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Trainee Stories – Tamara

We ask one of our current trainees, Tamara, a few questions.

Where are you from and why did you choose the Czech Republic?

I settled down in Seattle, Washington about 25 years ago, after living in California, Oregon, Massachusetts, and England for various periods of time. I’m starting the next chapter in my life now, after having taught high school English in the US for many years. I love teaching, but I’mready for something new. I found TEFL Worldwide Prague when I was researching how to make a living and travel the world. I chose Prague because I have always dreamt of visiting here, and although I could have taken the course online, I wanted to experience the in-person learning format and immerse myself in a new culture.

What do you think of Prague?

Prague is one of the most spectacular places I have ever been! I can’t get enough of the breathtaking architecture. There is such rich history here and there is never a shortage of things to see and do. From museums to open-air markets, there is more than one could possibly experience in a month. And Czech food is awesome! I’ve enjoyed trying all kinds of new dishes and I’m kind of obsessed with Kofola (like Coke, but way better!). I’m planning to come back soon and spend more time exploring.

How are you finding the course so far?

The course is phenomenal. It’s well organized and engaging, but it definitely keeps us on our toes. When they say it’s intensive, they’re not joking. I have learned more in just the first two weeks than I even hoped to learn in the entire course. I’m exhausted, but it’s rewarding in a way that makes me want to keep going. The instructors push us to do our best work while giving us endless support and encouragement. Our class has come together as a team and the lively camaraderie is what makes it a really special environment. I’ve met people from all over the world that I would never have crossed paths with otherwise and I learn from them every day too.

What has surprised you so far (either course related or Prague related)?

As someone who teaches native English speakers, I’ve been surprised by how different it is to teach non-native speakers. I’m learning an entirely new skill set. I’m not sure what I expected,but it’s been a little humbling to say the least!

What are your plans for after the course?

After the course, I’m going to travel to Italy and England for a couple of weeks. When I get home, I plan to start building a clientele of online learners so I can set my own schedule and have the freedom to travel while still working. I’m hoping to get to Vietnam, Cambodia, and Thailand on my next adventure!

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