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Česky Krumlov

Česky Krumlov is a must visit.

Trust me.

It’s incredible.

It is a beautiful little medieval town with not one but two iconic steeples! For such a small out of the way town, it has a rich history and some utterly incredible pieces of architecture influenced by Czech, Austrian, Bavarian and Northern Italian cultures.

The lil town square is stunning with paintings of historical events painted straight onto the sides of buildings! My personal favourite is the one on a street just off of the main town square that tells a tale of a boy who put out a big fire that saved the town. There are so many cool little tales and legends about what went on in this town; so if you get a kick out of crazy legends then this is for sure the town for you!

The Vltava river flows in, around and through the town in the most relaxing and inviting way where you can hire rafts & canoes to enjoy the town from another perspective! We hired a 3 person canoe (super inexpensive which is great too!) where we lazily floated down the river. It was bliss. Because the town is obviously very small, after you float past it, the river continues into the most beautiful nature-y bush-y that was just heavenly.

I don’t know about you, but for me being somewhere that felt so remote and calm, it came as a bit of a shock when we pulled up to a clearing selling sausages and beer! It was full of people, stinking hot and utterly incredible. 10/10 recommend.

So essentially you just float and paddle a tad for a few hours downstream and then hop off the river at a predetermined location where someone will come and pick you up, driving you back into town! Super great. I still recommend. Highly.

A visit to Česky Krumlov will leave you feeling relaxed and refreshed after spending days meandering through the cobbled streets past pastel coloured buildings. The whole town is actually a UNESCO World Heritage site because of its historic beauty that is a hat-tip to the infamous Rosenberg family. When this family was in rule, everything was flourishing and they made significant contributions to the welfare of the whole town. Everywhere you go in Česky Krumlov you will see a small rosetta; the emblem of the Rosenberg family.

(Side note: it’s great fun to see who can spot them first and make a little competition of who spots the most first)

Another highlight of my little trip was the wheat fields that I found! One morning I went for a little jog around the outskirts of the town and came across the most beautiful countryside scenes. Actual dreams.

So if you are living in Prague, you can’t not go. It is quite literally only a 2hr, 5€ bus trip away!

You cannot beat that.

I challenge you to try.

(Then please let me know if you do so I can experience that too!)

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