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Places to See in Prague

There is something for everyone in Prague; culture, nature, architecture as well as great places to socialise. Here are just a few places we recommend you check out (besides some of the other more touristy sites such as Charles Bridge, Prague Castle etc.).


Náplavka is the area along the Vltava river and is currently one of the most attractive and lively spots in the center of Prague, especially in the summer. There are boat restaurants and clubs, live music, farmer’s markets, paddle boat stations, cafes and much more.







Letná is a Prague district situated on one of the oldest Prague hills next to Prague Castle. It is a place where the old meets the new and you can find lots of new cafes, shops and parks with breathtaking views and beautiful historical buildings.








Vyšehrad is an old settlement/fortress surrounded by legends, dating back to the 10th century and will satisfy any history fan. Moreover there is a beautiful park with spectacular views of the Prague Castle and not many tourists around.







Střelecký ostrov

The romantic atmosphere of this island in the center of Prague is definitely worth mentioning here. You can take a blanket and relax in the park with the locals or enjoy one of the many festivals and cultural events that take place here.







Riegrovy sady

Riegrovy Sady is a park that is more than a hundred years old and you can find meadows as well as densely tree-covered areas. It is also famous for its beer gardens where locals meet after work and watch sport events.








You can find both, spectacular villas as well as a small-town/village atmosphere in Troja. If you decide to check out this district, don’t forget to visit the famous Prague Zoo, Botanical Garden or the beautiful Troja chateau and its spectacular gardens.








This former vineyard and central Prague district has it all; parks, beautiful architecture, restaurants, cosy cafes, culture, vivid nightlife and TEFL Worldwide Prague’s classrooms. It has become very popular with expats and it is definitely a place not to miss.

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