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Trainee Stories – Lenka

We ask one of our current trainees, Lenka, a few questions about her experience during the course.

Where are you from and why did you choose the Czech Republic?

I’m Czech, and grew up in a village just to the west of Prague. I now live in Prague, but in adistrict that feels more like a village than the city.

What do you think of Prague?

I love Prague, especially my home district. It’s a perfect place to enjoy life with my family.We’re near wonderful forest trails, but also just minutes from the city center by train. There are many lesser-known districts in Prague similar to this.

How are you finding the course so far?

The course is definitely very challenging and it has been a long time since I had to stay up working on assignments. The instructors are very professional, helpful and friendly. In fact, I haven’t felt like a moment of time was wasted.

What has surprised you so far (either course related or Prague related)? 

The variety of teaching instructions and activities is even wider than I expected. After just a couple of weeks, I’ve practiced different teaching techniques with multiple students and there’s still much more to come and learn.

What are your plans for after the course?

Before going on maternity leave, I had worked in a corporate environment in marketing. While it was a good experience for me at the time, I don’t wish to return to that type of career. I love the interaction I have with my students and want to follow this path as a career; part time at first, but progressively more when our youngest child starts primary school.

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