As any independent traveler knows, guided tours can be expensive when visiting a new city.

If you’ve ever visited the historical city of Prague, you know that tourists and locals alike thrive on the unbelievable public transportation system. But did you know that there is one tram in Prague that basically gives you a tour of the entire city? It’s basically like a hop on and off bus, but for the price of a tram: 110 czk for 24 hours (about 5 USD).

So which tram do I recommend for getting a cheap, DIY tour of Prague? Tram 22, of course!

Tram 22 will give you sites and experiences to last a lifetime. Expect to pass Narodni Trida (National Theater), which houses the National Theater, an ornate, beautiful theater with historical relevance. You’ll cross the Vltava River over to Lesser Town. Make sure you have a window seat for this quick but beautiful bridge ride. During the summer expect to find the river lined with bright green trees and bustling with rowboats. During the winter months, you will feel as though you were witnessing a European fairytale with the ancient snow-capped buildings and wafts of cinnamon almonds coming from every which way.

After crossing the river, you’ll find yourself in Mala Strana (Lesser Town). Mala Strana is my favorite neighborhood of Prague, as it lines the river and holds one of the entrances to the famous Charles Bridge. If you venture out of the tourist area, you will wander through winding cobblestone streets dotted with relaxed cafes and delicious smelling restaurants. And of course, for those who don’t feel like braving the stairs that lead to Prague Castle, tram 22 will drop you right outside, making for an easy walk into the grounds of the historic, old fairytale castle.

There is so much to see in the beautiful city of Prague, especially in the summertime. While the many walking tours make it possible and accessible to see the city while also giving a nice dose of history, there is something nice about seeing a city independently, going at your own rate, and saving money in the process. If you are taking my favorite TEFL course at TEFL Worldwide Prague, or you’re on the fence about moving to Prague for the course, just know that there is so much history and so many sites to see and indulge in our fairytale city of Prague. Once you get here, hop on tram 22, grab a window seat, and enjoy your convenient, inexpensive ride around the magical city of Prague. 

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