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20 differences between the U.S. and Europe

By Kenny Parris   So as I started to settle into my new lifestyle in Europe, I would notice things that I realized were different than what I was used to. This would happen frequently, almost daily, so I started keeping notes in my phone of all the differences between back home and abroad. No [...]


Gastronomic Indulgence in Prague

By: Kenny Parris Self & Peer-proclaimed "foodie" and food enthusiast This list is in no particular order. I literally looked at my map of saved locations in Prague from West to East and selected restaurants in that sequence. First is not the best and last is not the least. I've eaten at every restaurant on [...]


How to travel Europe on a Czech teaching salary

By: Kenny Parris So you’ve decided to move to the Czech Republic to start this new life adventure and teach English. But it’s not only about teaching English though, right? No it’s not. You didn’t move all the way over here from wherever you’re from (likely the US) to just stay in Prague the whole [...]


Why Prague…Why teach English?

By: Kenny Parris (I came from Florida, but this was the ticket for my connecting flight in Germany to Prague) When it comes to talking about Prague, I feel like I've told my story numerous times to different people. Out of all places what made you choose Prague? Do you like teaching? How can [...]