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Strong Job Market for Teachers

There is a very strong demand for English teachers in Prague as well as all throughout the Czech Republic.

Czechs are keen on learning and perfecting their English language skills. The demand for English teachers here spans from preschoolers to retirees. In every industry there’s a demand for English skills creating a continuous demand for English teachers. TEFL Worldwide teachers are teaching English at preschools, elementary schools, high schools, language schools, companies, hospitals, and airports. Besides teaching children and adults there’s a demand for English for Specific Purposes. (ESP). This includes aviation English, medical English, legal English, English for young learners, and business English. Last, many English teachers are teaching private students or teaching English online.

Prague schools hire year-round.

  • Demand for qualified English teachers is always high in Prague, with plenty of language schools, international schools, and others looking for teachers throughout the year. TEFL jobs are plentiful here making it quite easy to get settled and start teaching English in Prague.
  • TEFL Worldwide Prague runs TEFL courses year-round because it is possible for our graduates to find TEFL jobs year-round. That’s because the overall demand for English teachers is so high. Our graduates are teaching within a week or two after the TEFL course, many times sooner. Teachers come and go and language schools acquire new business so this results in schools needing more teachers. It’s kind of a never-ending process.

The international community here speaks English as a common language.

  • There is a strong need in Prague for English as a means of international communication. A wide range of students and types of English are needed in Prague, creating job opportunities for teachers from many different backgrounds.

You can do more than teach, if you want.

  • Prague allows you to supplement teaching by giving tours, working at a hostel, doing an internship, or even starting your own business – and all with the same business license/visa that you need for teaching here. We have grads who teach music, yoga, zumba, and art, all in English. Others use teaching as a springboard for starting online travel-related businesses, and use Prague as a home base for travels.

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