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Trainer Stories – Nick

Meet Nick! He is the newest addition to our team of trainers and he will share his story with you. Read on!

Where are you from?

I am from the UK. I was brought up in a town just north of London called Letchworth Garden City. It is not a city, but it does have lots of lovely gardens, and is the home of the world’s first roundabout. You are welcome!

How did you end up in Prague?

In my previous life I used to work for the British government representing British interests in such countries as Egypt, Libya, Kosovo and finally the Czech Republic. I got married here, we have rescued a number of different animals and Prague became home. That was 6 years ago, and I still have no regrets.

What do you love the most about Prague?

Prague is much more than just its amazing historical centre. It’s welcoming, it’s beautiful and it’s got some of the best food I’ve ever tried, (and the beer is wonderful). It’s a great jumping off point for visiting other parts of Europe. I also love the climate. Really cold in Winter, blisteringly hot in Summer. Absolutely nothing like home….

What made you want to become a TEFL trainer?

After a few years of teaching I realised, what’s better than teaching students? Teaching teachers! You’re able to help the people you are training AND the students they will help in the future. I find it so rewarding to see people with little to no experience realising they have a talent and being able to help nurture it.

Do you teach any other courses apart from TEFL?

I teach all sorts of different types of courses and students. Most mornings you will find me teaching large groups of post-secondary students (19–20-year-olds), which I find rewarding and fun. I also teach individual lessons from conversational to business English, building a syllabus that will help my students grow. I also teach at kids’ summer camps. I was terrified about it at the start, but it has proved to be a lot of fun.

What is it like being the newest member on the TEFL team?

It’s been a really easy transition for me. I had already either been trained by or worked with most of the team. Although teaching in the same room I sat in as a TEFL’r was a bit of a weird transition!

What kind of training have you and the TEFL team participated in this year?

We have recently begun regular training sessions where we review the schedule and the content of the training sessions. This has been so useful, seeing the different styles we all bring to the team and therefore making a more well rounded course.

Since you were a trainee and now a trainer, what has surprised you the most?

I have been most impressed with the way the course has evolved. New trainers bring new ideas which have been really positive. We are also working much harder now with our alumni both socially and professionally, which has really helped build a great community of TEFL worldwide graduates. Of course I did my course in the middle of a pandemic, which made any community building difficult!

What do you like to do when you’re not working?

My wife and I have recently bought a house in the middle of the Czech countryside. Well, I say a house. It has walls and a roof. So, in my spare time

I’m often found there doing some sort of either destruction or construction. I’m also a musician, of sorts. In the past I have played guitar and sung in punk/rock bands but I currently find myself playing bass in a country/blues band. Also, I’m a pretty big Arsenal fan!

Tell us a fun fact about yourself!

I got married in one of the top 10 ugliest buildings in the world. Apparently. I think it’s amazing. At the top of the Zizkov TV tower in Prague. Check it out, it’s awesome!

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