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Advice from the May Graduates

Our May 2024 TEFL course just graduated, and before they departed for the last time, we asked them what advice they would give to the new course attendees.

Here’s some of what they said:

  • Be open-minded: Embrace the diversity of students, instructors, and teaching methods.  Each person you meet has something valuable to offer.
  • Persevere through hard work: Teaching is challenging but immensely rewarding. The growth you will experience is profound and worth the effort.
  • Question and adapt: Don’t be afraid to question your previously known long-held methods. Adaptability and willingness to learn new techniques will enhance your teaching practice significantly.
  • Fully immerse yourself in the experience. Engaging completely with the course will maximize your learning and growth.
  • Listen to feedback and use it to improve. Peer teaching provides valuable practiceand insights that will help you develop as a teacher.
  • Challenge yourself by teaching topics you find difficult. Tackling these challenges head-on will build your confidence and skills in those areas.
  • Write out your explanations fully for concepts you are teachomg, exactly as you would want to hear and understand it.
  • Remain flexible. Sometimes, students will need more practice with a new topic before moving on to the application. Sometimes, an explanation will take longer or students will have more questions. That’s ok. Just don’t allow time to flow completely out of your grasp. Keep track and adjust.

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