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On-Site vs Online TEFL

What type of TEFL Course should I take? Which TEFL courses are truly recognized? Which are just the quick and easy ways to get a TEFL certificate? Which TEFL course will actually teach me something? Should I do an Online TEFL Course or an On-Site TEFL course? I don’t even know where to start!

There are so many options out there for TEFL courses these days; 10-15 hour weekend courses, 40 hour courses online TEFL courses, 120 hour on-site TEFL course, no wonder you are confused. It seems that there’s a lot to look into and consider. Actually, there’s not! Just remember, the quality of the course you take will reflect in the types of jobs you are offered. If you just do a weekend or online TEFL course without any observed teaching practice by qualified trainers, you are cutting yourself short and any reputable language school employer will not consider you.

If you are serious about teaching English abroad and becoming a TEFL teacher, then the wisest route to go is to take an internationally recognized and accredited 120 hour on-site TEFL course. There are many reasons for this.

First, can you answer these questions?

  • Why do you think you can walk in front of a classroom and deliver an effective English lesson?
  • Do you know how to develop a successful lesson plan that will accomplish the aim of your lesson, while engaging your students and holding their attention?
  • Have you had sufficient practice teaching English as a foreign language?
  • Have you received feedback from a professional when teaching previous English lessons?

Seeing and Practicing the Real Thing

Current trainees of on-site TEFL courses often comment on how necessary they find it to observe a current teacher, develop a lesson plan and then deliver the actual English lesson to a real class. From there, they can then have guidance from the trainers and support staff, making their own first lesson plan. Most important, they get the experience of using this lesson plan in front of a class of real EFL students for practice, while being observed by their peers and a trainer. They then receive valuable feedback on what went right and what areas they can improve upon.

Another benefit of on-site TEFL courses, that online TEFL courses can’t compete with, is the amount of trainer and staff support that you’ll receive. For example, if you Google “TEFL Worldwide Prague reviews” you’ll see hundreds of reviews from our graduates commenting on how much support and guidance they received during the course. In addition to the staff support, you’ll bond with your classmates and be able to study together and bounce ideas for lesson plans off of each other. Besides that, you’ll make friends for life.

As not everyone stays in Prague after the course, you’ll have an even better reason to travel more to different countries and continents. Many of our graduates in Europe have met up with their classmates that went on to teach in Asia or South America, not to mention the dozens of countries they have visited here in Europe.

We have never had a TEFL trainee tell us they think they could have done just an on-line TEFL Course!

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