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Almost Two Years Later and I Don’t Plan on Stopping this Amazing Experience!

Almost two years later and I don’t plan on stopping this amazing experience!

By: Vanessa Carrillo

My name is Vanessa and I’m a TEFL Worldwide grad from July 2013. During my final months in college I constantly browsed the internet for TEFL programs and I read blogs from teachers around the world. I was going to graduate soon and I felt an overwhelming desire to travel, a desire that I knew I wouldn’t be able to shake off easily. The idea of earning money while traveling by teaching English abroad was mentioned to me during a discussion with my college’s study abroad office, so I decided to begin my research. I reached out to TEFL Worldwide as I had seen them pop up several times in my searches and the reviews were always positive and encouraging. I was also intrigued by the idea of living in Europe for a month while taking the course. I received prompt and informative responses from the TEFL office and I was able to communicate with several past grads about their time in Prague and the journeys they’ve gone on since then. More and more, I felt like I was making a great choice.

I became enamored with Prague instantly. I found myself staying for a year rather than one month like I had planned, and it was one of the best years of my life. The beer gardens, the variety of people I met, the ease with which I could get around the city, the festivals, the nightlife, the beautiful city itself and more all convinced me to stay. I met several wonderful people during my course and I still keep in touch with many through social medias. It’s fun and inspiring to see everyone’s unique travel experiences!

After my year in Prague, I found an amazing job teaching kindergarteners in Phuket, Thailand! I drove my motorbike through the towns, ate tasty Thai food while sipping on fresh coconut water, floated in the clear blue waters at the gorgeous beaches, and saw numerous amazing sights. In just over a year of having completed my TEFL, I traveled and experienced more than I ever thought I would. Earning my TEFL is easily the best choice I’ve ever made for my life and I don’t plan on stopping my travels anytime soon. I’m currently back home in San Francisco, California preparing my documents for my next adventure in Seoul, South Korea! I’m looking forward to this new destination because it will further help me develop as a teacher and I’ll get to explore a country with an inspiring history and a booming economy. The contract perks that come with teaching in South Korea are also not to be overlooked! With the generous salary, reimbursed airfare and free accommodation, I’ll be able to save up handsomely for future travels. My journey has only begun!

Here are a few of my travel photos. I also post travel photos on Instagram @sfgirlabroad. Feel free to reach out to me with any questions and good luck on your journeys!


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