TEFL Course Dates

We offer TEFL courses year-round on a monthly basis because English language schools offer TEFL jobs year-round. You can start teaching English shortly after the course no matter which course date you choose.

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*The course ends on the last Friday at 7pm. Please don’t purchase tickets leaving Prague until after that.*

TEFL Course Dates

2021 Course Dates

January 11
February 5
February 15
March 12
March 22
April 16
April 26
May 21
May 31
June 25
July 5
July 30
August 9
September 3
September 13
October 8
October 18
November 12
November 22
December 17

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2022 Course Dates


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TEFL students out and about

students enjoying a night out

Group of kids in a classroom

TEFL instructors climbing bamboo