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Read the TEFL Prague Blog! Hear what TEFL Worldwide Prague graduates have to say about the Prague TEFL course, the city of Prague, and teaching English abroad.

Why I Chose TEFL Worldwide Prague

Why I Chose TEFL Worldwide Prague In University I studied English Literature and Creative Writing. After graduating I worked as a private tutor. I mostly helped students prepare for exams. A few months into that I took an instructor position at a tutoring company. Though I enjoyed both of these jobs I wasn’t saving a [...]

Best views of Prague!!!

Hey all!! Chelsie here- with an exciting blog covering the best views of this incredible city. Whether you live here now, you're visiting, or you're planning to visit in the future, you really can't get enough of the views that Prague has to offer. When I first moved here back in 2018 to complete my [...]

TEFL Worldwide’s Backyard: Five Things to do in Vysočany

If you haven’t caught on by now, the four weeks in which one completes the TEFL course is a whirlwind of assignments, curriculum, and preparation for finding a job. If you had ambitious plans to see the city, you’re not alone.  As a March 2019 TEFL alum, there were days in which the weather was [...]

Doggo culture in Prague

Hey everyone!! Chelsie here- with an exciting blog about DOGS. There are SO many doggos of all kinds in this wonderful city. When I first arrived back in November 2018 to the first TEFL Worldwide class, I remember on my walk down to TEFL, I passed like 6 dogs that were going for their daily [...]

A Quick Snapshot of My First Year Abroad

This week marks my first full year teaching in Prague. My journey began at the end of July when my Dad and I boarded a plane set for Prague so I could take a TEFL course with TEFL Worldwide, Prague. I remember feeling a mix of emotions from excitement to fear. I felt so unsure [...]

School Daze

By Walter Wilson Traveling to Prague to start a new career was one of the great challenges of my life, but it was only half the story. I was also moving away from home for the first time: from the United States, from, Michigan, and from my family. I had lived in the same house [...]