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Read the TEFL Prague Blog! Hear what TEFL Worldwide Prague graduates have to say about the Prague TEFL course, the city of Prague, and teaching English abroad.

20 differences between the U.S. and Europe

By Kenny Parris   So as I started to settle into my new lifestyle in Europe, I would notice things that I realized were different than what I was used to. This would happen frequently, almost daily, so I started keeping notes in my phone of all the differences between back home and abroad. No [...]

Gastronomic Indulgence in Prague

By: Kenny Parris Self & Peer-proclaimed "foodie" and food enthusiast This list is in no particular order. I literally looked at my map of saved locations in Prague from West to East and selected restaurants in that sequence. First is not the best and last is not the least. I've eaten at every restaurant on [...]

Getting around Prague

By, Brittony Girton Upon first arrival in Prague, the lovely ladies who took us on our orientation walk told us a little about the public transportation in Prague, and to our recently landed jetlagged ears sounded terrifying! There are buses and trams and metros, OH MY! And what is a tram? How does that work? [...]

My Life in TEFL (so far)

By: Adam Gray It has been over 3 years since I graduated from TEFL Worldwide Prague and what an adventure it has been. I look back on my time in Prague with incredibly fond memories. The four-week course was one of the most intense periods I have experienced but I loved every minute. Making the [...]

How to travel Europe on a Czech teaching salary

By: Kenny Parris So you’ve decided to move to the Czech Republic to start this new life adventure and teach English. But it’s not only about teaching English though, right? No it’s not. You didn’t move all the way over here from wherever you’re from (likely the US) to just stay in Prague the whole [...]

A Few Sites in an Ancient City

By: Brittony Girton For those of you who have never been to Prague, or Praha, before let me describe a couple sites to you. And for those of you who have been here before, feel free to compare my ramblings to your own. Prague is divided into different districts or neighborhoods, labeled by name and [...]