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Alumni Stories – Sabrina

How do you like living in Prague? 

Living in Prague has a lot less “big city” feel to it than I expected. I was a bit worried about it at first, but I love that there are so many parks and forests even inside the city. Also, the architecture and style of houses in the old town is amazing!

I live about 20 minutes by public transport from Náměstí Míru (TEFL Worldwide location), the metro and tram system is great. Sometimes, I just go to a random part of the town and as a challenge, I just take trams that seem to go in the right direction to get home without looking at the phone or maps.

Was it easy for you to find a place to live? 

Yes, I’d come to Prague a few months before the TEFL programme started. My partner and I decided to live in Prague and we found a flat together. Looking for potential jobs, finding the course and a job in the language school were all a result of moving here.

Where do you like to go after work or at the weekend? 

Vyšehrad is amazing! The view over the city, the park and of course the huge cathedral combined makes it one of my favourite places. At the weekends, I like to meet friends and we go to parks or just walk through Prague on the hunt for Geocaches. I also like taking trips further away, like when we went to Karlštejn castle a few weeks ago.

Are you currently teaching? What language schools do you teach for?

Since I come from Germany and it is my mother tongue, I am currently teaching German for the language school where I also did the TEFL course (Spěváček). I will also have some English courses in the future, but the course helped me to learn how to teach and I can use what I learned even when I teach German.

How did you find your job? 

I was asked for an interview by the school after the course because they saw me teach during our teaching practice. I guess they liked me because they offered me a job afterwards and I took it.

Did you go to any interviews? How long after finishing the course did you start working?

I had one “proper” interview for a different language school, but I am still getting used to working for Spěváček, so I did not start there yet.

How do you like it? Were there any challenges you had to face? The job is fun, I really like working with my public course group. They are creative and often make me laugh with their inventions during role play.

Challenges are mainly getting the lesson plan prepared in time (procrastination is an evil thing) and balancing fun activities with actual exercises.

If you could give any advice to other soon-to-be alumni, what would you tell them? 

Hard to say, everyone’s goals are different. Speaking from my experience, I’d tell them to put effort into finding friends and hobbies as well as the job to avoid getting stuck at home after work. Enjoy the city! Prague is beautiful! 🙂

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