Why onSITE is better than onLINE;

An uncertified list of my reasoning behind choosing to travel halfway around the globe to do a course I could have done from the comfort of my own couch.


Reason number ONE:

Actual teaching practice!

This should be enough reason in itself and you are welcome to stop reading right now because the opportunity to get up in front of real students (who may not know ANY English), in a safe, judgement-free zone is unrivalled. Imagine having completed an online course from your couch, landing a job as a TEFL teacher and then getting fired shortly afterwards because while you know the theory inside out and back-to-front… you actually do not know how to get a class of beginner English students to understand anything you say or do… Awkward and uncomfortable.


Reason number TWO:

Actual teaching practice!!!

I cannot stress this enough. Especially if you have never tried to teach a class before. It can be nerve racking for even the most comfortable, charismatic person. It is the kinda thing that you don’t really know how you will handle it or react until you actually just do it. Teaching real students, students are actually paying you to teach them some English can put a lot more pressure on you and it is the kind of thing that you absolutely cannot replicate or even comprehend from your couch.


Reason number THREE:

Real-time feedback!

Having trained professionals give you specific tips, hints and practical tools to help you become a better teacher. For example, I have a tendency to talk really really quickly when I am nervous and use a lot of ‘unnecessary language’ that only confuses the students more.

Oh my word this is genuinely priceless. The trainers at TEFL Worldwide Prague were absolute legends that not only pointed out the not-so-great things I was doing but also the great things that I was doing! Having the encouragement from people who actually know what they’re doing is utterly unbeatable. 

10/10 recommend. 


Reason number FOUR:

Job Assistance!

I mean, this is the ultimate goal and purpose of even looking into doing a TEFL course. So that we can get a job with it and earn ourselves some cash money. This course offers an onsite job fair for those planning to stay on in Prague but also – puts you in connection with employers from ALL over the world. Better yet – there is no time limit on these kinds of connections, it is literally for life which is obviously super great.


Reason number FIVE:

New Friends!

Yay! Who doesn’t love new friends!? (If you don’t.. Then maybe this isn’t quite the right journey for you). Learning alongside people from all walks of life is such grounding experience and its one of those ‘make friends from all over the world’ gigs which should definitely not be underrated. 

It is genuinely unbeatable. Friends are so great. 

New Friends and I took a trip to Česky Krumlov together after our course!


I could go on but I think you get the gist. 

And if you haven’t yet… well then just trust me. You will not regret it.


Promise x