Hey all!! Chelsie here- with an exciting blog covering the best views of this incredible city. Whether you live here now, you’re visiting, or you’re planning to visit in the future, you really can’t get enough of the views that Prague has to offer. When I first moved here back in 2018 to complete my TEFL certificate at Teflworldwide Prague, I quickly made it my goal in life to chase the “best view” of the city. What an adventure it was too, making my way all around the city center to look for the best view. Guess what I discovered though- THEY’RE ALL GOOD. This city is so beautiful it makes me emotional to think about (might be the chardonnay talking but that’s not the point). SO this blog is about my top 5 views (in no particular order) of the city that EVERYONE who visits should see for themselves.

View number 1:

Starting off with the most obvious one– the view from Charles Bridge. Ugh it never ceases to amaze me even after living here for more than a year now. The construction of Charles bridge was started in 1357 and it is 1,693 ft long (cited from my good friend, Wikipedia) and it actually takes about 10 minutes to cross! It connects the old town of Prague with the side where the castle is and honestly, everywhere you look if you do a 360 turn is BAFFLING. There can be up to 10,000 people on the bridge at any given time (because tourists, right) so it can be quite challenging to get a good pic. My advice to you– just pick people up and toss them into the Vltava River to get your perfect photo. 😉

My real advice to enjoy this incredible bridge and it’s views is to go really late at night. I actually went on a date with a french guy and we laid on that bridge at 3am and just looked up at the stars together. Real romantic right?! UNTIL HE GHOSTED ME. I hope he reads this. I’m not still upset by that.

Go lay on the bridge late at night; it really is incredible.


View number 2: 

Right so this is a great story: my friend Annie and I went in pursuit of a wine tasting (uhh I swear I don’t have a drinking problem) that was at the “castle gardens”. Sounded easy to find; we were sure it was near the castle… well, google maps led us to another set of gardens which is still unknown to this day to me so I’m just going to describe how we got there. At the malostranska metro station, just turn left and left again as if you’re heading up to the castle. Make a turn right somewhere if you notice things look more pretty. Next thing we knew, we were surrounded by the most beautiful landscaping one could ever dream of, with a set of stairs that climbed a massive hill. Annie and I were literally blown away by the beauty of this place. Just when we thought it couldn’t get any better, we made our way to the top of the stairs and MYYY GOODNESS the view could not be captured with a camera it was so breathtaking. I know the description on how to get here is a little fuzzy so only the people who are feeling adventurous should be the ones to embark on this journey. 😉 WORTH IT I PROMISE.


View number 3: 

I might regret sharing this little secret place because it’s already hard enough to get a reservation here.. But there is a restuarant right behind old town square that is called Teresa U Prince– it’s above Black Angels Bar which is also cool but it’s in a really beautiful basement. To get a table at Teresa U Prince, you have to call ahead by a couple of weeks because they’re usually real booked up but it’s a very romantic date night idea. You feel like you’re on top of the world overlooking the old town square– with a perfect shot of the Church of our lady before Tyn and the astronomical clock. 🙂


View number 4: 

Right so this view comes from the castle side of Prague. It is perfection- especially when the sun it setting nicely over the city. There is this little Georgian restaurant that is all outdoors (so I presume it’s a seasonal restaurant) and it appears to be on a little boat on the bank of the Vltava river. It is called Kolchida and the food was AMAZING. I could not think of a more romantic place to have dinner honestly. Peep from my handy dandy insulin pump because I am a type 1 diabetic of 24 years. Actually moved to Prague because of how corrupt the American healthcare system is… but that is an entirely different topic for another blog. 😉

View number 5: 

Lastly, this is the view I call the “top of the city”. It’s a pretty solid hike from the start up to the top (if you choose to hike, which I totally recommend). Start at Malostranska and walk up toward the direction of the castle and just keep walking until you know you’re at the top. Again, I know I am SO talented when it comes to giving people directions. When you get to the top, it is pure, sweet satisfaction of what the beautiful city of Prague beholds. A similar view is at the Petrin tower (which, I have YET to go to which is wild right).


Anywho- I hope you’ve enjoyed. Reach out on instagram (@chellifellman) if you have any questions about the magnificent views of this city that I have discovered. I know there are just so many it’s hard to narrow it down.

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Thanks for reading and be on the lookout for my next post!

All the love peeps,