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Peaceful Corners of Busy Prague

By Anastasiia Yuziuk (@ana_yuziuk)

The weeks on the TEFL course can be hectic and tiring, with lots of things to learn and prepare. But hopefully, you don’t forget that on the other side of your window is a stunning city, full of exciting places to explore. However, it can be difficult to get away from tourists. I would like to introduce you to some places in Prague that are off the beaten tourist track. If you only get a few hours of free time, give these a go to help you relax (on a budget).

Rieger Gardens (Riegrovy sady) in Žižkov

If you want to get away from the busy streets and enjoy a beautiful sunset over Prague – this is the perfect park to visit. Located in the diverse area of Žižkov, the gardens are only a short walk from one of the most visible landmarks in Prague –  the 216 meter-high Žižkov Television Tower (warning – there are giant babies crawling up the tower, in the name of art J).

Up until 1922, this district was a separate town, and you can definitely feel it while walking through the streets towards the park. When you enter the spacious, vibrant gardens it is if you are transported to a different Prague – one of peace and quiet. You might also make a couple of dog friends while you are there. There are a couple of great viewpoints in the park which offer a stunning view of central Prague and the other side of the river.


This converted factory is quickly transforming into a collaborative, vibrant art space. However, don’t feel like you have to be an artist to come here! Only a 15-minute walk away from TEFL Worldwide, this lively district offers a coffee shop with a peaceful atmosphere (perfect if you need a quiet place to write your lesson plans), art galleries and a permanent beer festival. In fact, it is the biggest craft beer garden in Central Europe that offers 12-15 kinds of beer. Pragovka also hosts workshops, lessons, exhibitions, and markets. Check out their website for more info about current events and opening times:

Kino Lucerna

If you are a film-lover there is no better place than Kino Lucerna. This old cinema opened around 100 years ago and is still one of the most beautiful movie theaters in Prague. The good news is, they show films in English with Czech subtitles. So not only will you be able to enjoy the movies, but maybe pick up some Czech phrases as well J. The cinema is located in the Lucerna passage just off of Wenceslas Square. This magical place will certainly take you back in time to old Prague. Check out the website for the event calendar:

Střelecký ostrov

An enchanting spot in the heart of Prague, yet once you are there it doesn’t feel like it at all. A small island in the middle of the Vltava River is shaded by ancient trees and offers excellent views of Prague on both sides. There is a stage used for free concerts, bars and coffee places, as well as quiet nooks to relax.  Tip: the bar on the water charges a deposit for the glasses, which you get back by bringing your glass back to the bar. Card only.

Prague has countless amazing things to offer, and I hope you don’t miss out on them while you are here. Good luck exploring this wonderful city in your free time from the TEFL course!

By: Anastasiia Yuziuk (@ana_yuziuk)

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