Introducing a new job placement program for a major language school in Prague, Czech Republic (300+ teachers).  Set up a call with us and find out more.

Guaranteed TEFL Job

There is a very high demand for English teachers in Prague all year round. Our graduates usually find work 1-2 weeks after graduating. That is why we are confident to provide a job guarantee to all those who complete the course (terms and conditions apply).

Since we are part of a large language school here in Prague, we guarantee a job with our school to everyone who receives a Pass 1 grade. We also offer jobs to many graduates who get a lower, but still passing, grade.

If you don’t receive an offer from our school, then we guarantee you will find an English teaching job in Prague within 2 months of completing the course, or we will refund you half of the TEFL course fee.

This is not a job placement. You will still have to apply and interview for teaching positions. However, you will receive job guidance and support from us during and after the course. Provided you put in the necessary effort when applying for jobs, you will have no problem finding work within this 2 month time frame and nearly all graduates have found work in much less time than this.

If you have been unsuccessful in finding English teaching work 30 days after you graduate, please contact us so we can assess your situation and provide further assistance.

If after 60 days you have not been successful in finding English teaching work in Prague, we will refund you half of the course fee*, proving you meet the following criteria:

  • You have completed and passed our TEFL course.
  • You can show evidence that you have applied for at least 20 English teaching jobs in Prague. (Evidence includes but is not limited to emails, copies of applications, correspondence with potential employers.)
  • You contacted us 30 days prior to the 60 day deadline to let us know you were having difficulty finding work.

* You must be able to legally work in the Czech Republic

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