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2023 Alumni Update

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At the start of 2023 we knew it was important to check in with our alumni and find out where they are and what they are doing, so we sent out a check-in.

After a month of collecting the results from our alumni dating back to 2004, we can see how far our TEFL family has moved:

Australia Austria Belgium
Brazil Canada The Czech Republic
Croatia Germany Hong Kong
Ireland Mexico The Netherlands
Poland Romania Russia
Scotland Slovakia Slovenia
South Africa South Korea Spain
Sudan Sweden Taiwan
Thailand Türkiye United Arab Emirates
The United Kingdom The United States of America Vietnam

While approximately 50% of our alumni are still EFL teachers, others have moved onto other opportunities in the Field of Education including:

  • Teacher training
  • Scoring standardized tests
  • Education leadership
  • Teaching internationally (but not EFL)

Still, other alumni have become copywriters or translators, while others have gone back to school to pursue their doctorate.

Whether our alumni are still teaching or not, we love to stay connected see where they all go and what they do!

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