By: Kenny Parris

Self & Peer-proclaimed “foodie” and food enthusiast

This list is in no particular order. I literally looked at my map of saved locations in Prague from West to East and selected restaurants in that sequence. First is not the best and last is not the least. I’ve eaten at every restaurant on this list, and give full detail of my experience at each. I’ve eaten at many more restaurants than these, but of course I’ve only included the restaurants that I thought were the best of the best. So even though the list is big, trust me…this is only like 20% of what I’ve eaten! So you’re getting the TOP 20% 🙂


Maly Buddha – Way above average Thai restaurant. Not really price so much (you’ll spend 160+ on a meal…not too bad) but the ambiance is really unique as they aim to engulf you in the feel of a dimly lit underground cellar of a Thai temple. The food is excellent (Pad Thai, which is a typical dish to judge a Thai restaurant on, is just perfect), they have some cool fruit drinks, the service is nice, and it’s a bit unassuming as you walk the street it’s on. Worth it!

Café Savoy – Ah yes…..Cafe Savoy. My absolute FAVORITE breakfast that I had in my whole year in Europe. One of my best breakfast’s ever. They don’t only do breakfast, they’re open for lunch and dinner too, but I just had breakfast. It does come with a premium, yes. The French breakfast was a hefty 390kc, but it included so damn much (orange juice and latte included) we barely could finish our meal.

Breakfast at Cafe Savoy

Come here on a special occasion or a day when you’re ready to spend a bit more than the average. The interior is huge, elegant and gorgeous. The service is top-notch. They make the customer feel comfortable. I love this place. Also, you can just go for their pastries, as they have their bakery window downstairs. All of the pastries look delectable; however, you MUST try their Caramel Vetrinik. This is one of the top 3 pastries I’ve had in Europe. I took several people here just to try it!

Cantina – Forget Las Andelitas, but sorry, Cantina is MUCH better Mexican food. They label it as a “Tex-Mex” since the influx of Mexican’s in Texas is popular and they’ve fused their own cuisine. Whatever all of that means, this is still the best Mexican food that I’ve had in Prague, and almost anywhere for that matter. I had a huge burrito with shrimp, rice, beans, etc.

Dinner at Cantina

I must say that one thing about Prague is I never thought that the guacamole anywhere was as good as the states. However, here is where they had legit guac. The drinks were really good too, I had a strawberry margarita (again, much better than Andelitas…I don’t understand the hype).Strawberry Margarita at Cantina

This place is in Prague 5, on the other side of the river…close to Savoy actually. It’s a bit pricey…maybe 180 for my burrito, so you’ll come out spending 200+, but oh well, it’s great food. Go here with a group of good friends and just have a good time.

Lemon Leaf – Another really good Thai restaurant here. Maly Buddha I’d recommend more for a date or just a small group (2 or 3 people) since it’s not that big inside and more intimate. This one is more of a group affair. Right near Karlovo Namesti, it’s in a pretty lively area. The food is really good, and I was pleased with the service, as we had a really big group, and they catered to us so well.

Lemon Leaf Dish

If you’re trying to go on a “Thai restaurant run” add this to your list, because they’re up there. I know they have these lunch specials as well that change daily, so that can be interesting and well priced.

Atmosphere – Okay, this is a place that you can come 10 times, order something different, love every single one of them, and still not have ordered half of the menu. If someone asked me what are my top 3 restaurants in Prague, I’d put this on the list. Why? Because of the selection. This caters to the meat lover, fish lover, vegetarian (kind of), big appetite, small appetite, or even if you just want drinks and an appetizer.

Dessert at Atmosphere

They have some interesting lemonades also, and I actually was never impressed with lemonade in Prague, except for here. It’s right by the river too, so it’s great to spend the day out in that area before or after eating. Maybe go peddleboating too 🙂

Café Amandine – If you want a more-than-average, French-style breakfast, then come here.

Breakfast at Café Amandine

Beautiful interior, and they have some to-die-for pastries as well.

Café Louvre – Elegant inside, has a bit of a reputation already, so you’ve probably already heard of it if you hadn’t already been. Good food, pretty reasonable price for the ambiance and service that you’re getting. It’s pretty big too. The cool part also is that ton the floor below the restaurant, they have a billiards section. That can be good for a night time type of thing. I think this place is great for a lunch, especially if you’re by yourself, take time to read while here. Dinner at Café Louvre





Soup in the city – Ahh this is a nice little gem that I’m happy I found! It’s not really little, the sign is pretty apparent, but it’s never crowded. Really close to Mustek by Jindrisska, they cater to lunch hours. I think they close at 3pm. They change their soup menu every day, and they also serve quiche and some other quick-eat items. Everything tastes so good, and they better part is, it’ so damn cheap! Things are like between 35 – 60kc, and you’d feel satisfied after! Pop in for lunch!

Naše Maso – Butcher shop and bistro, you’ll likely be standing up eating when you come here, but in a short time Naše Maso has gained quite a reputation in Prague. There are always people here, and understandably so, as they offer some of the highest quality meat that you can get in all of Prague. I came here first for the burger, and my first impression was that I didn’t think I’d ever tasted a restaurant burger that was seasoned better than that. It was phenomenal. Small (I could definitely eat 2), but phenomenal.

Hamburger at Naše Maso

What impressed me was the fact that the meat of the burger could stand on its own. If it had no sauce, no veggies, even no bun, it would still be that damn good. Czech Republic is known for sausages, so don’t miss out on that as well. Again, another showing of the attention and effort they put into the flavor and cooking of the meat. Not expensive and the best of quality.

Yam Yam express – Another good lunch spot, and they change their menu every week. This is an Asian spot, they have a few locations around the city (I went to the one by Wenceslas Square), and I’d say they’re pretty popular with workers on lunch breaks. The lunch includes soup, meal and drink for like 120. You can also get it “to-go”, the food is prepared pretty quickly. It’s no Maly Buddha, but it’s good, quick, filling, reasonably-priced food.

Mamy – Korean restaurant, which I think may be pretty rare in Prague (compared to the abundance of Vietnamese, Thai and Chinese). What separates them is that you’ll get your sushi-fix here….and if you go for lunch, you can get it for pretty damn cheap too. Their lunch specials are interesting, if I remember correctly, they have a few options you can choose from and every day they have 1 lunch special that’s specific to that day. You will legit get a full Asian experience as they bring the food out, with the way they place the utensils and bring the food out in parts. This is a great spot, near Dlouha street, and pretty low-key. I don’t think many people know about it at all.

Remember Vietnamese Food – There are so many Vietnamese spots around Prague, but this a step away from the “walk-up and order” fast-food types. It’s nice inside, with a HUGE menu to select from. Everything was pretty damn reasonable too, big portions, high quality (veggies were really fresh) for a cheap price. Near Florenc.

Dish at Remember Vietnamese Food

Dhaba Beas – Vegetarian, self-serve. Pick what you want and price is based on weight. It had an Indian feel to it, and the food was good.

Alforno Focacceria Italiana – Ohhh yeah! The sole reason to come to this place is for their METER-LONG PIZZAS!

Pizza at Alforno Focacceria Italiana

Come with a group of at least 8 (maybe even 6) and order it with some wine. It literally fills up the whole table and is soooo filling and good. You can get 3 or 4 pizza flavors in the meter as well. This is good for a birthday or some group occasion!

Můj šálek kávy – Popular, trendy cafe for breakfast in Karlin. Food is yummy, worth going too! Dessert at Můj šálek kávy

Tricafe – This is a pretty cool cafe not too far from old town. The interior is like a living room, I actually think it was an old flat converted into one. It’s great to come here and read or do work, while you have a coffee and sweets. Their cheesecakes are phenomenal! Cheesecake and coffee at Tricafe

ČestrThey’ve gained a significant amount of fame amongst locals and tourists alike. It’s one of the most, if not the most, famous and/or frequented steakhouses in Prague, right by Wenceslas Square (which explains it’s popularity) on the Muzeum end. Čestr is part of the renowned Ambiente Group of restaurants (so is Café Savoy) so you know you’re going to get a spacious, nice to upscale interior, with top-level service. The menu here is great, they show a picture of the cow and the different parts that the meat is taken from. They have a variety of steaks they serve based on that, and you have the option to choose the size as well. There are some good sides to pair the steaks with too, especially their delicious fries which are made in sunflower oil. From American steak price standards, this place is a steal! Even on a Czech salary, you can afford to splurge one time and go here.

Mr. Banh Mi – Popular for their 69kc Banh Mi sandwiches. There’s a vegetarian one as well. Near Namesti Miru.

El Fierro Grill – Argentinian spot, so they love their meat (steak). The “Chorizopan” sandwich is the best meat sandwich (non-burger) I’ve ever had in my life.

   DSC_1433"Chorizopan" sandwich

They seasoned that to perfection. They also serve other sandwiches/burgers, steak, empanadas, croquettes and desserts. This place is reasonably priced for above average quality, especially for something like steak! MUST GO!

Sweet & Pepper Days – This place is really gaining popularity (particularly for their burgers), as they’ve been at several of the summer food festivals. Near Namesti Miru, they have good food and sweets selection.

Dish Burger Bistro – Basically they’re the most popular burger restaurant in Prague. Hamburger at Dish Burger Bistro

I say restaurant, because they’re not some old walk-up joint you just order a burger from and leave. You MUST make reservations online, as this place gets booked up quickly. They have around 10 really interesting and delicious burgers to choose from, and you just have to pair them with the bistro fries with garlic and parsley!

Hamburger at Dish Burger BistroAlso, their sauces are worth mentioning, especially to use as a dip for your fries. The BBQ sauce is one of the top 2 I’ve ever had, the confited garlic aioli is a perfect dip for fries or garnish for your burger (some already com with it), the “Dish remoulade” I regret I haven’t tasted yet because it was all out, is their signature sauce which you know must be amazing. Come to Dish and you’re going to get high quality food, point blank, period.

Grosseto – This is actually my favorite pizza restaurant in Prague (the one by Namesti Miru, DON’T go to the one on the boat by the river, poor service and quality!). It’s always busy inside, but don’t worry, there’s a ton of seating and it’s pretty nice in there. They serve the pizza as a whole pie, so don’t come here if you’re just looking for a slice! They’re pretty big, and filling, but most importantly, full of flavor from authentic ingredients.

Pizza at Grosseto

Their menu is extensive, almost overwhelmingly, as they have I think over 30 pizza selections to choose from. Get a pizza and some wine, and you’ll be more than satisfied with your choice to come here. Also their desserts are stellar! We had their molten chocolate lava cake, and I’m still thinking about that chocolate oozing out the middle to this day!

Bad Jeff’s BBQ – If you want some good ol’ American BBQ, then Bad Jeff’s would be one of the places to go. They do a good job of making the selection on the menu as close as possible to what you’d see in a typical Texas BBQ location. The chef, Jeff, actually is from Texas and used to be a chef at Prague Beer Museum, where he helped introduce classic American fare, such as corndogs, on their menu. Truffle mac n’ cheese, jalapeno cheese corn bread, baked beans, cole slaw….these are just the sides!

Ribs Bad Jeffs

Add them to your ribs or pulled pork sandwich, and you’ve got yourself some real Southern BBQ. I’m not saying it’ll be just like in the states, but as of now, this is one of the closest you’ll get in Prague. Although there are some other American BBQ spots popping up, such as Dirty Dog, which is nearby Namesti Miru as well.

Bruxx – Belgian food in Prague! This city has a pretty good and diverse international cuisine scene. Bruxx is extremely popular, you’ll notice quickly that this place gets crowded. As big as it is, and as many tables, as soon as you enter you’ll see many faces and hear many voices. I like the atmosphere in here, because it’s not a quaint, quiet, and dimly lit restaurant. Instead it has life and energy…and that life and energy must come from all of the Belgian beer that everyone is drinking! Belgium beer at Bruxx

The Czech Republic is known for being a beer country; however, in my opinion, Czech beer has NOTHING on Belgian beer, and when you drink at Bruxx you’ll see that this is true. It’s not cheap, you’ll probably pay twice what you’d pay for Staropramen or Pilsner, but it can be twice as good as well. I had my best beers at Bruxx, and the food was very good as well! I didn’t try the mussels, which the Belgians are known for, but maybe you can!

Monolok café – Great café with a patio in the back and basement area with more seats downstairs. Everything I’ve had here has been unique, fresh and delicious.
Sandwich at Monolok café            Dish at Monolok café

I don’t think you can ever go wrong here. You can eat healthy, be filled, and not spend alot. They also serve breakfast all day.

Vietnamese spot on JZP – I don’t know the name of this place, but it’s literally on the northwest corner of the JZP square, and you’ll probably see a line by the door. This is really popular amongst the Vinohrady locals, because it’s cheap, quick, and delicious Vietnamese food. Anything you get here will be good, but I must advise that you try the Spring rolls. They are so delicious, and that sauce they come with is a dynamic combination. I literally ate spring rolls for dinner some times because they were so satisfying on their own!

Antonínovo pekařství – This is the spot to go if you need something quick, cheap and good quality. They specialize in their rohliks and other breads, and you can smell it from down the block as you walk towards it, and may even see a line of people outside. Dish at Antonínovo pekařství

They always have some interesting quiche-type savory platter to eat, they’re always different every day. The pastries here are really good too! This is my spot right by JZP! You probably won’t even spend 75kc!

The Pind– India food very near to JZP. The pull here for me was their lunch buffet special. For 120kc (or 130/140) you have UNLIMITED food as you can just keep refilling at the buffet (which has an array of options). Go here on a day where you know you can eat alot! The quality is damn good too, it was probably the best curry I had in Prague (though I didn’t have much curry, but still this was the best).

Indian food at the Pind

Chick peas, naan breads, and more, there are enough options for a vegetarian. It wasn’t busy either and is pretty spacious inside. The lunch special is only Monday – Friday. But outside of that, my friend said their dinner menu and food was even better! Give it a try!

Kofein – I might’ve been here more than any other restaurant, haha! It was right across the street from me near JZP, but that wasn’t the only reason why. They just honestly do a great job of conjuring up these interesting tapas, and they have hot and cold tapas selections to choose from.

Dessert at Kofein Dish at Kofein Dish at Kofein Dish at Kofein

That’s their specialty. I always came with one other person, but I think it’d be great to come with like 5 people and everyone order around 2-3 tapas and you all share. I never know what to choose because all the selections are so good! Their lunch meu is always good too, and changes every week. It includes soup (always so damn good too!) and a drink. And the service is so nice!

Osteria Da Clara – If you wanna do it big one night, especially a date night, or parents in town, then take them to this place for authentic Italian cuisine. This will be some of the best quality food you get at any restaurant, and the wine as well. Be prepared to spend a little (maybe 200ish a dish) and enjoy a great night.

U Trajcu – Alas, the ONE Czech restaurant on my list, not because I don’t like Czech food, but because you’ll have many opportunities for that around you in Prague, so I rather highlight all of the other cuisine offerings. This place however holds its own with the best of them. CHEAPLY, I repeat, CHEAPLY priced for what you are getting! They truly believe in American-sized portions here, as every meal I’ve had has been a serious plateful. The cooks here deserve an award, because everything is cooked to perfection to taste. I actually had a low opinion of Czech food, and would never seek it at all. But U Trajcu changed all of that for me, and I am a fan now, particularly of the Czech food that’s made here. It’s not in a really busy area, and it’s never too busy inside, so you’ll get served quickly. An added bonus is they actually serve 1 liter sized beer here for only 40kc! Eat good, drink good, you can’t go wrong. This should really be your first experience with Czech food.


And if your tooth is sweet…

Angelato – Great selection of over 20 gelato flavors! Always a line here during the summer. Mustek location is smaller, the one in Prague 5 is bigger with seating, and has a park right across the street.

Secret of Raw – Highly rated raw-food. I’ve only had their cheesecakes (they came in 2nd place at the Cheesecake Festival) and they were absolutely EXCELLENT.

Cheesecake at Secret of Raw







Simply Good – My favorite bakery in Prague! The ladies there are so sweet, and they make everything themselves. A really homemade feel you get here.

Dessert at Simply Good         Dessert at Simply Good

Cukrarna Mysak – If you want a fancier setting for your dessert and coffee, then this is it. Prices aren’t bad either, and you get excellent quality with a beautiful atmosphere.

Dessert at Cukrarna Mysak

Millème – Great authentic French pastries!

Great authentic French pastries

Choco Cafe – Great if you want some chocolate and fruit combinations, like a fruit fondue dip. Or even just a good hot chocolate.


Notable Bars

Beer Geek – Always 30 beers on tap, this is one of the coolest bars to go in the Vinohrady area. The interior is very modern/hipster, and you can easily forget you’re in the Czech Republic. I love the service here because the staff are really knowledgeable about the beers and will recommend the right one to you based on what you’re looking for. Sweet or bitter? Light or dark? Citrus flavor? Lager? They have the answers for all. Plus you can sample the beers before you make a choice.

Caffeine – If you’re in the Holesovice area and are looking for a bar/lounge with drinks, food, background-music and still be able to hear yourself talk, then this is it. Their drink menu is extensive, and they have some great sandwiches. I think Friday and Saturday nights they have a DJ. It’s not a club though, it’s more of a chill spot to start your night.

Black Angel’s Bar – Great date spot with a 1960s type interior and mirrors and lighting around you. The bartenders really know how to make drinks here, and they’ll even mix up something special for you if you’re undecided on what to get. There’s someone playing a piano in there too…


Haven’t been but heard it’s good…


Palác Akropolis

Bugsy’s Bar

Cloud 9 Sky Bar

Krystal – Mozaika Bistro

Spice India

K the Two Brothers

Loving Hut

Restaurace Gurmany