If you haven’t caught on by now, the four weeks in which one completes the TEFL course is a whirlwind of assignments, curriculum, and preparation for finding a job. If you had ambitious plans to see the city, you’re not alone.  As a March 2019 TEFL alum, there were days in which the weather was gorgeous and I would stare dreamily out of the classroom window. How could I focus on how to teach grammar when it was sunny and 75 outside? Of course, while obtaining your certificate should be your main priority, you will be happy to know that there is plenty to do right in TEFL Worldwide’s back yard. You don’t have to miss class or stress about time, or even take a metro.  Here are my 5 top recommendations of places to see and things to do as you conquer the TEFL course:

Cortéz Restaurant

Address: Freyova 1/12, 190 00 Praha 9

I may sound nostalgic, but Cortéz, the restaurant located right next door to the TEFL school, is my favorite restaurant for traditional Czech food – after living here for months.  Not only are their lunch special extremely affordable, (120 ck for a meal and beer) the food is freshly prepared and delicious. The lunch menu changes twice a week, so don’t feel embarrassed if you go on a Monday and a Thursday like me.  A bowl of the soup of the day is only 35 crowns and will fill you right up! I went often with my classmates from TEFL and never had a bad meal.


Restaurace U Pecků

Address: Staromlýnská 5, 190 00 Praha 9

This restaurant was “discovered” by some guys I took the course with and it quickly became a top favorite when grabbing a beer nearby. The staff  are very friendly, they play the futbol games on big screens, and the beer and food is good. I recommend trying whatever they have on tap – they showcase a local brewery or beer monthly.  My favorite has been the Velikonoční zlatá 13, or the Easter gold 13, made by Volba Sládků. Take a friend, and split some house made potato chips.

Park Zahrádky

Address: 9, Praha 9

I accidentally stumbled upon this gem when taking a run before our TEFL class started for the day. Located behind Freyova Street, you can follow a path along a creek (that ultimately connects to the Vltava river), past a Rugby Club, to a local park with outdoor exercise equipment.  Not only can you get a great workout, it’s greenery and open space make you feel removed from the industrialism that makes up a lot of Prague 9.

O2 Arena

Address: Českomoravská 2345/17, 190 00 Praha 9

While the Fenix up the road has all of your basics, the O2 arena is worth the extra kilometer from the TEFL Worldwide school. Technically located in Českomoravská, this arena houses huge concerts, hockey games, and other attractions, (Dino Park, anyone?) There is an Albert for those who have been to the Fenix BILLA one too many times, as well as an H&M and other stores for more serious shopping. This mall is closer and has just as many stores as the Palladium in the center city.

Watching a Hockey Game

Address: O2 Arena

The popularity of ice hockey is hard to ignore, and the pride and passion behind the Czech Hockey team and the players is admirable. The Czech players are some of the best in the world, and seeing a live game with Jaromír Jágr (a 47 year old Czech Hockey legend) is an opportunity that should not be missed! Before you go to a game, watch the short documentary “The Nagano Tapes” which explains the history and rise of NHL after the communism regime in the Czech Republic.


By Kate Burns