Prague is the ideal city for taking your TEFL course
and for teaching English abroad!

The Czech Republic is one of the safest countries in the world.

  • It’s ranked sixth in the world on the Global Peace Index, meaning there is little violent crime in Prague. 

Prague has a low cost of living.

  • You’ll spend less money day-to-day while staying in Prague. A meal and a drink in a typical restaurant costs around €6. A beer ranges from €1.50 in a pub to €3 in a nightclub. 

The public transportation is amazing.

  • Prague’s 24-hours-a-day public transportation system is one of the best, cheapest, cleanest, and safest in the world. A one-month unlimited transit pass is only about €23 per month, and takes you not only around the city, but to the countryside and nearby villages, at no extra cost! Plus, Uber is huge here, and taxis are affordable (and they speak English!)

Prague is a foreigner-friendly city.

  • Locals are used to foreigners being around, and most city services are also provided in English to help all of the expats, international exchange students/interns, and tourists.

Prague is a good starter city for international travel.

  • Because Prague is easy to navigate, and English is widely-spoken, it’s a soft landing for those without international travel experience. But don’t worry – there’s plenty here for seasoned travelers, too!

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