Hey everyone!! Chelsie here- with an exciting blog about DOGS. There are SO many doggos of all kinds in this wonderful city. When I first arrived back in November 2018 to the first TEFL Worldwide class, I remember on my walk down to TEFL, I passed like 6 dogs that were going for their daily walkies! Good boys that were of (what I presume) retriever decent as well as good girls that were of terrier decent. All mixed breeds because they were adopted from shelters of course. The crazy part- NONE OF THEM WERE ON A LEASH. LIKE WUT?!

SO get this, about a year and a half ago, I was sitting in my tiny apartment in Columbus, Ohio wondering what life would be like if I were to just up and move to Europe. My career wasn’t going anywhere, I was fed up with the healthcare in America (that’s another story for like 2 bottles of wine minimum), and I just overall found myself stuck in the mud if you will. Anywho, a nice hop, skip and a jump later, I found myself browsing on the internet (drinking chardonnay of course because let’s face it, all of my best decisions are made when I’ve got vino coursing through my veins) and I came across TEFL Worldwide Prague after simply googling ‘how to move to Europe’. Wild right?! Those google algorithms really do know us best. Next thing I knew, I applied and was accepted!!! Only…. I HAVE TWO DOGS. I immediately started to panic because I was absolutely not willing to move abroad and change my life so drastically without taking my two little fur-baby homies with me too. So I started asking questions to Cheryl (who, by the way, is the goddess who owns TEFL Worldwide– WHO ALSO RESPONDS TO EMAILS SOMETIMES WHICH IS AWESOME). And so it began… the 50 email thread count that ensued between us ultimately shaped my future regarding how I got here today. Long story short, I knew it would be hard moving two pupperoonies with me across the pond (mind you, I refused to put them under the plane so I figured out a way to get them in the cabin with me), BUT thanks to Cheryl and everyone else at TEFL Worldwide Prague www.teflworldwideprague.com for their patience in answering all of my 5,649 questions, I had the confidence to figure out how to move abroad.



If you’re stressed about what the process is like to move dogs, don’t you worry- there are plenty of people in the world who move animals abroad every single day. I started from literal scratch and managed to get two dogs across the Atlantic. If you’re only moving temporarily and are worried you’ll miss your family pet(s), don’t you worry- there are PLENTY of sweet dogs here in the Czech Republic. They won’t unfortunately understand much English so here is a list of words that I think are useful for people who love dogs as much as I do:

Hello pupper — Dobry Den pupper (or chow pupper because it’s more informal)

Good dog — hodny pes

pretty dog — hezky pes

Come here — pojd’ sem (pronounced poit sem)

I love you — Miluji tê


My keyboard doesn’t suit the Czech language in typing so there are supposed to be a couple accents on those letters but that’s neither here nor there.

Anyway, I hope you have found this post to be useful. I love dogs more than words can describe. If you need more info or simply have questions about anything dog, feel free to message me on instagram: @chellifellman

For more information on what TEFL Worldwide has to offer, check out www.teflworldwideprague.com!!


Here’s some more pics of me and the girls because I know you’re dying for more:

Pic 1) There are no words to describe what is happening in this photo

Pic 2) Bella ft. the John Lennon wall

Pic 3) Minnie in her handy little backpack I got on Amazon because little miss thang gets tired when walking around the city and prefers to be held

Pic 4) Me and my homies posing at Christmas time by a cool blue door.


Hope you’ve enjoyed!! Na shledanou!!