TEFL Worldwide is able to arrange affordable basic student housing during the course.

We work with a landlord who rents apartments and hotel rooms to our students for a reasonable price (about 11 Euros/night for 30 nights). The apartments offer basic amenities and are spread out in different buildings which are within a 20 minute distance to the school.

You have the option to arrange your own housing in Prague during the course. Many students have had a good experience with www.airbnb.com.

Once you reserve the course we’ll also reserve the housing for you.


Housing Prices


  • CZK

  • appx. $414 or 388 Euros


  • CZK

  • appx. $335 or 315 Euros
  • Private room in a shared apartment


  • CZK

  • appx. $256 or 240 Euros
  • According to availability

The student housing through TEFL Worldwide is one of the lowest short-term prices you can find in Prague.

Student housing is filled on a first come first serve basis. After the student apartments are filled we can house you in a hotel or apartment and will do our best find something within the same price range and location. Please note not all the hotels have kitchen access. These housing options may not be in the same neighborhood as the school so if this is a concern be sure to book in advance. In any case commuting to the school is very easy as we are right next to a metro station that takes you directly to the very center in 10 minutes. If you stay here to teach commuting is the norm.

Housing Options during the Course

Private 1-bedroom apartment


Rooms in the student apartments are limited and are filled on a first come first serve basis. If the rooms are filled we can house you for the same price at a hotel.

Private room in shared apartment


You will have your own private bedroom and a shared kitchen and bathroom. The rooms are located in apartments located in the same district of Prague as the school. The apartments are not all right next to each other. Most of the private rooms are within a 10 minute walking distance to the school. A few are about 20 minutes and it’s necessary to take the metro just 2 or 3 stops from our school stop.

Rooms in the student apartments are limited and are filled on a first come first serve basis. If the rooms are filled we can house you for the same price at a hotel or try to find you a short-term apartment. (Prices vary.) The hotel does not have a kitchen but you’ll have a private room and a private bathroom.

This housing option is available for TEFL Worldwide students only.

After the course

For those planning on staying in Prague after the course our office staff prints offers for rooms and apartments for rent within your price range so you’ll have plenty to choose from. We can also put you in touch with numerous real estate agents and point you in the right direction on where to find available housing from links on the internet. We will do this before the end of the course to avoid any last-minute panic.

Should you decide to stay here after the course, you can easily find a private room in a furnished and shared apartment for around 6500kc to 8500kc/month. The majority of teachers in Prague choose to share an apartment while teaching in order to cut back on their living expenses. Should you choose to rent a private studio or one-bedroom flat you can find something for around 8500kc to 15,000kc +/month, depending on your preferences, location, size, furnishings, etc.

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