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TEFL Jobs Here, There, and Everywhere! Our Graduates are teaching within 1-2 weeks after graduation, many times sooner! It’s common to have job offers during the course. 

TEFL Worldwide is not only dedicated to providing a top quality TEFL course. We will also help you find plenty of TEFL jobs to choose from. We are continuously posting current openings for TEFL jobs, and contacts for language schools worldwide. Because of this, you can expect a variety of jobs from all over the globe.

If you wish to work in the Czech Republic, there is a TEFL Job Workshop at the end of the course. During the TEFL Job Workshop, Prague language schools offer brief presentations about their school. The provide information including details of teaching hours, the syllabus, teaching resources, salary, and other related benefits. This gives you the chance to ask questions in advance, arrange interviews with a few schools, and meet potential employers face-to-face. Positions are available in different parts of the Czech Republic. You can work in the larger cities or some of the smaller towns. There are over 100 language schools in Prague alone and another 200+ outside of Prague so TEFL jobs can also be found outside of Prague. Working outside of Prague is a benefit as you can engage yourself in the culture more and learn the language much faster, if you are interested.

In addition to the TEFL course and TEFL job guidance, we provide housing assistance for those planning on staying in Prague. We can put you in touch with numerous real estate agents and point you in the right direction on where to find available housing. This includes website links for housing and Prague Facebook groups. We also post current offers for apartments and rooms for rent.

With a full time schedule, you can expect to make about 19,000kc/month to 21,000kc/month after tax. That will cover your living expenses and give you extra money for entertainment and light travel. Again you’ll have enough time to pick up some extra private teaching hours and boost your earnings to 21,000 Kc +. You can live a comfortable lifestyle on a full-time teaching salary.

The living expenses in Prague are significantly lower than North America and Western Europe. Should you decide to stay here after the course, you can easily find a private room in a furnished and shared apartment for around 7500 Kc to 10500 Kc/month. The majority of teachers in Prague choose to share an apartment while teaching in order to cut back on their living expenses. Should you choose to rent a private studio or one bedroom flat you can find something for around 9,000 Kc to 15,000 Kc, depending on your preferences, location, size, furnishings, etc.

Prague is an excellent city to take your TEFL course and to begin your TEFL jobs search.

TEFL is more focused on teaching in a non-native English speaking country, although we have had graduates go on to teach in the US, UK, and Australia. Please note that our job guidance is more focused on teaching in non-native English speaking countries but we’ll do our best to help you find a job in a native English speaking country if you are interested. There are less job offers for these countries. In the UK many language schools prefer to hire teachers who meet the qualifications set by the British Council.
  • Upon enrollment to the program, we immediately start looking for jobs for you.
  • We provide CV and Cover Letter Assistance.
  • Tips for interviewing.
  • Contacts with TEFL Worldwide Alumni working all over the world so you can connect with them for advice.
  • TEFL Worldwide cooperates with a network of language schools in Prague who hire our graduates every month, so it’s easy to find teaching jobs here.
  • If you are interested in working outside of the Czech Republic, we are also in contact with thousands of language schools worldwide about their current job openings so you’ll have dozens and dozens of jobs to choose from.
  • We hold a TEFL Job Workshop on the last day of the course where local schools come to present their job openings.

High Demand for English Teachers

With the accredited TEFL Worldwide Certificate, you will be able to explore new cultures, learn new languages, and travel, while teaching English abroad. Many of our graduates have contacted us years after graduation for job assistance and support. We are always happy to help.

As English is the lingua franca in today’s world, students’ requirements for achieving a high level of proficiency in English are steadily increasing. Therefore, a higher demand for English teachers worldwide is created. You can be assured that there are hundreds of TEFL jobs to choose from. On average, our graduates who are active in the job search, have several TEFL job offers from employers worldwide and are teaching English abroad within 1-2 weeks after graduation, many times sooner! It’s also common for some students to have job offers before graduation. Be sure to read the TEFL course reviews by our graduates.

Teaching English Salaries

Teaching salaries vary from country to country, but in general, English teachers earn enough to pay their living expenses, plus have some extra for entertainment and light travel. For higher earnings, consider teaching in South Korea, Taiwan, Japan, Vietnam, parts of China, or the Middle East. Here, you can save a large part  of your salary, pay off student loans or credit card bills. Visit Teaching English Abroad for more information on teaching opportunities and demand. 


Students in front of Lennon Wall

Students at TEFL Worldwide Prague ready to find their TEFL jobs

TEFL jobs are available year-round.

We offer TEFL courses year-round because English language schools offer jobs year-round. No matter which course date you choose, there will be plenty of TEFL jobs when you finish.

You Choose Where and When to Teach

It’s up to you on where and when you would like to teach, so you can begin exploring your options with us before, during and after the course. We’ll ask you to list where you are interested in teaching. Then, our staff will begin searching for current information on TEFL job openings, as well as language school contacts, for the countries you listed. These will be posted on our online database which you will have access to. You can then start contacting the schools about their teaching English abroad positions. If you are interested in staying in Prague, we have a job workshop on the last day of the course where a few employers from schools come to present their TEFL job openings.

Depending on nationality, whether or not you are a native English speaker, and whether or not you have a degree, the countries that you can teach in vary. For more information on where you’d like to teach, please email us at [email protected].

TEFL Job Resources

TEFL Worldwide has TEFL job books in the office that contain information on the average salaries and specific country information for selected regions. You will be given links for websites which have listings of TEFL job openings. You’ll find numerous opportunities for teaching English abroad.

As a part of the TEFL job guidance we will also assist you with writing a cover letter and CV. In addition, we will provide you with a letter of reference upon completion of the course.

We understand that you might not be completely certain about where you would like to teach or that you may change your mind. Our staff is available for any questions that you may have. All you have to do is ask. Job guidance is offered for a lifetime so you can contact us anytime when you are ready to experience a different country. Many of our graduates have worked in four or more countries.

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“Basically TEFL Worldwide has been an incredible investment, an amazing experience, and opportunity of a life time. I would recommend TEFL Worldwide to anyone as I believe it’s fantastic.”

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TEFL Jobs can you take all over the world