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Autumn in Czechia

The Czech Republic experiences all four seasons in their full glory.

Winter – cold, festive, and filled with mulled wine!
Spring – colorful, and the smell of fresh flowers follows you around!
Summer – lively and sunny, with tons of events!

But, as it is in most countries with all four seasons, autumn is the best of them all. With the leaves in the trees giving away their green to take on various shades of red, yellow, and brown, and the chill in the air allowing for crisp evening walks and cozy nights around fire pits, the city comes alive to welcome in the end of the year.

Mushroom hunting is a must for many Czechs and expats alike. It is a tradition that began out of necessity – mushrooms were an important source of food in the region many years ago – and is now a beloved hobby and family activity. It’s usually paired through a hike through the Czech mountains, which were mentioned in a previous blog post(see: Czech Cottage Culture). The most common mushroom you can find in Czechia is called Hřib smrkový, or Hříbek. But there are many different types of fungi ready and waiting to be picked by a happy hiker.

Another activity that sounds much stranger than it actually is, is wandering through the Czech cemeteries. The crisp air and autumn colors paired with the Czech’s love of grand, stone graves creates a wonderfully eerie ambling aesthetic. All Soul’s Day, November 2nd, is the perfect day for this, as it’s tradition to light candles on the tombstone of your loved ones and the memorials will be glowing all throughout the country. The old Prague castle, Vyšehrad, has a beautiful cemetery that includes the resting place of world-renowned composer Antonín Dvořák. The largest cemetery in Prague, Olšanské hřbitovy, is stunning as well.

Markets and festivals fill the weekends of autumn so that there is always something to do or see. Throughout the season, city streets are alive with laughter, food,   drinks, and art. Signal Festival in Prague is one such event, with laser shows lighting up all corners of the city. There are specific installations to be seen, interacted with, and pondered, but the most impressive showcase of the weekend is the light shows displayed on the face of some of Prague’s most beautiful, historical buildings. The light shows follow the exact dimensions of the building and are designed for each individual piece of architecture – all paired to music, of course.

Although the debate of the best season will never actually be settled, it’s easy to admit that autumn will always have a special charm that the other season’s lack. However you decide to spend your autumn in Czechia, you are guaranteed a good time.

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