TEFL Worldwide Accreditation

The TEFL Worldwide course is officially accredited and externally moderated by IATQuO (The International Accreditation of TESOL Qualifying Organisations) and is also accredited by the Czech Ministry of Education. The TEFL Worldwide certificate is Internationally Recognized.

What exactly is TEFL Accreditation? There is no single governing body for TEFL courses and not all TEFL courses are created equally. It’s important to do your research when considering enrolling onto a TEFL course. A TEFL school should be externally moderated and accredited by an outside organization who oversees the course content, structure, quality, staff credentials and delivery of a TEFL course. This is very important, as there are more and more courses opening by those who are simply not qualified to do so.

Group of students holding TEFL Certificate

What are the industry standards for TEFL?

A reputable TEFL course should meet the following requirements:

  • Be accredited and externally moderated by an outside organization qualified to accredit TEFL centers.
  • Be at least 100 hours, on-site
  • Have at least 6 hours of observed teaching practice
  • Have qualified trainers and a course director who possess a Trinity Diploma, Cambridge DELTA or Master’s in TESOL.

The TEFL Worldwide course exceeds all these requirements. Over a 15 year history, TEFL Worldwide has built a solid reputation amongst language school employers’ worldwide. We are contacted on a regular basis by language schools looking to hire more of our graduates, because they are so impressed with the training that they have received.

The fact that we’ve graduates over 3,000 graduates who have taught in more than 60 countries shows the recognition of our certificate. Many of our graduates have gone on to teach English in 4 or more countries. TEFL Worldwide Prague offers lifetime job assistance worldwide and is dedicated to helping our TEFL graduates find jobs teaching English abroad.

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