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Read the TEFL Prague Blog! Hear what TEFL Worldwide Prague graduates have to say about the Prague TEFL course, the city of Prague, and teaching English abroad.

Fragmented Memories From One Year in Prague

By: Nikita Eaton-Lusignan On April 19th, 2015, I marked my one-year anniversary of arriving in Prague. Just one year, but it’s been a long one. I’ve made some forever friendships, had others fade away, and felt a million different things. It’s been more than long enough to change my sense of normal, to create a [...]

Why Prague…Why teach English?

By: Kenny Parris (I came from Florida, but this was the ticket for my connecting flight in Germany to Prague) When it comes to talking about Prague, I feel like I've told my story numerous times to different people. Out of all places what made you choose Prague? Do you like teaching? How can [...]

First Impressions on Arrival in Prague…

By: Brittony Girton My first impressions of Prague, well it was dark. I arrived on a Friday night after the sun had set. After flying from Seattle to London then finally to Prague, I was rather jet-lag and had not slept in about 18 hours. Trying to sleep on the airplane does not count as [...]

The Euro Diet

By: Jessica Graves One of my biggest concerns before I came to Europe was my health. In case you're unaware, traditional Czech food is not the most figure friendly. You have meat, gravy, potatoes, dumplings, soup, stews, bread & then you're introduced to all different kinds of sausages, deep fried pork steak, FRIED CHEESE & [...]

Why You Should Travel

By: Jessica Graves Um, why not? My journey to TEFL Worldwide Prague & the Czech Republic in general all started when I was sitting in a Barnes & Noble nostalgically browsing through Paris travel books. Paris will always be my first love no matter where I travel/live. I first ventured to the City of Lights when [...]

How to Save Money to Travel

By: Justin Charity (a 2012 TEFL Worldwide graduate) and her husband have been traveling the world on a budget. Here, Charity shares her advice on saving money to travel. By far the most repeated question I get from people is, “How can you afford to travel so much?” I am still surprised at the shock [...]

Paris, I Love You

By Charity DeSouza - class of September 2012. Read more about her adventures with her husband in her Married Nomads blog.  Paris is the city of lights. The city of love. The city you grow up believing is one of the most romantic places in the world. The place Carrie Bradshaw famously got smacked in [...]

Interesting Facts about Prague

By: Justin So today I guided the TEFL Worldwide Prague orientation walk, leading the new class throughout the city of Prague on this chilly November afternoon. We started by hiking up towards the castle, enjoying some nice views, watching the changing of the guards, then heading torwads the castle grounds, entering the St. Vitus cathedral, [...]