Transferwise comes highly recommend by those needing to transfer money overseas. It is safe, fast, has the lowest fees compared to using a credit card, PayPal or your bank and gives the real current market exchange rate, saving you even more.

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**We recommend setting up an account before you travel abroad as this is truly the best way to send and receive money. We’ve been using it and are very happy with the savings.**

  • A great way to save on bank fees and exchange rate fees!
  • To set up an account, you can use this link This will allow you to make one FREE transfer for up to 500 GBP! You can also use this to pay your deposit or balance. 
  • See our bank details below or email [email protected] for any assistance. Follow the step by step instructions by Transferwise and complete your transfer. 

Pay by Transferwise for the TEFL Worldwide Prague course: 

Transferwise Account Holder / Business Name: The McKanna Institute LLC

IBAN: DE31 7001 1110 6051 2701 08


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