I love coffee. 


Wait. Let me rephrase; I love good coffee. 


The 20Kc coffee from the Nescafe machine in the office at the TEFL Worldwide school is not good coffee. Made worse by the fact that if you don’t push the right little button at the right time (Who can even figure that kind of thing out before coffee though!? Absolutely not me) then sugar ends up in your coffee. Sugar. In black coffee. Out. Rageous.


The Czech Republic is better known for its beer than its coffee, so I wasn’t expecting to find great coffee, but I was on a mini mission to find drinkable coffee. 


And I succeeded.


(Side note; I also like to work/study out of a cafe – it is where I’m the most productive and there is easy access to coffee! Therefore, this list is specifically curated for while attending the TEFL Worldwide School)


SO here is a little run down of my 3  favourite places to enjoy coffee in Prague;


1. Sklizeno 

(downstairs & opposite the Billa of Fenix)

A spot of peace within a busy mall, Sklizeno is a gentle combination of a specialty foodstuffs store & a cafe. Here the ladies are absolutely lovely and friendly despite the (glaringly) obvious language barrier. One time, one of the staff offered to make a latte using their fresh hazelnut milk! I obviously said yes and it was heavenly delicious!

The coffee was strong & roasted darkly but not too overpowering. Delightfully dark & lasting intense flavours that put a great lil pep-in-my-step!

Definitely enjoyed the easy stroll there right before class, for a refreshing way to start the day!

(PSA: you can also buy real peanut butter here!)


2. Henri Espresso Bar

Probably the most comfortable and quaint espresso bar that I happened across with delicious single origin coffees and one of the COMFIEST couches I’ve ever sat on. IT just engulfs you so warmly!

Another absolute highlight (for sure half the reason I kept going back) is their lil chocolates! Quite literally some of the best I’ve ever tasted that melt in your mouth with a cheeky little crispy bit at the end. Un. Real. 

(PSA: they have a jar of these by the machine)


3. Antik v Dlouhe

This utterly adorable antique store had ah-may-zing coffee (with heaps of alternative milks!) and fresh, homemade traditional Czech desserts! You walk into the smell of freshly baked buchty (sweet buns) and kolaches (sweet filling pastry pocket). Oh my word it was incredible. The other super great thing about this funky little antique store is the size of the tables! So much room to spread out all my papers, pens, laptop without encroaching on anyone else’s space. Antik v Dlouhe is open until 7pm most days too which was always the perfect time to stop working and then go for a nice city stroll before finding (more) food. 

Obviously there is an abundance of great cafes in Prague with some very good coffee, these are just the few I found easy, functional & comfortable! All are super easily accessible from the school and reasonably priced!

Winning all ‘round I’d say!!