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Read the TEFL Prague Blog! Hear what TEFL Worldwide Prague graduates have to say about the Prague TEFL course, the city of Prague, and teaching English abroad.

5 Reasons onSITE is better than onLINE

Why onSITE is better than onLINE; An uncertified list of my reasoning behind choosing to travel halfway around the globe to do a course I could have done from the comfort of my own couch.   Reason number ONE: Actual teaching practice! This should be enough reason in itself and you are welcome to stop [...]

Should You Do a TEFL Course Online?

A few years ago I started researching my option as regards doing a TEFL course. I came across countless online courses that promised easy, in-depth training and guaranteed results. And I wouldn’t even need to leave my couch! I am extremely glad I chose the on-site option with TEFL Worldwide Prague and I can now [...]

Hello Prague!

Last March I was living in my hometown, Skagway Alaska. I wanted to get out of that little town and explore Europe. I wanted to go to Amsterdam, Paris, and small towns in Italy with amazing pizza. I had looked into becoming TEFL certified in the past but had never followed through with the application [...]

Why and how I moved to Europe

Hi everyone!! Chelsie here with a post surrounding my story and why I chose to move to Europe. Man a lot has changed in my book of life over the last couple of years. That's the thing- everyone has a story to tell and no matter the person, there will always be good and bad [...]

What Are Your Students Like?

What are your students like? I’m currently teaching at a middle school in Jinju, South Korea. It has a population of about three hundred thousand people. In Korea that’s considered a small city! So far, I really like Jinju. A river runs through the city and there are parks and bike paths all along the [...]

Day to day life in Jinju, Republic of Korea

  On weekdays I wake up at seven am and start getting ready for work. At eight I go outside and get on my bike. It takes me roughly twenty minutes to bike to work. Occasionally I’ll walk. My apartment and school aren’t in the bustling parts of Jinju so the commute to work is [...]