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Nightlife in Prague

Nightlife in Prague is what you make it! The city offers a vast variety of activities and opportunities for each individual to find exactly what tickles their fancy. From chilled summer nights by the river to wild club adventures, cultural events, craft beers and cocktails, as well as atmospheric winter markets filled with Czech Christmas traditions. Here are a few of our favourite picks:


If your style is kicking back with a nice pint of beer in a laid-back environment, you’ll be at home in Prague. Each district is equipped with several pubs offering delicious Czech draught beer. Many even offer selections of craft beer, such as Beer Geek in Zizkov, where you find up to 32 microbrews on tap, not to mention the possibly tastiest chicken wings in the city. Close by in Vinohrady you will find Vinohradsky Pivovar; a local brewery with another yummy selection. One of our favourites is Ossegg, another brewery in Vinohrady, with unique beer and delicious schnitzels.

For long pub night enthusiasts, U Sudu, a cellar pub with a bit of a sports bar vibe, is a must-visit. The Pub is a place where you can pour your own beer, your table consumption even becomes a competition with other customers! Not a place to go “for just one”.


Prague offers a wide range of nightclubs, tailored to various music genres and tastes. For electronic music lovers, Roxy is an ideal choice. Located on Dlouha street, just off the Old Town Square. Roxy’s vibrant décor creates a lively and inviting atmosphere. Mecca and SaSazu are popular for well-known acts and larger electronic music events. Cross Club is a cool eclectic spot, located in Holesovice, perfect place for underground dubstep and techno nights.

For the fans of popular charts music, there are endless options in the city. A popular tourist attraction is Karlovy Vary, a five-floor nightclub with a dance floor for every music taste, perfect for large diverse groups. Close by, you can also find the Music Club Zlaty Strom, similarly popular amongst tourists. If your favourite kind of drink is a cocktail, you have to visit the Hemingway Bar, they stock over 200 rums!

Prague does not have a shortage of live music bars for those who enjoy live performances. Rock Café, located on Narodni Trida, offers a range of live gigs in many genres. Similarly, Music Club Batalion features anything from punk to jazz, to rock and heavy metal. The Vagon Club often showcases tribute bands, if you’re feeling nostalgic.

The warmer months

During the warmer months, people of Prague love to soak up the warm weather outdoors. This continues into the late hours of the night. Meaning countless beer gardens, festivals, concerts and beautiful hangout spots around the city.

Beer gardens are bursting at the seams with locals and tourists alike during the spring, summer and early autumn months. Letna Park has a beer garden sprawling across several hundred meters with breath-taking city views. Another popular beer garden is located at Riegrovy Sady park, where you can often catch a live band performance, as well as enjoy a beautiful view of the city. One of our favourites is Kasarna Karlin, where you can also stay for a summer film screening. If you want to feel like you’ve left the city and be surrounded by beautiful nature while enjoying a cold one, visit Stromovka’s beer garden. One of our favourite hangout spots, full of beer and cheer is Naplavka, where Vltava riverboats dock and create a beautiful stretch of pubs and bars along the river. Many locals bring their own drinks and sit by the river, it’s a great way of saving a buck and having a fantastic night!

Stromovka park is one of the homes of summer events and festivals. During spring, the Prague Spring International Music Festival takes place, when top performers from around the world come to the city to participate. Prague Fringe Festival and Tanec Praha are two more events to keep in mind if you enjoy the world of dance and drama. If you prefer music-oriented festivals, Metronome Music and Arts Fair or the Magnetic Festival may be more you cup of tea. Finally, some places operate seasonally, only during the warmer months, such as Stalin at Letna Park, which holds weekly nights featuring world-class DJs and performers.

Colder Months

During the colder months, people of Prague don’t always retreat inside at night. There are several reasons for staying outdoors but the Christmas markets are the main one. As one season ends, another begins. Prague takes on a whole different look when nights begin at 4 pm as the sun sets and the magical Christmas lights brighten the city.

The Old Town Square markets are one of the most popular ones and unquestionably the busiest and largest. Visit here to soak up all of the Christmas cheer you can get! One of our favourites is Namesti Miru, as it is directly in front of our school. A little smaller, but no less magical. It is also very central. Wencelas Square and the Prague Castle also hold markets. No matter which you choose, you’ll be sure to find the delicious smell of mulled wine, hear Czech Christmas carols and learn a lot about Czech traditions, which often involve some kind of delicious food.

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