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Trainer Stories – April

I am one of the Assistant Directors and an active member of the training team. Read on to hear my story.

Where are you from?

I grew up in Chesapeake, Virginia in the USA.

How did you end up in Prague?

I previously taught in a few other countries before coming to Prague. In between one of the contracts I took a trip to Europe and travelled around for a few months. I (like most people) fell in love with the city. Once I decided I was ready to move to Europe, I contacted a few friends in a few different counties but my Prague friends helped me (quickly) secure accommodation and a teaching job here, so I thought “I’ll start there” little did I know, I’d still be loving life here – over 5 years later!

What do you love the most about Prague?

The MOST? That’s tough. While I agree the architecture, history, and atmosphere is special in its own right – I’d have to say the accessibility. Prague has a “small town feel with a big city vibe”. Since it’s a capital city, it has all the benfits of an international city but unlike Berlin or Bangkok, it’s a completely walkable city and you can reach one end of the city to the next on public transport in about 45 minutes!

What made you want to become a TEFL trainer?

During my last decade of teaching I was able to get more involved in training teachers through observations and leading workshops. I found that I not only like teaching students, but I also enjoy teaching teachers! So, I started with TEFL as an observer and then took the opportunities that opened up of leading my own training sessions.

Do you teach any other courses apart from TEFL?

Aside from TEFL, I teach in-company courses at another Language Center and private courses, both individual and small groups. I also teach tourists! Well, I am teach them about the city (I’m a tour guide by night).

What is it like being on the TEFL team?

I absolutely love it. The team is very supportive and we work well together (many times even meeting up for non work related events). We are always in contact about ideas to update sessions or to help each other out for whatever we need. I can honestly say the communication within our team is some of the best I’ve had within a work group.

What kind of training have you and the TEFL team participated in this year?

At the start of the year we had a day long training session where we went over the course plans and the skills lessons and updated anything we thought could be improved, either based on feedback from trainees or our own experiences. We also met during March for a dinner meeting, an update on the first courses of the year and to iron out any issues with the new updates.

What do you like to do when you’re not working?   

I’m “actively lazy” – You can find me on a climbing wall, a snowy mountain, pedaling a boat on the Vltava, or booking a trip somewhere. BUT – if I’m not doing those things, I’m embracing my inner couch potato and catching up on netflix (unless the weather is warm – then I relocate to a grassy hill!).

Tell us a fun fact about yourself!

I’ve dined all over Prague – even in the sky above the city!


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