Last March I was living in my hometown, Skagway Alaska. I wanted to get out of that little town and explore Europe. I wanted to go to Amsterdam, Paris, and small towns in Italy with amazing pizza. I had looked into becoming TEFL certified in the past but had never followed through with the application process. It seemed like the perfect way to go to new places and make money as I went. I loved the idea of teaching English because I could also meet local people and learn about their culture as I taught them mine. I sat at my friend’s kitchen table and started researching again. I read blogs and reviews of multiple TEFL programs and TEFL Worldwide Prague kept coming up in my research. I was loving everything that I was hearing about them; their dedication to their students, their assurance of lifetime job guidance were two big selling points for me. I put in my application and before I knew it I was in Prague! I couldn’t have asked for a more helpful staff. Every member of TEFL Worldwide Prague is so supportive and helpful with coursework and beyond.

The first 2 weeks were probably the hardest. It was hard but also so much fun! The classes are so engaging such a big inspiration of how you can make learning fun. Learning to plan lessons is hard and mentally challenging but it does get easier! My roommates and classmates became such a big source of encouragement. You will make a great bond with these people as you go through the course. There will be moments when you become completely overwhelmed by the coursework but if you really want to get your certification you can do it! There is so much support from everyone at the school. The teachers and staff all want to see you succeed and that in and of itself is such a wonderful feeling.

With all the stress that comes with the intensive coursework taking some time on the weekends to explore the city was something that always helped push me through each week. There is definitely a balance of work and play that you need to figure out. I personally have never been much of a drinker. I prefer coffee over alcohol any day of the week and there is some good coffee to be found in Prague! I really learned that time management was a crucial skill I needed to cultivate. I regret not using my first weekend to plan my lesson and get ahead just a little bit. After the first week, I tried to spend one weekend day doing at least some lesson planning and the other day I treated as a free day. That free day was so necessary. I went to the Charles Bridge, the Jewish Quarter (closed on Saturday for the Sabbath, I learned that the hard way), museums and more!

When you go to the Charles Bridge firstly, either go early in the morning or late at night. It will be less crowded and much more enjoyable in my opinion. Beyond being a beautiful architectural achievement you can also make a wish on the Charles Bridge. You need to find the statue of John of Nepomuk. It is the eighth statue on the right side if you are heading from Old Town towards Prague Castle. There are spots of shiny gold on the bottom from the countless people that have made wishes on it over the years. Touching the falling priest (not the dog next to the woman!) is supposed to bring good luck and ensure that you will return to Prague one day.

All that said there are so many great experiences to be had and new friends to be made through the process of getting your TEFL certification and I wouldn’t pick any other course than TEFL Worldwide Prague to go through.