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Getting Around Prague

Prague has a great public transport system with all areas connect by tram, bus or metro. What’s more, it is also relatively cheap. Prague is also a relatively small city so walking is often a good option (it also gives you an opportunity to admire the beautiful architecture). As Prague is an old city it has many roads that weren’t really designed for high volumes of traffic, therefore, driving is usually not a good option. Cycling is another option but Prague is quite hilly, so it won’t always be the easiest ride. Also, due to the old streets there is often not space to add cycle lanes, so there aren’t as many as in other cities (Berlin or Amsterdam for example), especially in the older parts of the city

Paying for public transport.

If you are planning to stay a while it is best to buy a 30 day ticket or longer. The easiest way to pay for public transport is an app called PID Litacka or the Litacka website. The app allows you to buy and validate your tickets on your phone within seconds. On the website you can order a Litacka card where your ticket is stored or link your tickets to your bank card.

 Another, less practical, option is to buy tickets from machines in each metro station or from small newspaper stands/shops called “tabak” or “trafika”. These tickets are valid for the bus, tram and metro. You can buy a 32 CZK ticket, which is valid for 90 minutes or a 24 CZK ticket which is valid for 30 minutes. To buy from the machines push the 32 or 24 CZK button first as many times as you need tickets. The machine will then display how much money to put in and the slot will automatically open. If you have made a mistake, punch “storno” to cancel and start again. You can put any coins of 1 crown and above into the machines and they give change. You have to validate the ticket by punching it in the yellow boxes located at the entrance to each metro station or on each bus and tram. Once the ticket is validated you are free to travel the public transport system, change metros, change to buses or trams as long as the ticket is valid. Any combination of transport is possible, and you don’t need to re-validate for each change, only the first time you punch the ticket.

 Watch out for plain-clothed inspectors who will flash a badge at you. They are asking to see your pass and they may stop you at any time – this happens often. Failure to produce a valid ticket or pass incurs an on-the-spot fine of 800 crowns. Always make sure you always have your pass or a valid ticket.

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