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Alumni Spotlight: Mike and Sally O’Brien’s

Our Alumni do more than just teaching and we are proud to show them off! We recently spoke with Mike, who has just opened up an Irish Pub in Prague. Read below to learn more about Mike and his passion project: Sally O’Brien’s. If you want to follow Mike and his pub,click the pub links at the end of his story. 

I’m Mike from County Limerick, Ireland. I graduated from TEFL in April 2022 (I had to search my emails for the date as it feels like more than a million years ago). I don’t think that I did the TEFL course for the traditional reasons that other people do. I was already living in Prague and was intentionally unemployed. I had moved here because my best friend of 23 years, Liam, was living here and we have a habit of following each other around the world; having lived together in Cyrpus, England and, obviously, Ireland. I thought that taking the TEFL course would be a great opportunity to make some new friends, learn some new skills and also to have the qualification in my back pocket if I ever needed it. I have always been passionate about the English language having been a keen reader growing up and even majoring in English in University. Since being the bane of the TEFL trainers’ lives for the month of the course I have only taught a couple of times and, even then, only to my friends. I worked in a bar in Prague after finishing the course and, when I got bored of that, I moved back to Ireland to help my parents reopen their Fairy Garden (long story), but now I’m back!

On New Years Eve 2023 my aforementioned friend Liam and I opened our very own pub in Letna: Sally O’Brien’s Irish Pub. This was a plan that we had had for over a decade, beginning when we first worked as barmen in an Irish pub in Birmingham back in 2010. With a love of drinks, Irish Pubs abroad and especially the craic opening our own one was a no-brainer. Sally O’Brien’s is definitely not your average Irish Pub though. It is a mixture of a real pub in Ireland, a museum, a dive bar and the typical Irish Pub. Sally’s is a place where everyone is welcome and shite-talking is encouraged.

We were lucky enough to host the TEFL Graduation last month and are enjoying seeing people from the TEFL community visiting more and more often. So if you are a TEFL alumni, a current student or just thinking about doing it, come up and visit us, and welcome home.

You can follow the happenings at Sally O’Brien’s on their website or pop in and say hi to Mike (behind the bar) at their location at Kamenicka 17 170 00 Prague, Czech Republic. 


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