How to Get TEFL Certified

While searching online for way to live and work abroad, have you come across the buzz word TEFL?
What is TEFL and What is TEFL certification?

How do you get TEFL certified? 

We did it!

In just 4-weeks you can become TEFL certified and start teaching English abroad.

Here’s how! 

  • Start your research online by finding reputable TEFL course providers in the country you are interested in taking the course in. This does not have to be the same country you are thinking of teaching in, as long as the TEFL course offers quality job guidance worldwide.
  • What’s a reputable course, you may ask? You need to make sure the course meets the following standards:
    • Is Accredited by a recognized instituition
    • Is at least 100 hours onsite
    • Has at least 6 hours of teaching practice observed by a trainer
    • Provides job guidance worldwide
    • The school has been in business for at least 10 years. You want to be sure you are going with an experience school.
    • Check their reviews on multiple websites to see what their graduates are saying about the program and job guidance.
    • Make sure the course is not online. A quality course is done in a classroom setting.
    • Check the qualifications of the trainers. You want to be sure the head trainer has a higher Diploma, DELTA or Master’s in teaching English.
    • Have their graduates gone on to teach in multiple countries? You want to be sure there’s a network of alumni teaching all around the world. It’s not much help if the school can only help you find a job in one country.
  • Prepare a list of questions and concerns and email it to the school. You might also want to schedule a phone call to clarify any necessary information.
  • Make a pros and cons list of a few courses that you find yourself zeroing in on and rate them in these categories until you decide on the best TEFL course.
  • Make a budget for what you’ll need to get started. This can include:
    • TEFL course tuition
    • TEFL housing during the course
    • Money for food, transportation and entertainment during the course and the first 2 months after.
    • Money for a security deposit, first and second months rent and possibly money for paying a real estate agency to help. (Remember, you may not get a pay check right away so it’s good to plan ahead for 2 months of expenses)
    • Any expenses for obtaining a visa
    • Airfare or transportation in case you are planning to teach in another country