Cheryl Drabova - Founder/Managing Director

Cheryl is an American originally from Chicago and holds a BBA with a concentration in Marketing from Loyola University Chicago. During university she studied abroad in Paris and Rome and was never able to shake that European travel itch. After graduating she was off to Europe again landing in Prague this time. Her intentions were to just stay for a year. That was in 1999. She has been recruiting TEFL students for over 15 years now and has helped more than 3500 students prepare for their transition to Prague for their TEFL course and again onto other countries to begin their adventure teaching English overseas. She is also equipped with all the answers to your questions before, during and after your course. In her free time Cheryl enjoys time with her family, travelling, hiking, reading, the orchestra, playing the piano, theater, and dining out.

Kenneth Scott Arnold

Kenneth Arnold holds a BS degree in Pedagogy with a Primary Education major from the University of Missouri, a Cambridge DELTA (Diploma in Teaching English Language to Adults), a Shenker Institue TEFL Certificate from Rome, Italy and is an Official Cambridge Oral Examiner certified by Cambridge University, British Council. He has been working in TEFL teaching and training since 1997.

Kenneth has taught English in various academic areas including University and post-graduation studies. He has taught in various countries over the years including Malaysia, Czech Republic (Prague and South Bohemia), Italy, Spain and the USA. His experience includes teaching adults from Elementary to Proficiency, Young Learners, ESP (English for Specific Purposes), Director of Studies, and most recently Military English for NATO. When not teaching or training, Kenneth enjoys sports, reading and spending time with his 3 young daughters.

Adrian Marriott

Following a successful career in business Adrian took time out to travel around the world and got stuck in France where he learned to make goats cheese. After completing his travels he decided that a career change was needed and he entered into TEFL in 2005.

Since then he has taught many different levels of students form Beginners to Proficiency in many different settings ranging from schools to businesses. He prepared students to achieve their goals including passing important exams, completing an international negotiation or impressing a potential partner on a date.

He has been a tutor on a number of TEFL courses sine 2008. Additionally, he has been a Director of Studies (DOS) at a major language school in Prague in which he was responsible for teacher recruitment and development

Now Adrian focuses on teaching privately and working on the TEFL Worldwide course.

He loves working in TEFL because he enjoys helping students tell their stories and trainees on TEFL  courses achieve their dreams.

In his free-time Adrian likes stroking his beard, listening to live music and cooking and eating food. He loves Indian food and can cook a mean curry.

Jazmin Beaudry

Hailing from the frigid arctic of Canada, Jazmin left the Great White North in search of warmer climates in 2011. She has been living abroad ever since. Jazmin graduated with a BA degree in French literature, Chinese, and English linguistics from Stellenbosch University in South Africa.

Jazmin discovered her love of teaching at a young age. She has held multiple teaching positions, including as a middle school teacher, summer camp instructor, university lecturer, and general ESL instructor. She has experience teaching business English and exam preparation (IELTS, Cambridge, and TOEFL). Her main area of expertise is online teaching. On top of her regular work, she develops courses and works on her YouTube channel for English learners.

When she’s not making linguistic jokes and analyzing grammar, she’s practicing languages or taking photos.


Brandi Hokama

Brandi has a BA in Elementary Education with a minor in Reading Instruction from Pacific Lutheran University in Seattle, Washington. She earned her TEFL certification from our very own TEFL Worldwide Prague. Brandi knew she wanted to be an elementary teacher since the age of 9 and she continues to pursue unique teaching opportunities to zest up her experience. She has taught all ages of children from 2-20 yrs old in almost any subject you can imagine. She spent some time in Namibia, Africa teaching classes of 55 students each, as well as teaching elementary, middle and high school in the USA. In the Czech Republic, Brandi has slowly drifted away from teaching any adult class and currently teaches remedial English to 2nd and 3rd graders at an International school just outside of Prague, full time.

Brandi enjoys motivating and exciting young students to learn. Teaching English as a foreign language has added a new challenge to this passion and she feels the most rewarded when teaching and learning transform into having fun, rather than it simply being a job. She loves passing on ideas, resources and perspective to help others realize their potential as teachers for young learners and hopes to continue to inspire TEFL teachers to open their mind up to the world of teaching children! When Brandi is not teaching, or at home thinking about teaching, or out and about mentally planning her teaching, you can most likely find her at home cuddled up with her two cats, a book, and some warm tea.

Chelisa hails from Durango, CO USA . She has a bachelor’s degree in Humanities with primary concentrations in Anthropology & Sociology. She has spent time volunteering and teaching in Tanzania, and she is an experienced professional as a senior manager in the medical field – leading & training staff and teaching at workshops & conferences. Her background has enabled her to embrace a larger cultural understanding of her travels and students which has greatly influenced her teaching philosophies and facilitated her own personal growth. In her free time, she enjoys spending time with Tilde (her darling Yorkshire Terrier), camping, cooking for friends, and playing board games. She’s here to help you throughout all aspects of the TEFL course and strives to help make it an amazing adventure!

Mai Tranova

Mája (Mai) was born and raised by her Vietnamese parents in Prague. She is studying General Medicine at the Charles University, hoping to become a brilliant doctor one day because of her passion for helping people. Apart from enjoying various activities, such as playing tennis, beach volleyball, traveling and learning foreign languages, she also keeps herself busy by spending time with family, meeting her friends and taking care of her beloved bunny Leo. She would like to stay in Prague but first plans on attending some internships abroad.


Michael Valkovič

After majoring in Analytical chemistry, Michael entered into TEFL in 2015 and got certified by TEFL Worldwide Prague. Since then he’s been all about education and self-development. He has taught students of all levels and prepared a few for KET, PET and FCE exams over the short period of time.

Michael has been a back-up teacher trainer since October 2017. If not training, he can be seen teaching the evening courses or running around Prague on a tight schedule.

He believes that mastery comes through practice and combining it with knowledge from other fields brings it to the next new level.

In his free time he’s always up to something mysterious and secret. And even if it seems like he doesn’t have any time, he’s always willing to help.

Bailey the TEFL Support Dog

Bailey was rescued from a field just north of Prague in a town called Melnik. After majoring in General Survival of the Canine, Bailey joined our team at TEFL Worldwide in 2018. He then went on to earn his Master’s degree in Behavioral Self-Control of the Canine, with a minor in Understanding and Respecting other Household Pets, with emphasis on the Feline Species. (Yes…there is a degree for this!). Shortly after, Bailey became certified by TEFL Worldwide Prague as a TEFL Support Dog. Since then he’s been all about self-development and strives not to jump on your lap. Bailey has managed to calm students of all levels and is happy to show off the experiments he’s performing, such as roll over and play dead.

In his free time he enjoys chasing those feline roommates, meditation on the couch, and fine dining. He’s always here to give you cuddles, hugs and lots of support during your TEFL course.