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Working Visa for TEFL & Teaching Abroad

TEFL Visas

Your first step towards teaching English abroad is becoming TEFL certified with an accredited TEFL course and an internationally recognized TEFL certification.

If you are from North America, the UK, Ireland, Australia, New Zealand or the EU, you can come to the TEFL Worldwide Prague course on your passport as a tourist. Other nationalities please check here to see if you need a visa to enter the Czech Republic or Schengen Zone.

The next step is getting the proper working permit or business license and visa for teaching English abroad.

Requirements vary from country to country, but in most cases the language school employer will provide you with the necessary work permit and support needed in order to apply for a long-term visa.

As we are based in the Czech Republic we can provide you with information on how to obtain a trade license and visa for the Czech Republic. We work closely with and can recommend some visa agencies here in Prague that can assist you in the entire process.

For more details about the visa requirements and process click here