah, did I mention that fact that every so often I catch myself saying “mate” instead of friend or a host of other American colloquialisms? Funny how sometimes the people that influence your life the most are those you’d least expect.

Thanks for never letting me quit mate. While expressing thanks, I can’t forget Cheryl and the office staff. You guys were great too, always full of information and helpful tips. Thanks for everything.

Alright, enough with the thanks at the risk of already having blown too much smoke. Things here in Denver are good. After 5 long years I will complete my Bachelor’s in Business Administration, December 16th if you want to plan a visit (GRIN). Looking forward to being done, but now I’m considering a Masters in a loosely related field that may afford me the healthy professional lifestyle I’ve been looking for (lots of recreation and travel time). Aimee is also doing well. She is scheduled to graduate in the Spring and is also considering a pursing a graduate degree.

I know you’re busy so I’ll cut it here after a few quick questions. How are things in Prague? How is your daughter? How are those markers faring? I now obsessively place the caps back on them by the way 😉 Does Pete still aspire to be Mick Jagger? Is Pete still hanging out at Jama? I hope all is well in your world and that your efforts in all things are adequately rewarded. Later.”


“Hi Everyone!

This is one of the three Kate’s from the September course(Rodrigue!). I am currently working right here in Prague at a language school. It is definitely something new and interesting everyday. I am working at a lot of different companies throughout Prague but I feel that my most interesting “gig” is teaching the Prime Minister’s assistant. (I pass the PM’s office on the way!)

Anyway, the course was one of the best experiences that I’ve ever had. Not only did I learn so much, but I got to enjoy Prague at the same time! Job Guidance: Even now that I have a job, I am still receiving updates on jobs in the area, which is great! As for customer service, I can’t tell you how at ease I felt receiving all the emails before I arrived in Prague (and trust me, I wrote a lot.) All of my emails were responded to the next day and I was never left wondering about anything.

Hope all is going well! I am heading back to Maine in 2 weeks… but only staying for the holidays and then coming right back here! I am QUITE excited! Take Care!”

Kate Rodrigue

“The TEFL course was more than I could imagine: education, hard work, fun, variety, friends, tears and laughter. It is a month that I will remember forever. I met a lot of really great people including the teacher trainers who gave me the foundations for teaching English. The course is hard work but worth every second. You can only truly learn by doing and this is a great course to develop your own skill base, confidence and life path.

I worked as a TEFL teacher in Jihlava, Czech for 4 months and then moved onto Germany for 2 years teaching Business English to adults incompany in a private language school. Both employers were more than impressed with the inductive approach and quality of teaching. I have now moved to Dublin, Ireland. I am working as an Interior Design Programme Leader for a Design Academy, I tutor distance learners for Diploma and Higher National Diploma globally as well as being responsible for the team of evening course tutors across Ireland and their development/courses. This uses all of my teaching skills as well as my design background and I can truly say that although it was a bit unclear at the time, TEFL gave me both direction and usable skills in the non TEFL world.”

Nicola Jones

“Hey Cheryl,

It’s Anne. Yes, I am teaching…..

Well, I am with EF English First West Jakarta. (As of today, I got my Indonesian residency…I am in Singapore right now…crazy I know) ….

As far as your program….I really am using a lot of the resources that we were given or ideas that I got while observing the instructors (tell them I say Selamat Sore …it’s just like saying Dobry den). And actually, a few of the other teachers are using some of the ideas…..they saw them in use in a few of my classes and asked me how I came up with such ideas and I said…well didn’t they teach you this stuff on your TEFL course??? :- )

TEFL Worldwide was an incredible experience from both the teaching and learning aspect. As a teacher from the United States, I was unsure what to expect and I learned so many new methods and strategies to bring back to my classroom! The teachers and staff were very accommodating…in more than just instruction. They were also a lot of fun, and designed the lessons in a way that we could use them in our TEFL teaching immediately.

Beyond the TEFL course, Prague is an amazing city. I was surprised at how easy it was to live in the city! I learned that the best way to learn about a culture is to LIVE in it. Everyday was an adventure and all of my students added something “special” to the overall teaching experience.

I would recommend TEFL Worldwide to anyone interested in challenging themselves a bit to a new but unforgettable experience.”

Chrissy Clothier

“No, I really do think that the program is 100% worth it. I know I wouldn’t be as good as a teacher as I am without it, especially since teaching was a career change for me. The hardest part is getting to know all the material (since I just started with these new books)…but I think that in about a month or two things are going to run really slick.

I am here in Jakarta until next November…but I might be contacting you all around August or so …because I think that after this, I want to go to Portugal and teach (just a heads up)…

Well my plane is getting ready to depart. Talk to you later. Hope all is well in Prague.”


“When I first learned about TEFL (Teaching English as a Foreign Language), I knew right away that I wanted to come to Prague to do the program. However, I was very nervous about finding a job, not knowing the language, the intensity of the program, and the kinds of people I would meet there.

However, three months after the program I have students who I love, am living in a flat in the city, and have made great room-mates and friends. It’s amazing how much can change in only a few months!

The program is fairly small, which is great because not only do you get to know the people in the program very well, but any questions you have about teaching or anything else get answered whenever you need. Cheryl helped so much with getting me over to Prague, answering many questions and finishing off little details. Once you are here, you begin teaching on your second day. I had no classroom teaching experience, and so this was overwhelming at first, but necessary at the same time.

I got a lot of teaching experience on all different levels so that when I was ready to look for a job, I felt confident in what I had learned and experienced. Also, when I finished TEFL after the month was over, I felt like I had actually accomplished something! Once you get your certificate, it is like a ticket – you can teach so many other places in the world. You met some great people in TEFL; some who come from similar backgrounds as you, and others who come from completely different places! Either way, you are not alone when you get to Prague!”

Kristin Urbanus

“Hi Cheryl,

Terry had mentioned that he wanted some of our pictures so I’ve attached a few. Tell Pete and Terry and Luke and I say hi. We both got jobs at the British International School, and you were right, we will be well taken care of. We are excited!

We wanted to thank you all for the great TEFL course. It really was so valuable for us and we both feel well equipped to teach english (although, it will really be tested Aug. 28 with a bunch of 8 year olds – oh wow, what have we got ourselves into?). Anyway, it was fun and rewarding! We would recommend it to anyone.

Thanks again!”