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Covid 19 and Flexible Course Dates

The situation regarding Covid-19 is changing daily and we cannot predict what will happen in the coming weeks or months. However, we are staying optimistic and are hoping the worst will be over soon. We are of course aware that the situation will make people reluctant to book travel or to sign up for things such as TEFL courses. However, we have always offered flexible course dates and we will continue to do that. If you sign up for a course and you are unable to travel or we have to cancel the course due to Covid-19, we can move you to a later course date.

At the moment we are not cancelling any future courses. We will see how things progress and make a decision about each course 4 weeks before the start date. So we recommend not booking flights or accommodation until after you get this 4 week’s notice.

Lets not let this stop us making plans and looking forward to the future. Lets stay strong, help each other out and hopefully I will see you in Prague soon.

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