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Why Get a TEFL Certificate?

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A TEFL certificate is the minimum requirement for teaching English at any reputable language school. It’s also your passport to living abroad.

The accredited and internationally recognized TEFL Worldwide course will teach you techniques needed to go into any classroom and deliver an effective English lesson. TEFL Worldwide will give you the skills, tools, confidence and knowledge needed for teaching English abroad.

There are many reasons why getting a TEFL certificate is beneficial.

  • You can teach English throughout the world. Several of our graduates have taught in more than 4 countries.
  • Teaching English is the easiest way to live and work abroad, while experiencing other cultures, and simply enjoying life in another country.
  • You can learn another language while teaching abroad.
  • Teaching English abroad is a great way to finance your travels. Many of our graduates have travelled to 20+ countries while teaching abroad.
  • Make a career change or simply take some time off from your current responsibilities.
  • Develop your teaching skills.
  • Add international experience to your resume.
  • Volunteer your time teaching English to those in need.
  • Spend your retirement abroad while doing some teaching.
  • Prepare for an MA/Higher Diploma in TESOL by gaining a TEFL Certificate and EFL experience abroad.
  • Really make a difference. For some English students, fluency in English is their key to a richer and more successful life!
  • Earn your TEFL certificate through TEFL Worldwide and begin teaching English abroad.

Visit here for more information on the TEFL Worldwide course.

“By learning you will teach, by teaching you will learn.” Latin proverb

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