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There are many advantages for choosing the TEFL Worldwide course. Besides offering a professional and top quality accredited TEFL training course in a friendly environment we help find our graduates exciting teaching positions worldwide and provide ongoing support well after graduation. In addition, you will be training in one of the most beautiful cities in the world where you will create friendships and memories for a lifetime! Doing your TEFL certificate in Prague with TEFL Worldwide is your first step to an amazing adventure.

Join us now and begin teaching English abroad!

More reasons to learn with TEFL Worldwide:

  • Support, Alumni community and more Support! First and foremost, you won’t be alone. On average we have 20 people per course take the course and go on to teach abroad. We are here to help you every step of the way. We’ve been doing this since 1999 and have helped thousands of people to Prague for the course and on to teach in Prague or abroad. You are not alone! There will be another 20 or so people on your course, our staff and our extensive Alumni network in Prague to help you out!

  • TEFL Worldwide is officially accredited and externally moderated by IATQuO (The International Accreditation of TESOL Qualifying Organisations) and the Czech Ministry of Education. Most importantly our graduates are in demand for teaching positions worldwide.
  • TEFL Worldwide is an American owned school specializing in providing a high-quality internationally recognized TEFL certificate course designed to give you the skills and confidence for teaching English abroad.
  • No previous teaching experience or second language is required.
  • TEFL Worldwide has close to 3000 graduates who have taught in over 60 countries. A simple fact that says it all! Train at TEFL Worldwide and you’ll have dozens of jobs to choose from globally. We offer ongoing job assistance worldwide, even years after you’ve taken the course. Many of our graduates have taught in 4 or more countries!

  • Each course is limited to ensure that you get plenty of personal attention.
  • You will receive 8-10 hours of hands-on teaching practice in a classroom with real Czech students. (The international standard is 6 hours so you will get more with TEFL Worldwide.)
  • Low student to trainer ratio. You will receive plenty of feedback and personal time with the trainers after being observed during your teaching practice. The student to teacher ratio is 2:1 or 3:1 during the teaching practice. During lectures you will be in a classroom and many times broken up into smaller groups for group work.
  • The training is conducted by a highly qualified and experienced Course Director and a team of trainers with years of experience teaching English abroad. This is very important. When researching TEFL schools be sure that the Course Director/Head Trainer is qualified, meaning that they have a Higher Diploma, DELTA or Master’s specifically in TEFL/TESOL.
  • TEFL Worldwide focuses solely on the TEFL course. We do not run other programs or courses so 100% of our attention is on the quality of our TEFL course.
  • The housing fee is only 8500kc for 30 nights. (About 11 Euros per night!) If you’d like to share a room the price is only 6100kc for 30 nights. The benefit of our housing is that it’s located near the school in a quiet residential area so after school you can easily drop your bags off before going out. This is the lowest student housing rate in all of Prague. Places are limited!
  • TEFL Worldwide offers a 1 day workshop for teaching Young Learners. This is offered one weekend day during the course for a discounted fee for TEFL Worldwide graduates.
  • We work closely with you in finding a teaching job shortly after the course.  We have contacts for language school and current job openings worldwide. We are always available to assist, you even well after the course. Some of our students receive offers during the course and on average graduates are working within a few weeks after graduation, many times sooner.
  • We offer personal support and guidance before, throughout and after the program. It all begins before your arrival to Prague. We will assist you with settling-in before the course, help you during your time in Prague, provide you with job guidance and will follow up after you begin teaching English abroad. We offer more support and job guidance than most TEFL courses worldwide. You can verify this by contacting our graduates.
  • We provide housing assistance for those who decide to stay in Prague.
  • Language school employers continuously comment on how satisfied they are with the skills and knowledge of our teachers and are keen on hiring more so they contact us with job openings on a regular basis.
  • We have the experience and expertise of preparing you for this transition abroad, in teaching in other countries, as well as in assistance with securing employment.